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BALMERINO racehorse Brisbane Cup winner

BalmerinoBalmerino was a champion racehorse in the 1970s who won many races, not only here in Australia and New Zealand, but was also successful in Europe.

46 starts - 22 wins - 13 placings

He was sired by Trictrac from the unraced Dulcie and bred by Ralph Stuart, a dairy farmer from the Waikato district in New Zealand in 1972.

He first shot to notice by winning the New Zealand 2000 Guineas and Derby as a three year old. He won the Brisbane Cup in 1976 as well as the Ranvet Stakes in the same year.

Balmerino won 14 of his 18 starts as a three year old and won at least one race every month for 11 straight months culminating in the Brisbane Cup.

His career encompassed 46 starts in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France and the USA for 22 wins and 11 seconds and 2 thirds winning $486,202 in prize money.

He was voted Australian 3YO for the 1975-76 season before heading for Europe, where, in what was rated his best performance, he ran an unlucky second to the champion Alleged in the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe after winning the Group 1 Coppa d'Ora in Italy.

In his European campaign he was trained by John Dunlop.

Retired to stud in New Zealand in 1979 he enjoyed just moderate success

He died in 1996





Tristarc Le Haar Vieux Manoir
Mince Pie
Carya Rockefeller
Sarah Madeline
Dulcie Duccio Bellini
Caste Posterity






Race Winning Record For Balmerino

WON     1-Apr-75          Cambridge        Stud Hcp                        1200m
WON     27-Aug-75      Bay Of Plenty     Citrus Hcp                      1600m
WON     13-Sep-75      Hawkes Bay      Glenaray Hcp                 1609.3m
WON     17-Sep-75      Hawkes Bay      Guineas                          1609.3m
WON     18-Oct-75       Trentham            Wellington Guineas     1600m
W ON     8-Nov-75        Canterbury        2000 Guineas                1600m
WON     13-Dec-75      Avondale            Avondale Guineas         1600m
WON      26-Dec-75      Ellerslie            NZ Derby                          2400m
WON      19-Jan-76      Trentham          Wellington Derby            2400m
WON     9-Feb-76         Rotorua            Challenge Stakes           1900m
WON      27-Mar-76      Rosehill            Rawson Stakes              1750m
WON      22-May-76      Eagle Farm     Grand Prix                         2200m
WON      5-Jun-76        Eagle Farm      O’Shea Stakes                2200m
WON      12-Jun-76     Eagle Farm       Brisbane Cup                  3200m
WON      5-Mar-77        Ellerslie             Air NZ Stakes                  2000m
WON      26-Mar-77     Awapuni             Gold Cup                         2000m
WON      9-Apr-77        Randwick           Autumn Stakes               2000m
WON      23-Apr-77      Hawkes Bay     Ormond Memorial           2000m
WON      12-Sep-77     Goodwood        Valdoe Stakes
WON      23-May-78     Goodwood         Graham Stakes              10 f


TWO YEARS: 1974-1975 Starts 4: 1-1-1-1

2nd-12 21/03/1975. Hd x hd Ruakaka, near Whangarei, WhRC Juvenile Hcp (2nd Division) 1000m. 53.5kg 1.00.0. Firm Mi Gold 52.5 1st Dame Valiant 53 3rd
1st-12 1/04/1975. 2L x 3L Te Rapa, Hamilton, CambJC El Ganador Stud Hcp (1st Division) 1200m. 52.5kg 1.12.4. Firm Patronia 51 2nd Mi Devil 50.5 3rd
7th-14 26/04/1975. 2L x lg nk Hastings, HBJC Juvenile Hcp 1400m. cd 51.75kg 1.25.6. Firm Rojanda 51.5 1st Chetseron cd 56.75 2nd
3rd-15 3/06/1975. 5L x nk Te Rapa, Hamilton, CambJC Batchelor Hcp 1200m. 56kg 1.17.3. Heavy Caboodle cd 52 1st Happy Union 51.5 2nd

THREE YEARS: 1975-1976 Starts 18: 14-3-0-1

2nd-15 16/08/1975. 0.75L x Lg nk Te Rapa, Hamilton, WaikRC Glenvale Hcp 1200m. 53kg 1.16.6. Heavy, 4th Fav Sea Egg 53.5 1st Friendly Lad 51.5 3rd
1st-15 27/08/1975. 1.5L x 0.5L Tauranga, BoPRC Citrus City Hcp 1600m. 54kg 1.39.4. Firm, 10/9F Raging Moon 53.5 2nd Calm Lomond 53 3rd
1st-11 13/09/1975. 2.5L x 0.5L Hastings, HBJC Glenaray Hcp 1609.3m. 54kg 1.38.8. Easy, 5/4F Tariana 50.5 2nd Lover's Dream 52.5 3rd
1st-14 17/09/1975. Lg nk x 0.5L Hastings, HBJC Hawkes Bay Guineas 1609.3m. 55.5kg 1.37.6. Fast, 2/1 March Legend 55.5 2nd Nippy Jim 55.5 3rd
2nd-16 4/10/1975. 1.25L x 1.5L Ellerslie, AuRC Great Northern Guineas 1600m. 55.5kg 1.38.4. Easy, Fav Purple Pearl 55.5 1st Thunderchief 55.5 3rd
1st-18 18/10/1975. Hd x 3L Trentham, Wellington, WeRC Wellington Guineas 1600m. 55.5kg 1.37.75. Firm, 6/4F March Legend 55.5 2nd Nuriootpa 55.5 3rd
1st-15 8/11/1975. 1L x 1.5L Riccarton, Christchurch, SI, NZ CJC New Zealand Two Thousand Guineas (G1) 1600m. 55.5kg 1.37.4. Firm, 1/1F March Legend 55.5 2nd Nuriootpa 55.5 3rd
1st-18 13/12/1975. 0.5L x 0.5L Avondale, AvJC Avondale Guineas 1600m. 55.5kg 1.36.61. Fast, 4/6F Nuriootpa 55.5 2nd Imperial Chief 55.5 3rd
1st-14 26/12/1975. Hd x 5L Ellerslie, AuRC New Zealand Derby (G1) 2400m. 55.5kg 2.31.21. Easy, 5/4F Caboodle 55.5 2nd Lucky Strike 55.5 3rd
1st-11 19/01/1976. 4.5L x 2L Trentham, Wellington, WeRC Wellington Derby Stakes 2400m. 55.5kg 2.29.0. Fast, 1/2F Caboodle 55.5 2nd Happy Union 55.5 3rd
1st-10 9/02/1976. 3L x 2L Arawa Park, Rotorua, RotRC Rotorua Challenge Stakes 1900m. cd 52.5kg 1.59.5. Easy, 1/3F My Cue 52 2nd Vale 52 3rd
1st-5 27/03/1976. Sht ½ hd x 3L Rosehill, STC Rawson Stakes (G1) 1750m. 52.5kg 1.47.8. Slow, 4/7F. Hartshill 55.5 3/1 2nd Authentic Heir 58 6/1 3rd
1st-13 3/04/1976. 0.5L x 3.75L Rosehill, STC Tulloch Stakes 1850m. 54kg 1.51.8. Fast, 5/4F. Lord Dudley 54 7/4 2nd Better Draw 51 16/1 3rd
6th-15 17/04/1976. Lg nk x 1L Randwick, AJC Australasian Championship Stakes 2000m. 54kg 2.02.7. (RR) Good, 1/1F. Cheyne Walk 54 80/1 1st Lord Dudley 54 13/8 2nd
2nd-5 24/04/1976. 2L x lg nk Randwick, AJC Queen Elizabeth Randwick Stakes 2400m. 52.5kg 2.28.6. Fast, 7/2. Taras Bulba 57 13/4 1st Leica Lover 58.5 9/1 3rd
1st-10 22/05/1976. 0.5L x 3L Eagle Farm, QTC XXXX Grand Prix Stakes 2200m. 58kg 2.33.5. Heavy, 5/1. Cheyne Walk 56.5 8/1 2nd Our Cavalier 53 11/4F 3rd
1st-14 5/06/1976. 2L x 1.25L Eagle Farm, QTC P.J. O'Shea Stakes 2200m. 54.5kg 2.16.1. Good, 4/6F. Participator 57.5 10/1 2nd Veil Kingdom 57.5 5/1 3rd
1st-15 14/06/1976. 0.5L x 0.5L Eagle Farm, QTC Brisbane Cup (G1) 3200m. 54.5kg 3.24.2. Good, 5/4F. Participator 54.5 9/1 2nd Our Cavalier 49 10/1 3rd

FOUR YEARS: 1976-1977 Starts 13: 5-3-0-5

2nd-16 18/09/1976. 1.25L x 0.5L Moonee Valley, MVRC John F Feehan Stakes 1600m. 57kg 1.40.1. Slow, 13/8F. Wave King 58.5 11/2 1st Mer'Cler 54.5 12/1 3rd
2nd-8 2/10/1976. Sht ½ hd x 1.5L Flemington, VRC Turnbull Stakes 2000m. 57.5kg 2.04.1. Good, 2/5F. Denise's Joy 55.5 13/2 1st Better Draw 55.5 12/1 3rd
4th-9 9/10/1976. 2.25L x hd Caulfield, VATC Caulfield Stakes 2000m. 57kg 2.04.8. Heavy, 6/4F. How Now 54.5 3/1 1st Happy Union 57 9/1 2nd
2nd-12 23/02/1977. ½ hd x 0.5L Te Rapa, Hamilton, WaikRC Lion Brown Sprint 1400m. 57kg 1.23.1. Fast, 3rd Fav. Soliloquy 56 1st Battle Eve 56 3rd
1st-9 5/03/1977. Nk x ½ hd Ellerslie, AuRC Air New Zealand Stakes (G1) 2000m. 57kg 2.02.74. (CR) Fast Tudor Light 55.5 2nd Battle Eve 56.5 3rd
1st-7 26/03/1977. 3L x sht nk Awapuni, Palmerston North, MwtuRC Awapuni Gold Cup 2000m. 57kg 2.03.4. Firm Copper Belt 58 2nd La Mer 51 3rd
1st-6 9/04/1977. 3L x 0.5L Randwick, AJC Autumn Stakes 2000m. 57kg 2.08.0. Fast, 4/9F. Gold and Black 57 13/2 2nd Valadero 57 50/1 3rd
6th-20 11/04/1977. 1.5L x 0.75L Randwick, AJC Sydney Cup 3200m. 59kg 3.19.4. Fast, 3/1EF. Reckless 49.5 20/1 1st Gold and Black 55 3/1EF 2nd
1st-8 23/04/1977. 6L x ½nk Hastings, HBJC Ormond Memorial Stakes 2000m. 57kg 2.08.2. Soft, 1/5F Fraxy 57 2nd Prepak 57 3rd
8th-12 30/05/1977. 1.75L x 2.5L Hollywood Park, Inglewood, LA, CA, USA Hollywood International Invitation Hcp (later Charles Wittingham Memorial Hcp) (G1) 12f. 2414m. 125lbs 56.5kg 2.26.8. Firm, $9.70. Vigors 117 $13.10 1st
7th-12 18/06/1977. Nk x nse Hollywood Park, Inglewood, LA, CA, USA Hollywood Gold Cup (G1) 10f. 2011m. 120lbs 54.5kg 2.00.00. Fast, $19.90. Crystal Water 129 $2.40F 1st
1st-5 13/07/1977. Hd x 2L Hollywood Park, Inglewood, LA, CA, USA Toluca Lake Hcp 11f. 2212m. 118lbs 53.5kg 2.17.2. Firm Today'n Tomorrow 122 2nd
12th-13 25/07/1977. 1.25L x 1L Hollywood Park, Inglewood, LA, CA, USA Sunset Hcp 12f. (turf) 2414m. 118lbs 53.5kg 2.27.6. Firm, $13.10. Today'n Tomorrow 116 $10.30 1st

FIVE YEARS: 1977-1978 Starts 10: 2-4-1-3

1st-9 12/09/1977. 5L x 2L Goodwood, Chichester, West Sussex, GB Valdoe Stakes (LR) (later Select Stakes) 9f. 192y. 1986m. 9.9. 61.5kg 2.11.19. 6/1. Lucent 8.10 4/1 2nd
2nd-26 2/10/1977. 1.5L x 2L Longchamp, Paris, FRA Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe (G1)2400m. 9.4. 59kg 2.30.6. Good 12/1 Alleged 8.11 (56) 1st FRF 480,000 5.421
2nd (LOP)-8 16/10/1977. Sht hd x 6L San Siro, Milano, ITY Gran Premio del Jockey Club (G1)2400m. 9.3. 58.5kg 2.33.3. 2/5F. Stateff (UK) 8.11 10/1 WOP 1st
4th-8 5/11/1977. 2.5L x 14L Laurel Park, near Baltimone, Maryland, USA Washington DC International Stakes (G1) 12f. (turf) 2423m. 127lbs 57.5kg 2.42.0. Soft, $9.50. Johnny D 120 $10.00 1st
4th-8 30/04/1978. 3L x 0.75L Longchamp, Paris, FRA Prix Ganay (G1)2100m. 9.2. 58kg 2.18.3.Trillion (USA) 8.13 1st
1st-6 23/05/1978. 0.75L x hd Goodwood, Chichester, West Sussex, GB Clive Graham Stakes (LR) (later Festival Stakes) 9f. 192y. 1986m. 9.7. 60.5kg 2.10.32. 8/11F. Unble Pokey 9.0 7/2 2nd
2nd-5 8/06/1978. 4L x 1.5L Epsom, Surrey, GB Coronation Cup (G1) 12f. 10y. 2423m. 9.0. 57kg 2.34.28. 6/5F. Crow 9.0 9/4 1st
3rd-8 23/06/1978. 1.5L x hd Ascot, Berkshire, GB Hardwicke Stakes 12f. 10y. 2423m. 9.0. 57kg 2.33.33. 9/4F. Montcontour 8.12 25/1 1st
2nd-9 8/07/1978. ? x 0.5L Sandown Park, London, GB Joe Coral Coral Eclipse Stakes (G1) 10f. 7y. 2018m. 9.7. 60.5kg 2.05.5. 6/1. Gunner B 7/4F 9.7 1st
4th-14* 22/07/1978. 1.5L x 1.5L Ascot, Berkshire, GB King George and Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Stakes (G1) 12f. 10y. 2423m. 9.7. 60.5kg 2.30.53. Odds? Ile de Bourbon 8.8 12/1 1st

SIX YEARS: 1978-1979 Starts 1: 0-0-0-1

6th-10 22/08/1978. 1.5L x 2.5L York, York, GB Benson & Hedges Gold Cup (G1) (later Juddmonte International Stakes) 10f. 88y. 2092m. 9.6. 60kg 2.09.75. 12/1. Hawaiian Sound 2/1F 1st