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Making A Horse Racing System Lose

1) Show no perseverance. At every stressful moment, change the rules and chop and change the selection criteria.

2) Change your mind about betting on heavy tracks at random. Some days bet on them. Other days swear off them.

3) Change your mind about minimum prices you'll accept. One day say $4.00, the next day, go with $1.40. Favourites win all races when you need them to, right?

4) Be impatient. If the system hasn't picked five out of five by the end of the first day, it's obviously no good.

5) When you're in the middle of an inevitable losing sequence, forget the system and start listening to the bloke sitting next to you in the pub. He'd know, for sure, right?

6) Only check out a system for a few days. If it wins by then, it must win all the time, right?

7) When a system you're using keeps throwing up short priced winners every couple of races, ditch it. I mean, how boring is that, right?.

8) When a system you're using keeps throwing up long priced winners but there are long sequences between winners, ditch it. Who can be that patient, right?

Simply follow the rules above and I GUARANTEE that system will lose


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