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Impossible To Bet Greyhounds To A Price On The TAB

I often get asked about using a staking plan for greyhound racing and is it possible to do so successfully.

Well, as with most things in life, yes and no.

If you are just betting on one of the pitifully under invested Australian TABs in the normal pools absolutely not. You are just wasting your time and doomed to frustration and failure.

Why? Well let me give you an example of the impossibility of picking the final price with any level of certainty. Pick a race from today - (4.9.2014) - any race, because it really doesn't matter. Dubbo Race 6, a Grade 5 Final over the 400 metres.

With 1minute to go in the betting, Unitab is showing $1796 in the win pool. The clock ticks down to 0 minutes to go. Unitab now shows $2993 in the win pool. 30 seconds further on, hit the refresh button and the figures don't change. The race is running late. The indicator gets to 1 minute past start time. Hit the refresh button. Figures are still the same.

Wait another 30 seconds - hit refresh. Figures still the same. They jump.

Magically the win pool suddenly shows $8434 in the pool. The figures for each dog magically go all over the shop and if you were investing to a staking plan, you are probably a shot duck. Oh yes, the divvy could have been more than what you thought just as easily as it could have been less. Do you bet on the chocolate wheel numbers at your kid's school fete as well? Or the Giant Wheel at your local casino? Hmm.

Fixed odds or betfair are your only solution and good luck getting on if you are deep in to a recovery stretch with your staking plan and have a really large investment to make.

Greyhounds? Yes, good fun - but that's all they ever can be while there are three separate tote pools in Australia as far as tote pool betting to a staking plan is concerned.

Save your money and spend it on booze. Oh yes, drink and gamble responsibly....I forgot.


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