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World's Biggest Gamblers 2013

Here's an up to date list of the world's biggest gambling nations and the average loss per head of population:

(This includes ALL forms of gambling - lotto, casinos, racing, poker machines etc etc)

1. Australia. Yes, good old Oz tops the world with an average loss per head of $1288 per year

2. Singapore. The third largest gaming centre in the world but the second biggest gamblers with an average loss of $1174 per head

3. Ireland. Ah, the land of a thousand studs (horses, not people) and an average loss of $600

4. Canada The land of a thousand cruise ships. Average loss per head of population: $568

5. Finland. Now here's a surprise entry: $545

6. Italy: The land of a thousand popes. Annual loss per head: $502

7. Hong Kong. Thought it would have ranked higher: about $450

8. Norway. The land of a thousand movies about hills being alive. $431 per head

9. Greece. Gambling may well be the last resort. $420 per head

10. Spain. Perhaps same as Greece $418 per head

So what does this tell us? Probably says a lot about disposable income but little else. It does however serve to remind us all about the importance of self discipline and control and that some people must be losing an absolute bucket load on pokies. And I do feel genuinely sorry for them because they are playing a game that can only end in one result - and it's not a positive one.

At least with racing we have chance that can be improved with application. With poker machines you have no chance, no interaction, no advantage in putting in some effort - but a great revenue raiser for the governments of this fine place.

This article is copyright 2013 . All rights reserved. May be copied freely for personal use and yes you can put it up on your web page providing this copyright notice stays in tact.