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So what are you trying to achieve? No, REALLY – what are you trying to achieve in the world of punting on horse racing?

Are you trying to find a slow steady and safer way to increase your punting bank or do you just crave the excitement of having a huge win every now and again to hell with the long term financial risks.

Both are achievable. Both take differing periods of time. Both take totally different levels of application and dedication.

To be the “huge-winner here-we-go, to-hell-with-risks” type of punter takes no skill whatsoever. No work. No hours of study. No checking and re-checking past results.
Just a sense of devil may care bravado and half an idea that you, and you alone, control all destiny and can exercise your mental will to give you an unbeatable edge at racing.

That because you are wearing your lucky red socks or slacks that nothing can go wrong. But of course it always does. You’ll see this type of punter at the Totalisator agency every day. They are frantically scanning the Best Bets form guide in the minutes before they jump trying to find that “well priced” get out bet and race over to the computer terminal with just seconds to spare to “get on”.

Inevitably they then run to the TV monitor and slap their thigh with their form guide as if that somehow urges their selection on and then they make strange hissing sounds at the TV. I find it very hard not to laugh out loud at this point! Which is why I much prefer the solitude of my HOME office and the peaceful and quiet environment in which I can then (hopefully) make wiser judgments. Yes, the internet is a wonderful thing.

Those judgments are always about price/value – they are NEVER about “which horse” because those decisions have been made hours before any horse has even reached the track. You never win making selection calls on the fly.

Being slow and steady IS boring but I can’t afford excitement. As I have said before in different articles the formula is very easy: e=r=l or excitement = risk = loss.

You have to be slow and steady in your assessment methodology. You must have a passion for figures and analysis. You have to LOVE that aspect of it all.

When you do something wholeheartedly, you do it well. This is another key to success. Do what you love to do. In cases where you are doing something which is not in your area of interest then your chances of success become significantly diminished unless you find out what you would love to do.

Doing what makes you happy will lead you towards happiness in your life. Poring over form angles and selection criteria is long hard work (and boring for most people) but no work done with enthusiasm is ever lost.

I love doing what I do. I do figures and facts really well. There are lots of people who do it better than me and good luck to them. In the world of gambling and percentages, application to the task at hand is absolutely paramount.

You can’t win without a systematic approach. You don’t necessarily win with a systematic approach but your chances of having modest gains are far improved by using a good solid approach based on the analysis of gambling events gone by conducted under similar circumstances. And a method you have trialled FIRST over a significant number of gambling events to give a statistical indication of the likelihood of success.

Once you have that model ironed out then it is up to you . You have to hunger to achieve and that hunger should never wane. Don’t give in to temptations, boredom or frustrations if they come to you before you achieve what you’ve set out to do.

That’s not to say that you follow your system to the death even in the face of overwhelming evidence that it’s not going to work in the long term. You have to be able to adapt if it is proven to YOU that you may be on slightly the wrong track. Bury the dead horses and move on. But make sure you’re moving on to something better than that approach you are seeking to abandon. Test your new idea first before jumping ship.

That approach may still be successful if a change or two here and there is made but you won’t know that unless you are prepared to keep records of every bet and every form guide and be willing to spend hours and hours revising the approach and looking for improvements.

That’s where you have to “love it”. That’s where most people fail the test. That’s where the losers who make up the pool, that the winners drink from, originate.

Stick to the plan. Don’t be diverted by “interest bets”. You know the ones – oh, I’ll just have a boxed trifecta on the next race so it gives me an interest. Over the long haul, those random bets will cost you a small fortune over a year and that doesn’t seem too interesting to me.

To be successful, at anything, not necessarily gambling, you simply have to adopt some positive attitudes. For starters, every morning, as my mother often says, you just have to get up, dress up and show up. It’s still her attitude as she approaches her 90th birthday!

Rule 1: Get up, dress up, show up. No matter how down you feel. No matter how large the task. If you’re not trapped in a bed, and many poor souls are, do it.

Rule 2: Battle the odds. Don’t quit the fight half way through the fifth round and say it’s all too hard. It’s never too hard if you love it.

Rule 3: Know your short comings. Really know them. Ask yourself the tough question when you’re all alone in your thoughts: what don’t I do well? Look at those fears straight in the eyes and work towards changing them. Overcome them. It doesn’t matter what it takes to do that. Do it.

Rule 4: Understand that you don’t have to achieve all your goals today – especially long term financial goals. Break it down in to smaller mini goals. At times they all may seem too far away but don’t be distracted. We all know the feeling of the first day after you’ve signed the mortgage papers on your HOME. It seems unbelievable that you could ever pay off that amount of money. But as surely as the sun comes up every day, eventually you get there.

Rule 5: (And perhaps a very important one if you love punting) Be patient. Things may not always seem to be on track and achievable. If you believe you are on the right track don’t be distracted. Don’t have the rush of blood to the head. Don’t adopt the “oh to hell with all this time taking” idea and go for the big bet because “seven losers a row this has thrown up – it must be due for a win”. It never is. It never will win. That’s the law of the gambling gods.

Would you have a go at building a house yourself without any floor plans and parameters and accepted measurements clearly defined? Of course you wouldn’t. So why are you betting blind without a defined system or method in mind that gives you a better edge than those that don't?

Above all else, and this is a MUST—enjoy yourself. If racing and punting doesn’t give you enjoyment, you are on the wrong tram! If the selection method you use is not a long term winning one, get one that is. If you can't devise your own or don't have the time and information base to devise one, buy one - but choose carefully.

This article is copyright 2013 . All rights reserved. May be copied freely for personal use and yes you can put it up on your web page providing this copyright notice stays in tact.