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BetBotPro free trial review


Well I have been "threatening" to take the time to have a look at one of these bots for a little while but have never had the time to do a proper job. In fact, it was the lack of time that actually drove me to it. The amount of time to do this web site and all the associated paraphernalia has become a bit silly and so my afternoon "passion for the punt" was being adversely affected.

So the question then becomes "which one?" A few hours of surfing around and looking at all the different web sites and forums led me to BetBotPRO. Why? I think it looked the most "professional" and seemed to offer the widest set of functions. Now before all the other purveyors of all these other bots get too excited and start sending condemnatory emails, hey, that's just the way I saw it through my eyes and my needs!

The download time for their free trial was about 30 seconds - it will of course vary depending on your internet connection - and the install time was less than the time it took me to go to the kitchen and get a cup of coffee. How long exactly? Don't know because it was done before I got back from the kitchen so I am guessing under a minute.

Now before you whiz off to download and install this thing, remember you have to have a current Betfair account to sign in with e.g. account name and password. At this point you may well ask, "well why don't they have a 'dummy' Betfair account you can sign in to for the duration of the trial?"

Good question. I guess there's a reasonable answer to that and it may well have to do with the legalities of it all or, indeed, that there are so many "tyre kickers" out there that you need to keep some control over what's happening and only be talking directly to the folk who may really be able to use a product that you've obviously worked long and hard to develop. Both reasons, if they are in fact the reasons, are okay by me.

Here's a bit of the email they send when you ask for the download:

There are some VERY VERY easy to overlook words in this missive! "Make sure you follow the instructions" - DO THAT. There is no rush here. The world is not going to run out of races in the next 25 minutes. Take your time. Do it properly.

The next set of big words are just as important. "Go through the manual and video". Here's a tip you may will find useful: download the manual to the desktop of your computer. In that way, you can have that pdf manual open on the screen and be "playing" with the trial version at the same time so it becomes easier to follow quicker. Make no mistake. This is NOT Bots For Dummies 1.01 AND NEITHER SHOULD IT BE.

However if you are prepared to put in a few hours of study in to how this thing works, you may well be amply rewarded with a few "ah ha!" moments in a short space of time. It is really is if you have two screens on your computer and in this day and age, I have no idea how I could operate with just one. I personally use three screens to run what I do. Again, if you are "fair dinkum" about all this, I really don't see how you get by with just one. Two screens is the easiest thing in the world to set up - three screens cost a little more with additional video cards but, hey, it's just a cost of doing business and you really should look at it in that light.

The next step for you should be to watch the on screen video presentations......and, no, not with the same amount of interest you may be watching videos of the current boring as hell Federal election, but actually watch them!

Again and again and again if necessary. I think I watched them over and over three or four times. It was a worthwhile investment of time - just to understand what different terminologies meant in relation to the setup of the programme. Things like "instances" - may mean something completely different to what you imagine. And yes, you can run mulit-bots with this one programme using Betfair on all Australian races - gallops, trots, dogs - the whole lot . Which is why, of course, you may need to be running different bots simultaneously, each employing their own set of criteria.

There are many many ways in which this programme can be deployed - I have only STARTED playing with it but what I have seen so far impresses me quite a bit and de-mystifies what, for a lot of punters, has all seemed as if it should be in the "too hard basket". Your are NOT too "old" to learn new tricks and this could be quite handy, particularly, if you are like me and time poor and want to do other stuff rather than sitting in front of a computer all day.

And, no, the computer doesn't just "take over" and send you to the poor house in the blink of a millisecond as there are a heap of stop loss controls that seem easy to implement and oversee.

If you are in to laying favourites to price, this may well prove a gold mine. If you are in to backing your own selections with a staking plan, this is also possible but I am still working my way through this.

In the future, as time permits, I'll try and walk you through stage two of this programme which to me looks quite okay from what I have seen so far.


Okay, so I have had the time to play a bit more with this over the last week and I do have to say it is quite a bright "bit of kit". The actual time required by me to set this up the way I need it to run in the afternoons takes me about 20 minutes in the morning while I enter the bets and parameters and then DOUBLE CHECK everything to make sure it is all in place correctly. Like all other things with this crazy sport, you simply have to double check - there are no shortcuts!

This bot does NOT have a mind of it's own. It simply does EXACTLY what you tell it to do. As with other computer things, the quality of the information that comes out is only as good as the information you input. Before you walk away and let it play with your money, double checking the basics is essential. No good blaming it for doing something you instructed it to do. Once you get the hang of though, it is pretty simple.

I have been playing around with laying favourites that conform with the criteria I have established for myself and just letting it go and do its work. A really basic set of instructions I must add as I am still coming to grips with the entire range of dynamics you can input but it has done everything I have asked of it without fail or favour. I don't check on it during the races span - by deliberate intent - and merely have a look at the results after they have all finished. This is a real time saver and frees me up to do my normal "stuff" while still having that extra iron in the fire.

For me so far, 10 out of 10. The next step is to conquer the number of different bots I can have running simultaneously using this programme in order to maximise its full potential. As time goes by I'll update this further.

Try it out for yourself by clicking on the banner advertisement below: