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Akwazoff racehorse 1997 Grafton Cup winner

Akwazoff was foaled in 1990 and was by Zoffany out of the mare Akwitana (by Rocky Mountain)

136 starts - 36 wins - 31 placings - $499,581 in stakes - Firm: 32:12-5-3 Good: 75:21-7-9 Soft: 20:2-3-2 Heavy: 9:1-2-0

Winning distances: 1100/2400 - Racing Colours: Black, Pink Sash, Purple Sleeves And Cap

Trained by Merv Corliss from Tamworth and ridden by Garry Baker, the 7 year old gelding's main claim to fame was a record breaking win in the 1997 Grafton Cup.

Starting at 7/1 and carrying 55 kgs, he won by two and a quarter lengths in the record breaking time of 2.25.76 and took his earnings to more than $360,000 for owners Mia and Neil Latimer who have a cattle and sheep farm near Tamworth.

As well as the Grafton Cup he also won a Lismore Cup, two Armidale Cups, a Gunnedah Cup and Quirindi Cup, Walcha Cup and a Country Cup run at Randwick. After racing he became a mounted horse in the NSW police force and died in January 2011 at age 22.



Zoffany Our Native Exclusive Native
Our Jackie
Grey Dawn Girl Grey Dawn
Hoi Polloi
Akwitana Rocky Mountain Tanerko
Royal Rhapsody Round Robin
Colleen Jess


Career Wins:

1st of 11 TAMW 14Nov92 1200m Good3 MDN $2,500 ($1,750) Daniel Frahm 55kg Barrier 10 2nd Breakpak 56.5kg, 3L
1st of 11 GUNN 26Dec92 1200m Good3 CLASS 1 $2,200 ($1,540) Paul Payne 54.5kg Barrier 2 1:11.00 10-1
1st of 10 TAMW 06Mar93 1200m Firm2 CLASS 2 $2,300 ($1,600) Paul Payne 53kg Barrier 4 2nd Raise a Castle 55kg 1:10.92, 1.5L 5-2
1st of 13 ARMD 22Mar93 1400m Firm2 CLASS 3 $5,400 ($3,700) Paul Payne 53kg Barrier 2 3rd Bril Bril Road 54kg 1:23.00, 9-2
1st of 9 NCLE 12Apr93 1400m Firm2 CLASS 5 $5,000 ($3,500) Paul Payne 51kg (cd 51.5kg) Barrier 4 2nd Wally's Choice 54.5kg, 3rd Bi-Ways 53.5kg 1:22.90, 0.4L 4-1
1st of 15 TAMW 29May93 1400m Soft5 CLASS 5 $5,150 ($3,650) Paul Payne 54kg Barrier 5 3rd Royal Dolphin 55.5kg 1:25.32 4-1
1st of 10 ARMD 21Mar94 1200m Firm2 OPEN HCP $5,400 ($3,700) D Jones 52.5kg Barrier 3 2nd Monsieur Bogart 52kg, 3rd Acapulco Queen 55kg 1:10.20R, 0.1L, 8-1
1st of 10 QUIR 22Apr94 1100m Firm2 OPEN HCP $3,500 ($2,500) D Jones 53.5kg Barrier 6 2nd Natural Pilgrim 56kg, 3rd Metal Driver 55kg 1:02.26, 3.5L 5-1
1st of 9 TAMW 07May94 1200m Good3 OPEN HCP $3,000 ($2,100) D Jones 54.5kg Barrier 8 2nd Billy Hula 53.5kg, 3rd Raise a Castle 52.5kg 1:10.20, 1.5L 7-4
1st of 12 CANT 01Jun94 1300m Good3 3YO&UP-1MW $14,250 ($9,690) Mark Newnham 55kg (cd 52kg) Barrier 1 2nd Feisty Kate 51.5kg, 3rd Bondola Prince 51kg 1:16.47, 3.3L, 4-1
1st of 9 CANT 29Jun94 1280m Heavy10 4YO&UP-1MW $14,318 ($9,758) Mark Newnham 56.5kg (cd 53.5kg) Barrier 9 2nd Noble Metal 49kg, 3rd Rio Amber 51.5kg 1:20.05, 0.5L, 3-1
1st of 10 ARMD 18Mar95 1400m Firm2 OPEN HCP $12,500 ($9,500) D Jones 57kg Barrier 7 2nd Monarchy 53.5kg, 3rd Sylvania Gold 53.5kg 1:22.40, 1.5L 6-1
1st of 8 TAMW 15Apr95 1400m Good3 OPEN HCP $5,200 ($3,700) D Jones 59.5kg Barrier 1 2nd Mighty Oygle 53.5kg, 3rd Buenaloah 54.5kg 1:26.69, 0.5L 3-1
1st of 14 GRAF 15Jul95 1400m Firm2 OPEN HCP $12,250 ($8,650) J Hutchings 56.5kg Barrier 8 2nd Beau Sonic 53kg, 3rd Mr. Ritz 53.5kg 1:23.06, 0.3L 6-1
1st of 13 WCHA 09Feb96 1440m Good3 WALCHA CUP $10,350 ($7,750) Garry Baker 57.5kg Barrier 5 2nd Mark Time 59kg, 3rd Colour Bash 54kg 1:26.00, 3L, 6-1
1st of 11 QUIR 19Feb96 1600m Firm2 QUIR CUP $21,400 ($15,400) Garry Baker 54.5kg Barrier 5 2nd Mahlula Star 54kg, 3rd Bay Jest 49kg 1:34.88R, 0.2L, 10-1
1st of 9 TAMW 02Mar96 1400m Firm2 OPEN HCP $3,500 ($2,450) Garry Baker 61kg Barrier 3 2nd Knight's Treasure 53.5kg, 3rd Reaffirmed 57.5kg 1:23.03, 0.2L 7-2
1st of 14 ARMD 18Mar96 1900m Firm2 ARMD CUP $20,800 ($14,800) Garry Baker 61kg Barrier 8 2nd Short Sentence 58.5kg, 3rd Eastern Alliance 53.5kg 1:57.00, 0.5L, 14-1
1st of 18 RAND 10Apr96 1600m Good3 COUNTRYCUP $60,760 ($41,560) Garry Baker 55kg Barrier 3 2nd Dance Til Dawn 52kg, 3rd Kenquest 52.5kg 1:34.64 (600m 34.01), 1.8L 7-1
1st of 9 TAMW 14Jun96 1600m Good3 OPEN HCP $4,000 ($2,800) Kane St Vincent 64.5kg (cd 61.5kg) Barrier 2 2nd Diamond Storm 57.5kg, 3rd Double the Ton 55.5kg 1:36.23, 2L, 3-1
1st of 12 RHIL 17Aug96 2000m Good3 WELTER $30,068 ($20,468) Neil Jolly 57kg (cd 54kg) Barrier 4 2nd Night After 53.5kg, 3rd Bellomahal 53kg 2:01.30 (600m 36.50), 0.8L, 12-1
1st of 7 TAMW 01Mar97 1400m Good3 OPEN HCP $3,500 ($2,450) Len Todd 63.5kg (cd 60.5kg) Barrier 2 2nd Reaffirmed 56.5kg, 3rd Pittwater Prince 53.5kg 1:22.68, 0.4L 9-2
1st of 14 ARMD 17Mar97 1900m Good3 ARMD CUP $26,000 ($17,000) Garry Baker 62.5kg Barrier 2 2nd Soldier of Fortune 53.5kg, 3rd Marquee Moon 53kg 1:56.38, 4.3L, 5-1
1st of 6 TAMW 26Apr97 1600m Firm2 OPEN HCP $3,500 ($2,450) Len Todd 67.5kg (cd 64.5kg) Barrier 3 2nd Pyramid 53kg, 3rd Home in Indiana 53.5kg 1:37.49, 0.3L 1-2
1st of 11 GUNN 02Jun97 1600m Good3 GUNN CUP $16,025 ($10,925) Len Todd 63.5kg (cd 61kg) Barrier 1 2nd Lucky to Be 59.5kg, 3rd Jamea 56kg 1:36.05, 1L, 7-2
1st of 10 QUIR 23Jun97 1450m Good3 OPEN HCP $3,500 ($2,500) Mr Jeremy Starr 69kg (cd 66.5kg) Barrier 6 2nd Dapper Spirit 55kg, 3rd Anvil's Gold 54.5kg 1:27.57, 0.3L, 3-1
1st of 12 GRAF 10Jul97 2400m Good3 GRAF CUP Group 3 $152,370 ($107,370) Garry Baker 55kg Barrier 7 2nd Dannemora 52.5kg, 3rd Mack 'n' Me 52.5kg 2:25.76R, 2.3L, 7-1
1st of 5 MREE 07Mar98 1600m Firm2 OPEN HCP $8,500 ($6,100) Len Todd 67kg (cd 64.5kg) Barrier 3 2nd Diamond Walk 56.5kg, 3rd Stan the Man 54kg 1:36.70, 1.5L 6-4
1st of 8 ARMD 18Apr98 1100m Good3 OPEN HCP $3,200 ($2,100) Len Todd 67.5kg (cd 66kg) Barrier 2 2nd Nil Pay 53.5kg, 3rd Loud Thunder 54kg 1:04.70, 1L 3-1
1st of 10 GUNN 01Jun98 1600m Good3 GUNN CUP $16,025 ($11,025) Greg Nock 63.5kg Barrier 2 2nd Mack 'n' Me 60.5kg, 3rd Cossack Raider 53kg 1:35.97, 0.1L, 7-1
1st of 5 TAMW 27Apr99 1600m Good3 OPEN HCP $5,000 ($3,500) Ms Leanne G Henry 62.5kg (cd 60.5kg) Barrier 1 2nd Falcon's Domain 54.5kg, 3rd Cossack Raider 53.5kg 1:38.66, 2L, 1-1
1st of 12 GUNN 07May99 1400m Good3 OPEN HCP $7,000 ($4,600) Ms Leanne G Henry 63.5kg (cd 61.5kg) Barrier 2 2nd Full Switch 53.5kg, 3rd Le Figaro 53kg 1:22.64, 2.5L, 6-4
1st of 16 GUNN 31May99 1600m Good3 GUNN CUP $21,050 ($14,250) Ms Leanne G Henry 60kg Barrier 3 2nd Trust in Dreams 57.5kg, 3rd Al Rateb 56.5kg 1:35.49, 0.7L 2-1
1st of 15 GRAF 18Jun99 1750m Soft5 OPEN HCP $6,000 ($4,100) Ms Leanne G Henry 65.5kg (cd 64kg) Barrier 13 2nd Nevada Will 57kg, 3rd Monsieur Monet 53kg 1:46.30 (600m 36.90), 1L 2-1
1st of 14 MWBK 24Aug99 1450m Good3 OPEN HCP $35,500 ($25,000) Ms Leanne G Henry 60.5kg (cd 59kg) Barrier 1 2nd Blazing Flight 58.5kg, 3rd Dispute 57.5kg 1:26.08 (600m 34.50), 0.7L 6-1
1st of 11 LISM 23Sep99 2100m Good3 LISM CUP $32,600 ($23,000) Garry Baker 57.5kg Barrier 1 2nd Racing Writer 52.5kg, 3rd Bozeman 57.5kg 2:08.40, 0.1L