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Have a bourbon forget the gambling stress

Just had a call from a punting friend who was absolutely off his face about Tatts_Bet and their *!#@* computer system.

Apparently it has been down for over an hour and a half (since 3.45pm) on this being Derby Day 2012 and I would imagine they are pretty upset as well!

My friend uses Tatts_Bet for his gambling activities (and they are allowed to put up $1 money back dividends!!!! - better him than me thanks very much) and he has been in the middle of one of those losing sequences that face all of us on a regular basis when you do it seven days a week. Of course the very next race he would have been on had Tatts_Bet not fallen over was his selection and won easily and that would have been the end of his losing sequence.

I have never heard such a prolonged burst of "language" ever and I have knocked around with some basic folk all of my life - wow - talk about upset! I thought he was going to have a heart attack on the spot just from the stress of it all.

Look - at the end of the day this is just one of those "chaos factors" that, as gamblers, you have to deal with and certainly learn to live with. So the computer's down? What can you do about it? Two fifths of three quarters of diddly squat so there's no point having a stress episode over it. Put your feet up. Shut YOUR computer down and have a bourbon. Enjoy yourself.

The other point that may be worth dwelling on is having two funded accounts just in case something like this happens. I know, a pain in the butt but what's the alternative?

Thinking about it, there must have been heaps of people off their face about the Tatts_Bet computer system being down for such a long time and as my friend said, with all the long priced winners saluting during the afternoon, a lot would have been trying to "get out of jail". Which leads to the next question: why on earth would you allow yourself to be "in jail" in the first place if you had a sensible staking plan?

No - no point in getting upset - kick back - take a deep breath and relax. Imagine how much turnover these dudes are missing out on by their inability to stay "on the air" - must be an absolute fortune - and if they can't cope today what on earth is going to happen next Tuesday on Melbourne Cup day?

Kind of explains why another old punting acquaintance always "pulls stumps" on his punting activities the weekend before the Melbourne Cup carnival starts and goes fishing at Lakes Entrance. No stress there.

By the way, Betfair worked fine all day - and the divvies were way better - as they always are!



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