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Defaulter 1939 Chipping Norton Stakes winner

Defaulter racehorseRacehorse Defaulter was foaled in 1935 and was by Defoe out of the mare Expense (by Paper Money)

Main wins:
1938 NZ Derby
1938 Dunedin Guineas
1938 CJC Canterbury Cup
1938 Manawatu Sires Produce
1939 Chipping Norton Stakes
1939 Wellington Cup
1939 ARC Great Northern Derby
1939 Chelmsford Stakes
1939 Warwick Stakes
1939 AJC Plate (now Queen Elizabeth Stakes)


Defoe Hurry On Marcovil
Tout Suite
Daughter-In-Law Son-In-Law
Clerical Error
Expense Paper Money Greenback
Epping Rose
Lady Jean Ian






TWO YEARS: 1937-1938 Starts 12: 8-0-1-3

Unpl-13 30/10/1938. Hd x 3L Motukarara, near BanksPenRC Okain's Trial Stakes 5f. 1005m. 7.7 47.5kg 1.01.4 Lady Athena 8.7 1st
5th-10 6/11/1937. 0.5L x 1L Riccarton, CJC Welcome Stakes 5f. 1005m. 8.5 53kg 1.01.2 Peerless 8.0 1st
1st-10 8/11/1937. 1L x 1.5L Riccarton, CJC Irwell Hcp 4f. 804m. 7.11 49.5kg 47.0. Surmount 9.6 2nd
3rd-5 13/11/1937. 0.5L x nk Riccarton, CJC Pioneer Hcp 5f. 1005m. 7.13 50.5kg 59.6. Peerless 9.0 1st
Unpl-9 18/01/1938. 3.5L x 1L Trentham, WeRC Wellington Stakes 5f. 1005m. 7.1½ 45kg 58.25. Surmount (2YO) cd 7.0½ 1st
1st-7 20/01/1938. 3L x 2L Trentham, WeRC Nursery Hcp 6f. 1207m. cd 7.10½1.11.75. Amigo 9.7 2nd
1st-4 5/02/1938. 0.5L x hd Riccarton, CJC Middle Park Stakes 6f. 1207m. 8.5 53kg 1.13.0. Good Passage 6.13 2nd
1st-17 17/03/1938. 0.5L x 4L Trentham, WeRC Pacific Hcp 6f. 1207m. 9.1 57.5kg 1.12.2. Good Passage 7.6 2nd
1st-7 18/03/1938. 0.5L x 4.5L Trentham, WeRC North Island Challenge Stakes 7f. 1408m. 7.9.½ 48.5kg 1.26.5. Oratory 9.8 2nd
1st-6 28/03/1938. 0.5L x 4L Awapuni, MwtuRC 30th Manawatu Sires Produce Stakes (G1) 7f. 1408m. 9.0. 57kg 1.28.0. Russian Ballet 8.2 2nd
1st-4 18/04/1938. 1.5L x 1L Riccarton, CJC Champagne Stakes 6f. 1207m. 8.10. 55.5kg 1.15.4. Good Passage 8.8 2nd
1st-3 19/04/1938. 1L x DH Riccarton, CJC Forty-Sixth Challenge Stakes (WFA) 7f. 1408m. 7.11. 49.5kg 1.31.0. Holding Paper Slipper 9.10 DH 2nd

THREE YEARS: 1938-1939 Starts 13: 11-1-0-1

2nd-7 6/10/1938. 0.5L x 3L Wingatui, DJC Electric Hcp 6f. 1207m. 8.9. 55kg 1.14.8. Silver Streak 9.2 1st
1st-4 8/10/1938. 4L x 1L Wingatui, DJC Dunedin Guineas & J B Reid Cup 8f. 1609m. 8.10. 55.5kg 1.41.0. Toro-Koura 8.10 2nd
1st-7 22/10/1938. 2.5L x nk Trentham, WeRC Trentham Stakes 8f. 1609m. 8.10. 55.5kg 1.41.0. Te Hero 8.10 2nd
1st-4 24/10/1938. Sht hd x 4L Trentham, WeRC Harcourt Stakes Abt 10f. Abt 2000m. 7.11. 49.5kg 2.11.25. Soft Francis Drake 9.0 2nd
1st-6 7/11/1938. 1L x 5L Riccarton, CJC New Zealand Derby Stakes (later CJC New Zealand 2000 Guineas) (G1) 12f. 2414m. 8.10. 55.5kg 2.34.0. Beaupartir 8.10 2nd
1st-5 9/11/1938. 4L x 2L Riccarton, CJC Canterbury Cup 12f. 2414m. cd 7.11. 49.5kg 2.35.0. Willie Win 9.5 2nd
1st-11 26/12/1938. 3L x 1.5L Ellerslie, AuRC Christmas Hcp 8f. 1609m. 8.11. 56kg 1.37.4. Dark Shadow 7.5 2nd
1st-7 2/01/1939. 0.75L x nk Ellerslie, AuRC Great Northern Derby Stakes (later AuRC New Zealand Derby) (G1) 12f. 2414m. 8.10. 55.5kg 2.33.4. Beaupartir 8.10 2nd
1st-17 19/01/1939. 2L x nk Trentham, WeRC Wellington Cup (G1) 12f. 2414m. 8.11 56kg (5kg over WFA) 2.32.25. The Sandwich Man cd 7.1½ 2nd
1st-8 1/04/1939. ½ hd x ½ nk Warwick Farm, AJC Chipping Norton Plate 10f. 2011m. 8.6. 53.5kg 2.07.5. 9/10F Spear Chief 9.0 7/1 2nd
1st-5 8/04/1939. Hd x 2.5L Randwick, AJC Autumn Plate 12f. 2414m. 8.4. 52.5kg 2.35.5. 1/3F Allunga 9.3 10/1 2nd
16th-18 10/04/1939. 1.25L x 1.5L Randwick, AJC Sydney Cup 16f. 3219m. 8.12. 56kg 3.21.25 9/2F Mosaic 8.2 10/1 1st
1st-5 15/04/1939. 2L x DH Randwick, AJC Plate (later Queen Elizabeth Stakes) (G1) 18f. 3621m. 8.2 52kg 3.58.75. 5/2EF Spear Chief 9.0 3/1 DH 2nd

FOUR YEARS: 1939-1940 Starts 3: 3-0-0-0

1st-8 26/08/1939. 1.25L x DH Warwick Farm, AJC Warwick Stakes 7f. 1408m. 9.0. 57kg 1.25.25 8/11F Feminist 8.4 50/1 2nd
1st-10 9/09/1939. Sht hd x 1L Randwick, Tattersall's Club Chelmsford Stakes Abt 9f. Abt 1800m. 9.7. 60kg 1.54.0. 4/7F Beau Vite 8.2 8/1 2nd
1st-5 24/02/1940. 2L x 0.5L Wingatui, DJC James Hazlett Gold Cup 8f. 1609m. 9.10. 62kg 1.38.6.* Disdain 8.11 2nd

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