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$165 Staking Plan

Again this a progression plan that may see you in front more often than not PROVIDED you have a reasonably sound selection process and tend to avoid favourites on a regular basis.

Firstly the 30 step progression is:

If you can crack a few at $4.00 and out to $8.00 every now and again, you will not damage yourself in any huge way.

If you get a winner at:

$2.00 to $2.90 -drop back one level
$3.00 to $3.90 -drop back two levels
$4.00 to $5.00 -drop back three levels
$4.10 to $6.00 -drop back four levels
$6.10 to $6.50 -drop back five levels
$6.60 to $7.00 -drop back six levels
$7.10 to $7.50 -drop back seven levels
$7.60 to $8.00 -drop back eight levels
$8.10 to $10.00 -drop back nine levels
$10.10 to $11.00 -drop back twelve levels
Over $11.10 -drop back fifteen levels

Any time you are square or in front on a series, rule it off and start again.

If you haven’t collected at any time in the series of 30 bets you will lose $165.

No staking plan can make up for plainly poor selections.


Disclaimer: Gambling on racing can be a very risky business and should only be undertaken with money you can comfortably afford to lose., or any of its associates or subsidiaries, cannot accept any responsibility for any loss occurred whatsoever in the use, or misuse, of information supplied