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Horse Racing form analysis using technology


There was a song in the mid 1980's called Dream Weaver and the lyrics went something like : "I've just closed my eyes again, Climbed aboard the dream weaver train".

Interesting song by a fellow named Gary Wright and may just well be where the html editor programme DreamWeaver got its name. In fact this site is made with an older version of DreamWeaver and I use it every day. Mildly interesting you say, but what's this got to do with racing and the quest for the holy grail of the perfect system?

Simply this - with racing form guides now all computerised and freely available, are you using them to their full potential to assist you in your selection management? Now, DreamWeaver does cost quite a few dollars to purchase. A quick search of Ebay this morning finds, in fact - none - but they do come up from time to time. It is instructive to note that there are a lot of Dream Weaver fitted sheet sets on Ebay and a couple of records of Gary Wright singing Dream Weaver - but I digress!

There are, on the net many, many different free html editors which will do the basic job just as well without all the bells and whistles. And what a job they can do for you in relation to racehorse selection.

As you probably know, the free form guide you can download from the RISA site is written in html - the code of all web pages. Up until now, you have most likely gone to the site and found the form guide for the meeting you are interested in and pressed print - and out it pops on your printer.

However, you can download the form guide to your computer by using the "Save As" function and downloading it to a directory of your choosing. Many of you may do that already for viewing at a later time. But here's where having a few basic html editing skills comes to the fore.

Take the time to learn some html editing skills and it will reward you enormously. How? Well, say you are working on your holy grail system and one of the rules is, for example, "eliminate any horse that has not won at least 21% of its lifetime starts". Up until now, you've probably sat there with a biro and small ruler and gone through the printed guide and crossed them all out. Which is fine but makes the form guide useless if you want to use it in another way for eliminating horses in another system you may be trialling.

If you load the guide in to an html editor, you simply highlight the horses you want to get rid of by holding down the left mouse button and highlight that horse's entry, press delete - hey, presto, they're no longer in contention. Do the same again if another rule is "eliminate any horse that has not won at least 4 times" - scan down the guide looking at the right hand side for the number of wins section in each horse's form - bang - they're all gone and what's left in your downloaded form guide are your main contenders - ready for further fining down.

This can save you hours and hours of unnecessary pen work - and also allow you to run many systems more than what you are probably doing now with a lot less hassle.

Google "free html editors" - I did this morning and there were 7,510,000 results popped up so I'm sure you'll find one there to suit! Take the time to learn some basic skills in handling html web pages like the RISA form guide and you will be amazed at what a difference it can make to your form guide editing - yes - editing. You already do it but just not in an electronic form.

With the number of different methods I test on a daily basis, there is simply no other way it could be done - and I have tried just about all of them!

Yes - it will take a few hours to get the hang of it, maybe many hours, but I recommend it to you as a worthwhile exercise - you won't be disappointed with the overall time benefits. Who knows, it may even launch your new career as a web page designer!

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