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Battle Heights racehorse Sydney Cup winner

Battle Heights - racehorseBattle Heights was foaled in 1967 and was by Battle Waggon out of the mare Wuthering Heights (by Avocat General)

From 115 starts he won 23 times, ran 14 seconds and 15 thirds.

His main wins were in the Sydney Cup in 1973 and Cox Plate in 1974, The Metropolitan at Randwick in 1976 which was the same year he finished second to How Now in the Caulfield Cup.

He also won the Craven Plate in 1976 beating the well performed Taras Bulba.

He died February 22, 1999.





Battle Waggon Never Say Die Nasrullah
Singing Grass
Carrozza Dante
Wuthering Heights Avocat General Court Martial
Merry Fox Foxbridge
Merry Way







THREE YEARS: 1970-1971 Starts 14: 2-3-3-6

3rd-18 13/02/1971. 2L x nk Rotorua, RotRC Waimangu Maiden Hcp (1st Division) Abt 9.5f. Abt 1900m. 8.6. 53.5kg 1.57.0. Fast Mac's Honey 8.5 1st
2nd-13 22/02/1971. Lg nk x 1.5L Te Aroha, TeArJC Welcome Hcp (2nd Division) 7f. 1408m. 8.7. 54kg 1.26.0. Firm Fashion 8.7 1st
4th-23 6/03/1971. 2.5L x 2.5L Pukekohe, near FrankRC Maiden Mile Hcp 8f. 1609m. 8.8. 54.5kg 1.37.6. Fast Avenida 8.10 1st
4th-22 27/03/1971. Nk x hd Tauranga, BofPRC Papamoa Hcp 8f. 1609m. 8.9. 55kg 1.39.8. Firm Roberta Belle 8.0½ 1st
1st-21 10/04/1971. 1L x 0.75L Rotorua, RotRC Clarke Memorial Hcp Abt 9.5f. Abt 1900m. cd 8.2 cd 52kg 1.58.0. Fast Royal Nip cd 8.0 2nd
DH 3rd-17 24/04/1971. 3.5L x 1.5L Te Aroha, TeArJC Farewell Hcp 8f. 1609m. 7.11. 49.5kg 1.41.0. Slow Royal Blend 8.11 1st
2nd-21 8/05/1971. 0.75L x 0.75L Te Rapa, Hamilton, WaikRC Parana Hcp (2nd Division) 7f. 1408m. cd 7.13. cd 50.5kg 1.29.5. Heavy Serroco 7.12 1st
3rd-23 22/05/1971. 2L x hd Te Rapa, Hamilton, WaikRC Gordonton Plate 8f. 1609m. 8.0. 51kg 1.40.9. Cutting out Hi-Bing 8.0 1st
1st-22 5/06/1971. 0.5L x 1L Ellerslie, AuRC Jervois Hcp 7f. 1408m. 8.5. 53kg 1.32.0. Heavy Dixie Belle 8.1 2nd
2nd-19 7/06/1971. Hd x nse Ellerslie, AuRC Ranfurly Hcp 7f. 1408m. 8.12. 56kg 1.34.6. Heavy Marcayo 8.7 1st

FOUR YEARS: 1971-1972 Starts 20: 3-3-3-11

2nd-16 4/09/1971. 0.75L x 3.0L Avondale, AvJC Henderson Hcp 6f. 1207m. 8.10. 55.5kg 1.17.0 Heavy La Fanu 8.0 1st
1st-18 25/09/1971. Hd x 1.5L Te Rapa, Hamilton, CamJC Tinopai Intermediate Hcp 8f. 1609m. 8.3 52kg 1.46.4 Heavy Daveylou 8.1 2nd
1st-16 12/10/1971. 0.75L x 0.75L Ellerslie, AuRC Excelsior Hcp Abt 8f. Abt 1600m. cd 7.10. cd 49kg 1.40.4 Soft Paimt cd 7.10 2nd
4th-22 6/11/1971. 1L x 1L Ellerslie, AuRC Ponui Hcp Abt 8f. Abt 1600m. 7.9 48.5kg 1.35.8 Fast Mighty Pal 7.8 1st
3rd-7 3/04/1972. 0.75L x lg nk Ellerslie, AuRC Bowen Hcp 6f. 1207m. cd 7.6 cd 47kg 1.12.0 Easy Gay Prince 7.13 1st
4th-17 6/05/1972. 1L x 1L Te Rapa, Hamilton, NZ WaikRC Golden Mile 8f. 1609m. 7.9 48.5kg 1.43.1 Soft Hi-Bing 8.9 1st
2nd-17 13/05/1972. 0.5L x 1.75L Te Rapa, Hamilton, NZ WaikRC Stewards' Hcp 7f. 1408m. 7.6 47kg 1.26.8 Soft Almoss cd 7.8 1st
1st-18 27/05/1972. 1.5L x hd Rotorua, RotRC A.W. McGill Hcp 10f. 180y. 2176m. cd 7.9½ cd 49kg 2.17.0 Firm Willie Can 7.11 2nd
3rd-15 05/06/1972. 0.5L x 0.5L Ellerslie, AuRC Remuera Hcp 8f. 1609m. 8.6 53.5kg 1.42.0 Holding Tetrarch's Gift 8.3 1st
4th-17 10/06/1972. Nse x 2.5L Ellerslie, AuRC Cornwall Hcp 11f. 2212m. 8.5 53kg 2.29.0 Holding Captain Jest 8.13 1st
2nd-21 24/06/1972. Nk x 5.5L Tauranga, BofPRC Winter Hcp 8.5f. 1709m. 8.5 53kg 2.14.8 Soft Willie Can 8.2 1st
3rd-11 1/07/1972. 0.75L x 1L Avondale, AvJC Members' Hcp 11f. 2212m. 8.7 54kg 2.30.0 Heavy Captain Jest 9.3 1st
4th-18 29/07/1972. 2.5L x hd Taumaranui, TauRC Taumarunui Gold Cup Hcp 10f. 2011m. 8.6 53.5kg 2.09.4 Easy Trutone 8.8 1st

FIVE YEARS: 1972-1973 Starts 11: 3-2-1-5

1st-18 22/09/1972. 0.5L x hd Te Rapa, Hamilton, CamJC Trelawney Hcp 7f. 1408m. 8.3 52kg 1.28.9 Easy Village Oak 7.7 2nd
3rd-22 4/11/1972. 1.5L x nse Ellerslie, AuRC Ponui Hcp Abt 8f. Abt 1600m. 8.5 53kg 1.35.6 Fast Mighty Oak 7.10 1st
2nd-24 9/12/1972. 1L x ½ hd Te Aroha, TeArJC W.S. Goosman Memorial Hcp 11f. 2212m. 8.2 52kg 2.21.0 Soft Jack Johnson 7.11 1st
1st-18 27/12/1972. 1L x 0.5L Rotorua, RotRC Christmas Hcp Abt 10f. 180y. Abt 2176m. 8.5 53kg 2.14.0 Firm Master Sobig 8.0 2nd
1st-16 2/01/1973. ½ hd x 2.5L Ellerslie, AuRC Nathan's Memorial Hcp 11f. 2212m. 8.8 54.5kg 2.19.0 Fast Pilfer 7.13 2nd
2nd-14 28/07/1973. 0.5L x 1.5L Te Awamutu, TauRC Steward's Hcp 7f. 1408m. 9.4 59kg 1.27.0 Easy Gold Realm 8.0 1st

SIX YEARS: 1973-1974 Starts 24: 7-2-2-13

3rd-16 22/09/1973. 1.5L x hd Te Rapa, Hamilton, CamJC J.C. Hutton HcpAbt 2200m.56.5kg 2.30.5 Heavy Final Request 53 1st
1st-13 6/10/1973. 2.2L x 0.75L Ellerslie, AuRC Spring hcpAbt 2200m.57kg 2.18.0 Firm Syndrome 51 2nd
2nd-20 1/01/1974. 5L x 1.5L Ellerslie, Auckland, NZ AuRC Centennial Auckland Cup HcpAbt 3200m.53kg 3.17.6 Fast Rose Mellay cd 49 1st
3rd-14 13/01/1974. 0.75L x 0.75L Avondale, AvJC J.B. O'Loghlen Memorial Hcp2200m.57kg 2.15.0 Fast Mogador 53.5 1st
1st-15 19/01/1974. 1.5L x nse Trentham, WeRC 100th Anniversary of the Wellington Cup Hcp (G1)3200m.54kg 3.23.5 Firm Manchero 48 2nd
1st-5 26/01/1974. 0.75L x 1.25L Trentham, WRC Trentham Stakes2400m.59kg 2.29.0 Fast Glengowan 59 2nd
1st-9 6/02/1974. 1L x 1L Avondale, AvJC New Zealand Day Hcp2200m.58kg 2.15.3 Fast Dark Ronald cd 47.5 2nd
1st-11 19/02/1974. 1.25L x 2.25L Te Rapa, Hamilton, WaikRC New Zealand International Invitation Stakes2200m.58kg 2.16.1 Fast Peg's Pride 55.5 2nd
4th-6 12/03/1974. ½ nk x 1L Trentham, WeRC Port Nicholson Stakes2000m.58kg 2.05.75 Fast Fury's Order 52.5 1st
2nd-13 16/03/1974. 2.25L x sht nk Trentham, WeRC H.R. Chalmers Stakes Hcp3200m.58.5kg 3.17.75 Fast Purdie 47.5 1st
4th-6 13/04/1974. 1.5L x 3L Randwick, AJC Autumn Stakes2000m.58kg 2.10.1. Soft, Igloo 58 4/6F 1st
1st-15 15/04/1974. Sht nk x 6L Randwick, AJC Sydney Cup (G1)3200m.58.5kg 3.37.1. Heavy, 30/1. Grand Scale 51.5 9/2 2nd
1st-4 25/04/1974. 4L x 1.5L Randwick, AJC Queen Elizabeth Randwick Stakes (G1)2400m.58.5kg 2.46.0. Heavy, 10/9F Dayana 57 8/1 2nd

SEVEN YEARS: 1974-1975 Starts 15: 2-2-2-9

3rd-7 28/09/1974. Lg nk x sht ½ hd Rosehill, STC Hill Stakes 1750m.59kg 1.48.6. Good, 11/2. Leica Lover 57 3/1 1st
2nd-8 12/10/1974. Sht hd x ½ nk Randwick, AJC Craven Plate 2000m.59kg 2.02.9. Good, 13/1. Leica Lover 57 1/1F 1st
1st-13 26/10/1974. 1.5L x hd Moonee Valley, MVRC W.S. Cox Plate (G1)2050m.59kg 2.09.9. Slow, 7/1. Taras Bulba 49.5 5/2F 2nd
2nd-11 2/11/1974. 1L x 2L Flemington, VRC L.K.S. Mackinnon Stakes 2000m.58.5kg 2.04.9. Slow, 6/4F. Leilani 54.5 13/8 1st
3rd-16 9/11/1974. 2.5L x 1.25L Flemington, VRC Queens Cup2500m.59.5kg 2.36.2. Fast, 7/2. Leilani 55 6/4F 1st
1st-5 12/12/1974. 0.5L x 2.5L Ascot, WATC C.B. Cox Stakes 2400m.59kg 2.35.91. Good, 4/7F. Runyon 59 9/4 2nd
4th-17 30/03/1975. 1.5L x 1L Randwick, AJC Sydney Cup 3200m.59kg 3.22.6. Slow, 12/1. Gay Master 51 40/1 1st

EIGHT YEARS: 1975-1976 Starts 9: 1-0-1-7

4th-9 28/02/1976. 0.5L x 1.25L Ellerslie, AuRC Second Century Stakes Abt. 2000m.58kg 2.07.01. Firm Black Rod 58 1st
4th-5 27/03/1976. Sht ½ hd x 3L Rosehill, STC Rawson Stakes1750m.58kg 1.47.8. Slow, Balmerino 52.5 4/7F 1st
4th-5 17/04/1976. Lg nk x sht ½ hd Randwick, AJC Autumn Stakes2000m.58kg 2.04.1. Good, Participator 58 10/9F 1st
4th-17 19/04/1976. 0.5L x 3L Randwick, AJC Sydney Cup 3200m.57kg 3.23.6. Good, 25/1. Oopik 57.5 2/1F 1st
1st-10 26/04/1976. 0.75L x sht ½ hd Randwick, AJC Anzac Day Cup2400m.58kg 2.33.6. Good, 5/2F. On Your Mark 47.5 9/1 2nd
DH 3rd-14 8/05/1976. Sht ½ hd x 6L Moonee Valley, MVRC Moonee Valley Cup 2600m.58kg 2.47.0. Good, 9/2. Poker Night 46 15/1 1st
4th-18 17/05/1976. 2.5L x 0.75L Morphettville, SAJC Adelaide Cup 3200m.59kg 3.20.5. (RR) Good, Grand Scale 53 6/1 1st

NINE YEARS: 1976-1977 Starts 15: 4-2-1-8

1st- 18/08/1976. Nse x hd Ellerslie, AuRC Broadway Hcp1200m.62kg 1.19.09. Heavy, 32/1. Oranmore 64 2nd
2nd- 280/8/1976. 0.5L x 0.5L PakurangaHC Jellicoe Hcp1600m.63.5kg 1.43.56. Heavy Optician 57 1st
1st-5 2/10/1976. Sht hd x 5L Randwick, AJC Craven Plate 2000m.59kg 2.05.1. Good, 7/1. Taras Bulba 59 2/11F 2nd
1st-20 4/10/1976. 1.25L x nk Randwick, AJC The Metropolitan (G1)2600m.56.5kg 2.46.9. Good, 12/1. Participator 54.5 12/1 2nd
2nd-18 16/10/1976. 1L x 0.5L Caulfield, VATC Caulfield Cup 2400m.58kg 2.36.7. Heavy, 12/1. How Now 52 3/1F 1st
3rd- 22/12/1976. 0.75L x 4L Avondale, AvJC Westbrook Carpets Plate2000m.58.5kg 2.09.64. Easy Royal Cadenza 57 1st
4th- 29/12/1976. Margin? Ellerslie, AuRC King's Plate1600m.58kg Battle Eve 1st
4th-7 2/04/1977. Hd x 0.75L Warwick Farm, AJC Chipping Norton Stakes2100m.58kg 2.11.4. Fast, 10/1. In Pursuit 52.5 1/1F 1st
1st-9 30/07/1977. 1L x 2.25L run at Te Awamutu, TaumarunuiRC Trevor Gillick Hcp1100m.61.5kg 1.12.0. Heavy Lord Novello 52.5 2nd

TEN YEARS: 1977-1978 Starts 7: 1-0-2-4

1st- 10/09/1977. 2L x 1.5L Avondale, AvJC Bardstown Stakes1600m.58.5kg 1.44.73. Heavy Royal Cadenza 58.5 2nd
3rd-7 24/09/1977. 0.75L x 1.25L Rosehill, STC Hill Stakes 1750m.59kg 1.47.0. Good, 2/1F. Carlaw 59 4/1 1st
3rd-7 1/10/1977. 2.25L x 1.75L Randwick, AJC Craven Plate 2000m.59kg 2.02.5. Fast, 3/1. Denise's Joy 56.5 2/1F 1st