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Hillman Place Betting System for horse racing

This system was devised decades ago by the guy after whom it was named and recently sent to us by a self confessed old style punter who has been using it for "years and years" with some success.

The primary rule about tipsters' polls really dates it but you can still find these online at sites like The Herald Sun and you can add in even more "experts" opinions by using, say, the Sky Channel online site. They don't include the points total online of course but you could use the old 3-2-1 points system to get to a final total.

Note well that we haven't tested this in any way, shape or form but we did have a play a couple of Saturdays ago and there were three final selections for a win, a second and a third which I must say came as a bit of a surprise. With all things though, you really have to "test them before you invest them" and one day's results area about 1% of what you need to do.

That being the case, here are the rules from this very old method:

The Rules:

The only horse considered is the one that tops the points total in the tipsters poll PROVIDED it ran second or third at its last start

Its previous run must have been not less than four days ago and not more than 15 days ago

Its last start must have been at the same track as today

Its last race must have been within 200 metres of the distance of today's race

The track conditions must have been roughly the same as the conditions today

So there you have it. A classic racing system from way way back that supposedly is producing worthwhile results today. Again we caution you that we haven't tested it and if you choose to why not let us and everyone else know how good or bad it turns out to be? We're always happy to pass on that sort of information for the betterment of all.

As with all place betting systems we strongly recommend our Cascade 10 staking plan.


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