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Kindergarten racehorse 1941 Awapuni Gold Cup winner

Kindergarten horseRacehorse Kindergarten was foaled in 1937 and was by Kincardine out of the mare Valadore (by Valkyrian)

35 starts - 25 wins - 6 placings - £16,080 in stakes

Main wins were in NZ - ran third in the 1941 Warwick Stakes in Sydney dead heating with Lucrative who was to win a Sydney Cup:

1940 Alsion Cup
1941 Wellington Cup
1941/ 42 Easter Handicap Stakes
1941 Great Northern Derby
1941 NZ St Leger
1941 Awapuni Gold Cup
1942 / 43 Canterbury Cup
1942 Aukland Cup
1944 Clifford Plate
1945 James Hazlett Gold Cup



Kincardine Gay Crusader Bayardo
Gay Laura
Sundrilla Sundridge
Valadore Valkyrian William The Third
Adornment The Nut







TWO YEARS: 1939-1940 Starts 6: 3-0-0-3

Unpl-17 16/09/1939. Hd x nk Avondale, AvJC Avondale Stakes 4f. 804m. 8.0. 51kg 50.0.Lovaals 7.9 1st
Unpl-17 18/09/1939. ½ hd x hd Avondale, AvJC Nursery Hcp 4f. 804m. 7.13. 50.5kg 50.8.Payette cd 7.12½ 1st
1st-8 5/10/1939. 2.5L x 3L Hastings, HBJC Hastings Stakes 4f. 804m. 8.5. 53kg 50.0.Indore 8.0 2nd
1st-7 21/10/1939. Nk x 1.5L Makaraka, Gisborne, PovertyBayTC Juvenile Stakes 5f. 1005m. 8.0. 51kg 1.04.2.Kintyre 8.1 2nd
1st-2 12/02/1940. 3L Makaraka, Gisborne, PovertyBayTC G. B. Oman Memorial Stakes 6f. 1207m. cd 8.1½. 51.5kg 1.15.4.River Tide 8.6 2nd
5th-13 16/03/1940. Nse x 3L Paeroa, OhinemuriJC Karagahake Hcp 5f. 1005m. 8.5. 53kg 1.00.5.Belle Femme 7.2 1st

THREE YEARS: 1940-1941 Starts 13: 10-2-1-0

3rd-23 14/09/1940. 1.5L x 1L Avondale, AvJC Henderson Hack Hcp 6f. 1207m. cd 8.2 52kg 1.13.4.Monte Christo 8.12 1st
2nd-15 16/09/1940. 3.5L x nk Avondale, AvJC Spring Hack Hcp 6f. 1207m. cd 8.3½. 52.5kg 1.16.6.Calula Boy 8.0 1st
2nd-18 12/10/1940. 0.75L x 0.5L Ellerslie, AuRC Gordon Hack Hcp (First Division) 6f. 1207m. 8.8. 54.5kg 1.13.8.Duvach cd 7.2 1st
1st-20 14/10/1940. 1.5L x hd Ellerslie, AuRC Normanby Hack Hcp 8f. 1609m. 8.13. 56.5kg 1.38.0.Venture 8.2 2nd
1st-20 23/11/1940. Nk x 0.5L Ellerslie, AuRC Alison Cup 10f. 2011m. 7.4. 46.5kg 2.09.0.Anita Foe cd 7.1½ 2nd
1st-21 26/12/1940. Hd x 0.5L Ellerslie, AuRC Christmas Hcp 8f. 1609m. 8.4. 52.5kg 1.36.6.Gayest Son 7.13 2nd
1st-9 1/01/1941. 0.75L x ½ hd Ellerslie, AuRC Great Northern Derby 12f. 2414m. 8.10. 55.5kg 2.31.0 Lou Rosa 8.10 2nd
1st-20 16/01/1941. 3L x ½ hd Trentham, WeRC Wellington Cup 12f. 2414m. 8.6 53.5kg 2.33.75.Belle Cane cd 7.10½ 2nd
1st-10 13/03/1941. 4L x ½ hd Trentham, WeRC North Island Challenge Stakes 7f. 1408m. 9.6. 60kg 1.28.5.Sir Beau 9.6 2nd
1st-2 15/03/1941. 1L Trentham, WeRC New Zealand St. Leger 14f. 2816m. 8.10. 55.5kg 3.18.25.Lambourn 8.10 2nd
1st-4 20/03/1941. 0.75L x nk Awapuni, MwtuRC Awapuni Gold Cup 10f. 2011m. 8.4. 52.5kg 2.18.0.Sir Crusoe 9.0 2nd
1st-16 12/04/1941. Hd x 1L Ellerslie, AuRC Easter Hcp 8f. 1609m. 9.11. 62kg (WFA+8kg) 1.37.0.Brazen Bold cd 7.12 2nd
1st-3. 14/04/1941. Nk x 15L Ellerslie, AuRC Great Northern St. Leger Stakes 14f. 2816m. 8.10. 55.5kg 3.02.0.Lou Rosa 8.10 2nd

FOUR YEARS: 1941-1942 Starts 3: 2-0-1-0

DH 3rd-7 30/08/1941. Nk x 2L run at Randwick, AJC Warwick Stakes Abt 7f. Abt 1400m. 9.0 57kg 1.25.25 7/4EF High Caste 9.3 7/4EF 1st
1st-7 7/03/1942. 5L x 1.5L Trentham, WeRC North Island Challenge Stakes 7f. 1408m. 9.0. 57kg 1.25.5.Sir Beau (4YO) 9.5 2nd
1st-21 4/04/1942. Nk x nk Ellerslie, AuRC Easter Hcp 8f. 1609m. 10.3 65kg (WFA+8kg) 1.35.6 Erndale 7.13 2nd

FIVE YEARS: 1942-1943 Starts 6: 5-1-0-0

2nd-7 3/10/1942. 2.5L x hd Hastings, HBJC Flying Hcp 6f. 1207m. 10.9. 67.5kg 1.12.4.Black Majesty 8.2 1st
1st-4 26/10/1942. 3L x 3L Trentham, WeRC Harcourt Stakes 11f. 2212m. 9.4. 59kg 2.31.0.Rakanui 9.4 2nd
1st-3 5/12/1942. 2.5L x 10L Riccarton, CJC Canterbury Cup 12f. 2414m. 9.4. 59kg 2.42.0.Gladynev 9.5 2nd
1st-19 26/12/1942. 5L x nk Ellerslie, AuRC Auckland Cup 16f. 3219m. 10.2. 64.5kg 3.22.0 Lou Rosa 9.0 2nd
1st-5 6/03/1943. 5L x 3L New Plymouth, TaraJC Taranaki Stakes 6f. 1207m. 9.10. 62kg 1.13.8.Clarice 8.12 2nd
1st-2 13/03/1943. 8L Trentham, WeRC North Island Challenge Stakes 7f. 1408m. 10.1. 64kg 1.26.0.Clarice 8.13 2nd

SIX YEARS: 1943-1944 Starts 4: 3-0-0-1

1st-6 25/10/1943. 0.75L x 1.5L Trentham, WeRC Harcourt Stakes 11f. 2212m. 9.4. 59kg 2.31.25.Rakanui 9.4 2nd
1st-4 4/12/1943. 0.75L x 3L Riccarton, CJC Canterbury Cup 12f. 2414m. 9.4. 59kg 2.35.6.Battledress 9.4 2nd
1st-3 3/01/1944. 4L x 2.5F Ellerslie, AuRC Clifford Plate 10f. 2011m. 9.3. 58.5kg 2.06.4.Atatu 8.2 2nd
Unpl-20 15/01/1944. 4L x 5L Trentham, WeRC Wellington Cup 16f. 3219m. 10.9. 67.5kg 3.22.5 (CR)Don Quex 7.8 1st

SEVEN YEARS: 1944-1945 Starts 2: 2-0-0-0

1st-8 23/10/1944. 0.5L x 5L Trentham, WeRC Harcourt Stakes 11f. 2212m. 9.4. 59kg 2.27.75.Glenfalloch 9.4 2nd
1st-4 6/01/1945. 3L x 4L Wingatui, DJC James Hazlett Gold Cup 8f. 1609m. 9.12. 62.5kg 1.53.0.Lord Nuffield 9.2 2nd

EIGHT YEARS: 1945-1946 Starts 0: 0-0-0-0

Did not race

NINE YEARS: 1946-1947 Starts 1: 0-0-1-0

3rd-6 28/10/1946. 1L x 4L Trentham, WeRC Harcourt Stakes 10f. 2011m. 9.4. 59kg 2.16.0 Heavy Soneri 8.9 1st

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