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Carael Boy 2001 Villiers Stakes winner

Racehorse Carael Boy was foaled in 1997 and was by Free Flyer out of the mare Song Of Spring (by Northern Spring)

86 starts - 20 wins - 11 placings - $964,169 in stakes - Firm: 1:1-0-0 Good: 55:12-3-7 Soft: 27:7-0-1 Heavy: 3:0-0-0

Winning distances: 1000/2300

Main wins:

2001 Hawkesbury Cup

2001 Villers Stakes

2002 BRC Sprint

2004 Liverpool City Cup

2005 Wyong Gold Cup

2005 STC Winter Stakes

2005 Newcastle Cup

Free Flyer Bluebird Storm Bird Northern Dancer
South Ocean
Ivory Dawn Sir Ivor
Dusky Evening
Lassalia Sallust Pall Mall
Darling Bud Whistling Wind
Song Of Spring Northern Spring My Swallow Le Levanstall
Garrucha Prince Taj
Song Of Dawn Piccolino Round Table
No Demerits
Fine Zinc Paramount












Career Wins:

1st of 12 TAR 01Dec00 1000m Soft5 E&G MDN $5,000 ($3,500) Paul Falvey 56kg Barrier 12 2nd Wallaby Joe 54kg, 3rd Poetic Lord 57kg 0:59.08, 4.5L
1st of 11 P MQ 14Jan01 1400m Good3 CLASS 1 $5,000 ($3,400) Kim Bell 56kg Barrier 6 2nd Laconical 53.5kg, 3rd Opera Court 54.5kg 1:26.58 (600m 36.45), 0.8L
1st of 12 NCLE 27Jan01 1300m Firm2 CLASS 3-SW $8,000 ($6,200) Mr Mathew Scorse 55kg Barrier 6 2nd Scenic Review 53kg, 3rd Misty Ridge 55kg 1:18.42 (600m 35.31), 0.4L
1st of 9 TAR 27Feb01 1400m Good3 CLASS 6-SW $5,000 ($3,500) Brad Pengelly 55kg Barrier 7 2nd Wildie 54.5kg, 3rd Khozoff 53kg 1:24.44, 1.3L
1st of 13 NCLE 21Mar01 1600m Good3 CLASS 6-SW $15,000 ($11,000) Brad Pengelly 54kg Barrier 11 2nd Heptagon 54kg, 3rd Fancy Colours 55kg 1:37.34 (600m 35.23), 0.1L
1st of 8 NCLE 01Sep01 1200m Soft5 CLASS 6-SW $6,500 ($5,000) Brad Pengelly 55kg Barrier 2 2nd The Net 54kg, 3rd Alassany 52kg 1:12.23 (600m 35.73), 0.8L
1st of 10 NCLE 13Sep01 1200m Good3 CTRY CUP $25,400 ($18,600) Brad Pengelly 52kg Barrier 2 2nd Elite Ted 55.5kg, 3rd Newtown 52kg 1:10.89 (600m 34.90), 3.2L
1st of 12 GOSF 24Oct01 1600m Good3 CTRY CUP $30,500 ($21,500) Glen Colless 55.5kg Barrier 3 2nd Corporate 53.5kg, 3rd Elton's Girl 50.5kg 1:36.86 (600m 35.65), 1.2L
1st of 7 NCLE 03Nov01 1400m Good3 OPEN HCP $8,000 ($5,600) Terry Treichel 57.5kg Barrier 2 2nd Channon Magic 55.5kg, 3rd Fylo Bedow 52kg 1:23.41 (600m 33.98), 3L
1st of 11 W FM 18Nov01 1600m Soft7 4UPE&G-NMW $23,000 ($14,950) Luke Price (a) 60.5kg (cd 57.5kg) Barrier 3 2nd Blow the Whistle 52.5kg, 3rd Indemnity 53.5kg 1:38.99 (600m 36.98), 2.8L
1st of 16 HAWK 06Dec01 1600m Good3
Hawkesbury Cup Group 3 $173,000 ($113,500) Brad Pengelly 52kg (cd 52.5kg) Barrier 13 2nd Play Station 57kg, 3rd Ra Eclipse 53kg 1:34.95 (600m 34.27), 0.2L
1st of 16 W FM 22Dec01 1600m Good3
Villers Stakes Group 2 $201,400 ($131,400) Brad Pengelly 53.5kg Barrier 1 2nd Space Age 53kg, 3rd Osca Warrior 52kg 1:36.54 (600m 34.66), 0.2L
1st of 12 RHIL 04May02 1200m Good3 CIVIC QLTY Listed $70,750 ($46,250) Brad Pengelly 57.5kg Barrier 6 2nd Palladium Star 53.5kg, 3rd Magic Heights 53kg 1:10.01 (600m 33.67), 0.2L
1st of 16 DOOM 25May02 1350m Good3
BRC Sprint Group 3 $101,000 ($64,000) Brad Pengelly 56kg Barrier 10 2nd Make Mine Magic 58kg, 3rd King Lotto 55kg 1:18.10 (600m 34.31), 0.1L
1st of 13 W FM 06Mar04 1200m Soft7
Liverpool City Cup Group 3 $102,994 ($67,994) Brad Pengelly 53kg (cd 53.5kg) Barrier 1 2nd Patezza 53kg, 3rd Amex 53.5kg 1:12.19 (600m 36.96), 0.1L
1st of 10 RHIL 02Jul05 1400m Soft7 WINTER STK Listed $80,750 ($52,750) Zac Purton 53.5kg Barrier 8 Rtg 92 2nd Wild Queen 53kg, 3rd Turaga 55.5kg 1:24.91 (600m 35.86), 1.5L
1st of 10 WYNG 01Sep05 2100m Good3 WYONG CUP Listed $153,200 ($100,700) Larry Cassidy 56kg Barrier 10 Rtg 97 2nd Irongail 56.5kg, 3rd Hofmeister 56.5kg 2:12.78 (600m 34.78), 0.4L
1st of 12 NCLE 15Sep05 2300m Good3
Newcastle Cup Group 3 $185,200 ($79,475) Larry Cassidy 56kg Barrier 9 Rtg 100.5 1st High Cee 52kg, 3rd Cross Bar 52kg 2:25.58 (600m 34.57),
1st of 6 RAND 26Aug06 2000m Soft5 3UP HCP $55,000 ($35,750) Peter Wells 59kg (cd 56kg) Barrier 5 Rtg 100.5 2nd Lookout 56kg, 3rd Mi Casa 54kg 2:06.09 (600m 35.81), 0.8L
1st of 7 TAR 24Nov07 1400m Soft7 OPEN HCP $7,000 ($4,900) Ms Vicky Milligan 58kg (cd 56kg) Barrier 7 Rtg 83 2nd Igotthelastone 59.5kg, 3rd Stormy Lee 54kg 1:25.71 (600m 36.02), 1L