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 Here are some cold hard truths that you may not wish to face - but face them you must if you want to be successful at the punt.

You have to be decent. And not decent 90% of the time. Decent 100% of the time which means being honest with yourself and those you care for and who care for you. They, after all, will be the ones standing by your bedside as you prepare to make your trip to the great hereafter - not the "also rans" along the way.

You have to be good at mathematics. This will win you more money than any other knowledge you think you might possess. If you don't understand advanced maths, get someone to teach you. Enroll in an adult education course to learn it. Find someone who'll do the maths for you and teach you along the way. If you genuinely don't like mathematics, take up lawn bowls, golf, fishing - anything but gambling. You have to be able to do maths in your head exceptionally quickly and accurately.

You have to have a punting bank. I know this is stating the obvious but it is fundamental to any gambling endeavour. ANY gambling endeavour. What you can borrow on your Visa card DOES NOT count. Hint: You can't play $50 - $100 Holdem poker with a $10000 bankroll. You can't bet $100 a race with a $1000 bank. If you try this you are not a professional gambler. You are just a gambler who will go broke sooner, rather than later.

You have to live in a semi-detached state and control your emotions. Some examples of the BS I've heard from people "playing punter" with a losing mentality:

the jockey rode a bad race
I would have got out but the last favourite played in the barriers and the dumb stewards let it run
unbelievable they upheld that protest
why didn't I stop when it started raining
Sky didn't show the fluctuations before the race and I didn't know it had shortened
if it could have got a split at the top of the straight it would have been a huge result
some stupid telemarketer called and I missed getting on (why are you answering the phone?)

If you seriously want to make a quiet profit from the races, these things are going to happen EVERY day - so get used to it. If you can't handle these situations, you have NO CHANCE of making a long term profit. You probably equally have no chance of making a short term profit either.

Ego - leave it parked somewhere else until your gambling session has finished

Health is important. Resist the temptation to do things that are detrimental to your well-being and your bank. Going on tilt, drug use (of any kind), and binges will have a negative affect on your ability to perform. Even a bad diet will have a negative affect. Whatever form of gambling you embrace it will always gets down to who's brain is functioning the best, who has the bankroll, who knows the maths.

Protect your reputation. Without a good reputation you will never be a professional gambler. You may make money, but by doing it without honesty and integrity you're just a bum. That can't be the reputation anyone would desire. Once you establish a good reputation opportunities are everywhere. Other professionals welcome the chance to work with you, help you, and partner up with you. Having a good reputation does not mean keeping your word 9 out of 10 times, it means 100% of the time keeping your word.


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