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CHEVRON thoroughbred horse racing system


The Chevron Methodology was developed by us and tested publicly and daily on this web site from 25 September 2009 until 25 October 2009 with some pretty stunning results.

In the month long test, betting on FINAL qualifiers seven days a week, regardless of track conditions, there were 110 final qualifying bets for a win strike rate of 22.72% and a place strike rate of 57.27%.

At level stakes, and starting with just a $500 bank, the net profit for $25 win bets during the month was $1540 (or 56% profit on turnover)

At level stakes, even betting for a place, (we used $40 units for the place), our net profit for the month was $939 (or profit on turnover of just under 10%).
AND ALL THIS WAS DONE ON A SET AND FORGET APPROACH. (Get the scratchings, work out the final selections, put on the bets, go and do something else!!)
All selection work was done the day before and the total time commitment (once you get used to the rules) is only a few minutes per meeting.

There are 16 sub rules to arrive at a selection but once you get used to them, the qualifiers simply "leap off the page" at you and it is quite a quick process of elimination.
NOTE: There can only ever be one possible selection per race - no ambiguous rules to try and work through or juggle and compromise your selection process!
The full selection rules and a copy of our betting sheet workouts are included for your information.


With The Chevron we also include a copy of our Cascade 10 Staking Plan, one of the most powerful profit multipliers (and safest) we've EVER WORKED WITH, that uses only a 1% of bank staking unit approach, but, together with an innovative place bet multiplier method, returned us 19.69% profit on turnover for the same PLACE selections referred to above that only returned 10% at level stakes........ and without the all too familiar stress levels experienced with almost every other progression plan.

Up until this point in time we have always been a bit shy of staking plans - believing them to be interesting but no substitute for a sound level stakes approach. This may change your mind (as it has ours) about the worthiness of staking plans forever. We always found with other "progressions" that the dramas and mind games and self doubts that set in during a prolonged run of outs far outweighed the supposed benefits of the approach and detracted from the enjoyment of implementation. This one IS different or we would not have persisted with it. It does possess great potential for increased profits through its application to many other selection ideas - PROVIDED THEY SHOW A PROFIT AT LEVEL STAKES ALREADY. The Cascade 10 will not turn a losing system in to a winning one. Actually, think about it - why would you persist with a system that demonstrably can't win at level stakes anyway?

Using the Cascade 10 staking plan is not, however, a "set and forget" approach - as each bet is dependant on the one before it. If you're prepared to spend the time following each day's racing, this staking plan will reward you much more than you can probably imagine. The Cascade 10 Staking Plan is absolutely free when you purchase The Chevron. (By the way, the Cascade 10 Staking Plan should return a greatly multiplied result with any place selection method you use that already shows a profit at level stakes of more than 5% to 6% - PROVIDED you have a similar strike rate of, say, 55% + for place betting or around 22 - 25% if you are win betting.)During our month long test we had one run of outs with the place betting section of six races and another of four but the Cascade 10 just sailed through both with none of the usual extra stress and mind game doubts that we've always found to be the downfall of other staking plans. There is NO bravado here - just maths and profit progression!

Did The Cascade 10 Staking Plan work on win bets? Sure did..... the gross profit was substantially higher but profit on turnover was lower. The net profit for the month starting with a $1000 bank was $2411.80 which was a profit on turnover of 47.6% - and that included a run of outs during the month of 17.

In fact, with the Cascade 10 Staking Plan, the inevitable run of outs basically "self-insured" survival with no huge build up of bets (or stress!). So, and this is really self explanatory, while the net profit in win betting was substantially higher than using a level stakes approach, the profit on turnover fell from 56% to 47%.