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A Letter From Ireland about racing

Every now and then we get a wonderful letter from people about the site from overseas. You know overseas? Anywhere that isn't Australia and everywhere that Australians are going at the moment because our dollar is valued at such a high exchange rate compared to what is has been for decades.

It's also the reason why domestic tourism is struggling, but hey, that's another story entirely.

I thought I would publish this letter and responses in full, because I know from the web site statistics, that a lot of folk from "over there" visit the site quite regularly and they probably all have the same questions about racing in Australia so this may be of assistance to them. Here's the letter from the delightfully named Michael McIntyre in Ireland (with a name like Michael McIntyre he just HAS to be from Ireland) with my responses in green added in:

Good night Peter

Greetings from a cold and windy Dublin Ireland – I happened on your site the other night and I have found it to be compulsive reading - just finished all the articles on the home page and I must compliment you on your writing style and the ease and accuracy with which you articulated all the trials and tribulations which I suffered over the past 20 years – in many cases we are of like mind.

Forgive my impertinence – but unlike you I still fall into the abyss of indiscipline – I am working on it and your articles have already motivated me to get up and do something – look at me now e-mailing you – and while I meticulously record all my bets, I have now started writing down my system(s) and restructuring my staking plans.

All this seems to coincide with a good run that I’m having at the moment.
(Funny how when you do the extra bit of work / research - call it what you may - the results seem to be better. Wonder why?)

A few questions for you if I may -

1) Are your statistics related to flat racing only?
No - jumps racing does enter the equation rarely - not very often though

2) Do you differentiate between turf and dirt ( all-weather )?
There are just a few dirt tracks in Australia – the vast majority are turf (95%) so I don’t differentiate between surfaces as in the long run I don’t think there would be much difference in results based upon what I have observed.

3) Is there jumps racing in Australia?
Yes, but flat racing is the predominant side of racing in Australia – there are jumps races in Victoria and South Australia but the other states have all let the jumps racing drop in favour of flat racing.
Makes the nanny-stater anti cruelty demonstrators wet their pants when they see horses jumping so like many other social democracies in the world the majority let the noisy minority have their way for "political reasons" - much to my chagrin. Like many western democracies our anointed rulers are a generally weak pack of bastards.

I do differ with you on one point viz. odds-on backing - I’ve been around the houses a number of times and I keep coming back to this method – especially now that betfair is available to us all.

Consider your own maxim – the 1% of bank factor – by backing what appears to be my best odds- on selection for the day ’ to place ‘ has been giving me a very high % strike rate with very few outs -
any outs are recovered by a staking plan similar to your Cascade method and redeemed in 7/10 bets.
Good points!

Of course backing one selection only a day is very very very boring ( and this is where the indiscipline sets in ) but it is also very profitable ---- if I can rid myself of the indiscipline that is!
Even for me, boring and conservative, the one bet days drive me crazy. have to keep thinking "long term, long term"

Another few questions for you - do you number or date your articles?
Good point about dating the articles – I do on the bottom of some but not all – I must get in to the habit of doing that on all of them.

How does one know when a new article appears ? Does the article appear first on this site or elsewhere ?
I only publish on this site and I kinda just add them as I write them when I think I may have something worthwhile to add to the "argument"

Thank you most sincerely for the enjoyment your articles have given me – someday I might get a chance to buy you a pint of Guinness with an Irish to chase it down - I am off now to read the section ‘ even more articles ‘.
A pint of Guinness would be wonderful – I am off tonight for a dinner gathering – I’ll have one for you!

Best Regards

Michael McIntyre

January 2012 (see I remembered)

Horse racing systems and research