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Emancipation racehorse Doncaster Hcp winner

Emancipation - racehorse Australian Race horse Emancipation was a true champion foaled in 1979 and was bred "in the purple" by Bletchingly from Ammo Girl (by Gunsynd)

28 starts - 19 wins - 1 placing - $550,5410 in stakes

Racing between 1982 and 1984, she won numerous "class" races like the Doncaster, Chipping Norton Stakes, George Main Stakes, George Ryder Stakes, All Aged Stakes, Edward Manifiold Stakes, Coolmore Classic, Light Fingers Stakes, Canterbury Stakes, STC Hill Stakes, Chelmsford Stakes, Apollo Stakes and Carbine Club Stakes.

Trained by Neville Begg, her career prize money totalled out at $550,510.

She was 1984 Australian Horse Of The Year.

At stud, she produced Royal Pardon (by Vice Regal), a grey colt who was a stakes winner and AJC Derby place getter, while daughters Virage (by Kenmare) and La Suffragette (by Palace Music) have produced the multiple Group One winners Virage De Fortune (by Anabaa) and Railings (by Zabeel).



Bletchingly Biscay Star Kingdom
Magic Symbol
Coogee Relic
Last Judgement
Ammo Girl Gunsynd Sunset Hue
Woodie Wonder
Miss Wendy Sostenuto
Victory Piper







Career Highlights:

THREE YEARS: 1982-1983 Starts13: 10-0-0-3

1st-12 2/08/1982. Lg hd x sht hd Randwick, AJC Teller's Hcp (2nd Division) 1200m. 52kg 1.12.6. Slow, 9/2. French Finale 52 10/1 2nd Blazing Silks 54 4/6F 3rd
1st-15 25/08/1982. 3.5L x 1.25L Canterbury, STC Crows Nest Stakes 1280m. 55.5kg 1.15.6. Good, 2/1. Home Maid 55.5 cd 52.5 10/1 2nd Pala-Uba 55.5 cd 54 12/1 3rd
1st-13 11/09/1982. 1.75L x ½ nk Rosehill, STC Carnivale '82 Hcp 1400m. 53.5kg1.24.3. Fast, 8/13F Captain Piper 52.5 11/1 2nd Dragnet 50.5 10/1 3rd
1st-17 18/09/1982. 2.5L x 1.75L Rosehill, STC Tea Rose Stakes 1400m. 54kg 1.23.8. Good, 15/4F. Gelsomino 54 4/1 2nd Home Maid 54 20/1 3rd
1st-15 2/10/1982. 0.5L x 1.75L Flemington, VRC Edward Manifold Stakes 1600m. 54kg 1.38.5. Good, 6/4F. Rom's Stiletto 54 7/1 2nd Formal Invitation 54 9/1 3rd
1st-16 30/10/1982. 0.5L x 1.25L Flemington, VRC Carbine Club Stakes 1600m. 57kg 1.37.1. Fast, 7/4F. Man of Madras 49.5 25/1 2nd Aree Lad 54.5 7/2 3rd
1st-12 5/02/1983. Nk x 2.25L Randwick, AJC Light Fingers Stakes 1200m. 57.5kg 1.09.2 (RR) Good, 10/9F. White Wine 53 33/1 2nd Sunayail 53 15/1 3rd
1st-8 5/03/1983. 0.5L x 2.25L Canterbury, STC Canterbury Stakes 1200m. 52.5kg 1.10.0. Fast, 8/13F. Marquee Star 57 10/1 2nd Grey Receiver 57 9/1 3rd
1st-14 19/03/1983. 2.25L x ½ nk Rosehill, STC George Ryder Stakes (G1) 1400m. 52.5kg 1.22.8. Slow, 9/4F. Manikato 57.5 9/2 2nd Rare Form 57 25/1 3rd
1st-20 2/04/1983. 1L x 2.5L Randwick, AJC Doncaster Hcp (G1) 1600m. 54.5kg 1.35.9. Dead, 9/4F. Ringtrue 55.5 16/1 2nd Forgone Conclusion 52.5 15/1 3rd

FOUR YEARS: 1983-1984 Starts 15: 9-1-0-5

1st-11 13/08/1983. 1.25L x 2L Rosehill, STC Phar Lap Premiere Stakes 1200m. 54.5kg 1.11.2. Good, 4/9F. Flash Doll 55.5 20/1 2nd C'Est Ci Bon 55.5 10/1 3rd
1st-5 3/09/1983. ½ hd x 3.5L Warwick Farm, Tatt's Club NSW Chelmsford Stakes 1600m. 54.5kg 1.36.1. Good, 1/5F. Chiamare 57 10/1 2nd Rare Form 58.5 8/1 3rd
1st-7 17/09/1983. 1L x 1.5L Rosehill, STC Hill Stakes 1750m. 54.5kg 1.47.1. Dead, 2/5F. Been There 48.5 3/1 2nd Veloso 57 20/1 3rd
1st-10 24/09/1983. 2.25L x hd run at Warwick Farm, AJC George Main Stakes (G1) 1600m. 54.5kg 1.37.3. Good, 1/2F. Mr McGinty 57 5/2 2nd Rare Form 58.5 16/1 3rd
2nd-7 11/02/1984. 1.75L x 1.25L Randwick, AJC Expressway Stakes Abt. 1200m. 55.5kg 1.10.8. Dead, 9/10F. Sir Dapper 53.5 6/4 1st Secret Romance 57 20/1 3rd
1st-7 25/02/1984. 1.5L x 2.25L Randwick, AJC Apollo Stakes 1400m. 55.5kg 1.27.0. Heavy, 7/4. Claim The Quest 57 140/1 2nd Strawberry Road 57 4/7F 3rd
1st-11 17/03/1984. Sht hd x ½ nk Warwick Farm, AJC Chipping Norton Stakes 1600m. 55.5kg 1.35.7 (ECR) Fast, 1/1F. Trissaro 57.5 20/1 2nd Mr McGinty 57 9/4 3rd
1st-16 31/03/1984. 1L x nk Rosehill, STC Rosemount Wines Classic (G1) 1500m. 60kg 1.28.9. Fast, 1/1F. Tempestuous 54 50/1 2nd Royal Regatta 56 7/1 3rd
1st-8 7/04/1984. ½ nk x 2.5L Rosehill, STC George Ryder Stakes (G1) 1400m. 56kg 1.23.5. Fast, 6/4. Sir Dapper 54.5 4/5F 2nd Centaine 54.5 50/1 3rd
1st-5 28/04/1984. 0.75L x 2.75L Randwick, AJC All-Aged Stakes (G1) 1600m. 56kg 1.36.7. Good, 7/4. Sir Dapper54 8/13F 2nd Clear Gold 57.5 20/1 3rd

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