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Malua racehorse Australian Cup winner

MaluaRacehorse Malua was THE most versatile Australian thoroughbred racehorse in history. He was a son of St. Al bans from Edella by Peter Wilkins. Malua was bred by John Field of "Calstock" in Deloraine, Tasmania, and as a yearling was sold to Thomas Reibey the former Premier of Tasmania.

Malua won over distances ranging from 5½ furlongs to 3¼ miles (1,100 – 5,200m).

As a two-year-old the colt raced in Tasmania, where his name was Bagot. He won on three different tracks, but was then sold on the mainland for 500 guineas to J O Inglis, who changed the colt's name to Malua. Malua is a Fijian word meaning "wait a while".

In 1884, Malua won the Newmarket Handicap (6 furlongs/1,200 metres) and Oakleigh Plate (5.5 furlongs/1,100 metres) carrying 9 st 7 lb (60 kg; 133 lb). Malua's jockey set a precedent when he took him to the outside (grandstand side) rail to win the Newmarket, a tactic not used before. He also won the Adelaide Cup in that year.

The term "Malua's track" was coined to name that portion of the Flemington Racecourse.

After a trip to Sydney, where he won the Spring Stakes, Malua returned to Melbourne for the 1884 Caulfield Cup, in which he carried 9 st 12 lb (63 kg; 138 lb). He was not placed but finished strongly and convinced his connections to run him in the Melbourne Cup. He won the Melbourne Stakes and became favourite for the big race.

Carrying 9 st 9 lb (61 kg; 135 lb), Malua fought out the finish with Commotion (9 st 12 lb) to win by half a length. Two days later he won the six furlong weight-for-age Flying Stakes on Oaks Day.

Malua had a marvellous constitution and in 1886 carried 9st 9lb to win the Australian Cup.

In 1888 he was switched to jumping, not so unusual in those days and he won the VRC Grand National Hurdle, ridden by his owner, Mr J.O.Inglis. Malua continued racing combining it with his stud career until 1889.

This was an extraordinary horse that was able to carry heavy weights and defeat the best racehorses in top sprint and staying races.

In his last race as a ten-year-old in 1889, Malua won the Geelong Cup.

Despite his vigorous career, Malua sired Malvolio, winner of the 1891 Melbourne Cup and Ingliston the winner of the 1900 Caulfield Cup.

A committee raised money to build a memorial to Malua in the township of Deloraine where he was born. It has been completed and is on the side of the main "drag" through the picturesque town of Deloraine. Well worth stopping to have a look if you're passing through.

In the suburb of Ormond in Melbourne, there is a street named after the great horse (Malua Street). This little street also for a period of time housed the great Dame Nellie Melba.

St Albans Blair Athol Stockwell
Blink Bonny
Pandora Cotherstone
Edella Peter Wilkins The Flying Dutchman
Boarding School Miss
Resistance Bay Middleton







Race Record For Malua

TWO YEARS: 1881-1882 Starts 3: 2-1-0-0 (raced as Bagot)

1st-10 26/12/1881. 3 or 4L x ? Carrick, TAS, AUS CarrickRC Two Year Old Stakes - Entally Cup 6f. 1207m. 8.10. 55.5kg 1.25.0. 5/4F Claudine 8.5 2nd
1st-4 15/02/1882. 2L x ? Elwick, Hobart, TAS, AUS TasJC Nursery Hcp 5f. 1005m. 8.7. 54kg 1.06.5 1/1F Mizpah 7.9 2nd
2nd-5* 22/02/1882. Lg nk x 0.5L Launceston, TAS, AUS TasTC Two Year Old Stakes 6f. 1207m. 8.3. 52kg 1.20.0. 2/5F Hobart 8.3 3/1 1st

THREE YEARS: 1882-1883 Starts 5: 1-0-0-4 (raced as Bagot)

Unpl-25 28/10/1882. 0.5L x nk Flemington, VRC Coburg Stakes 9f. 1810m. 7.7. 47.5kg 1.57.5. Wizard 7.3 1st
1st-17 31/10/1882. 1L x ? Flemington, VRC Yan Yean Stakes 8f. 1609m. 7.4. 46.5kg 1.45.5. 5/1. Colewort 6.10 2nd
4th-19 2/11/1882 Sht hd x 2L Flemington, VRC Spring Hcp 10f. 2011m. 7.6. 47kg 2.10.0. 6/1. Standard Bearer 7.3 10/1 1st
4th-12 26/12/1882. 2L x ? Caulfield, VATC Malvern Hcp 6f. 1207m. 7.11. 49.5kg 1.18.0. 5/1. Squireen 7.6 4/1 1st
Unpl-33 10/03/1883. Sht hd x 0.75L Flemington, VRC Newmarket Hcp 6f. 1207m. 7.6. 47kg 1.16.75. 31/1 any other Tropean 7.4 6/1 1st

FOUR YEARS: 1883-1884 Starts 8: 3-0-1-4

Unpl-25 20/10/1883. 2L x 3L Caulfield, VATC Caulfield Cup 12f. 2414m. 7.9. 48.5kg 2.42.0. 50/1. Calma 8.2 4/1F 1st
Unpl-15 8/11/1883. 3L x nk Flemington, VRC Spring Hcp 10f. 2011m. 7.12. 50kg 2.10.25. The Israelite 7.5 2/1F 1st
6th-17 1/01/1884. Hd x ? Flemington, VRC Standish Plate 8f. 1609m. 8.7. 54kg 1.42.0. Chuckster 8.8 100/15 1st
3rd-14 12/01/1884. 1L x 2L Flemington, VRC Bookmakers' Purse 8f. 1609m. 8.5. 53kg 1.42.75. Fryingpan 10.1 10/1 1st
1st-31 1/03/1884. Grand style x ? Flemington, VRC Newmarket Hcp 6f. 1207m. 8.7. 54kg 1.15.25 RR 7/1. Le Grand 8.10 100/5 2nd
7th-27 6/03/1884. 0.5L x 1.25L Flemington, VRC Bourke Hcp 7f. 1408m. 9.7. 60kg 1.31.0. Soldier Boy 8.11 10/1 1st
1st-18 15/03/1884. 2L x close third Caulfield, VATC Oakleigh Plate 5.5f. 1106m. 9.7. 60kg 1.11.0. 6/1F Victress 7.8 100/15 2nd
1st-15 15/05/1884. 0.75L x 1.5L Morphettville, SAJC Adelaide Cup 13f. 2615m. 9.0. 57kg 2.53.75. 100/7. Conjecture 6.3 3/1EF 2nd

FIVE YEARS: 1884-1885 Starts 9: 3-5-0-1

1st-6 30/08/1884. Sht hd x 3L Randwick, AJC Spring Stakes 12f. 2414m. 9.5. 59.5kg 2.41.0. 4/6F Off Colour 9.0 5/1 2nd
2nd-4 4/09/1884. 0.5L x 2L Randwick, AJC Craven Plate 10f. 2011m. 9.4. 59kg 2.10.75. 7/4. Sir Modred (NZ) 9.4 7/2 1st
2nd-3 6/09/1884. 1.25L x long way Randwick, AJC Randwick Plate 24f. 4828m. 9.7. 60kg 5.41.75. 5/4. Off Colour 9.0 4/6F 1st
4th-28 18/10/1884. 2L x 1L Caulfield, VATC Caulfield Cup 12f. 2414m. 9.12. 62.5kg 2.40.5. 20/1. Blink Bonny 7.3 50/1 1st
1st-6 1/11/1884. 0.5L x 1.5L Flemington, VRC Melbourne Stakes (later Mackinnon Stakes) 10f. 2011m. 9.3. 58.5kg 2.10.5 1/1F The Plunger 9.3 6/1 2nd
1st-24 4/11/1884. 0.5L x 2.5L Flemington, VRC Melbourne Cup 16f. 3219m. 9.9. 61kg 3.31.75 7/1.
Commotion 9.12 20/1 2nd
2nd-11 6/11/1884. Hd x 4L Flemington, VRC Flying Stakes 6f. 1207m. 9.1. 57.5kg 1.14.0. 1/1F. Newstead (2YO) 6.6 100/30 1st
2nd-3 8/11/1884. 6L x 10L Flemington, VRC Canterbury Plate 16f. 3219m. 9.5. 59.5kg 3.34.0. 1/2F
Commotion 9.6 5/2 1st
2nd-6 28/02/1885. 5L x 2L Flemington, VRC Essendon Stakes 12f. 2414m. 9.3. 58.5kg 2.47.75. 6/4.
Commotion 9.3 5/4F 1st

SIX YEARS: 1885-1886 Starts 5: 1-1-0-3

Unpl-30 27/02/1886. 4L x 1.5L Flemington, VRC Newmarket Hcp 6f. 1207m. 9.12. 62.5kg 1.17.0. 10/1. William Tell 8.6 5/1EF 1st
1st-19 4/03/1886. 1L x 0.5L Flemington, VRC Australian Cup 18f. 3621m. 9.9. 61kg 4.00.25. 10/1. Cerise and Blue 6.13 20/1 2nd
4th or 5th-5 6/03/1886. 0.5L x 10L Flemington, VRC Champion Stakes 24f. 4828m. 9.5. 59.5kg 5.43.25. 2/5F Matchlock 7.12 4/1 1st
2nd-7 26/04/1886. 1L x 4L Randwick, AJC Autumn Stakes 12f. 2414m. 9.3. 58.5kg 2.46.5 1/1F Nelson 9.3 5/1 1st
6th-6 30/04/1886. 2L x just beaten Randwick, AJC Cumberland Stakes 16f. 3219m. 9.4. 59kg 3.35.0 3-Jan Sandal 8.12 20/1 1st

SEVEN YEARS: 1886-1887 Starts 2: 0-1-0-1

2nd-9 16/10/1886. 0.75L x 0.5L Caulfield, VATC Caulfield Stakes 9f. 1810m. 9.4 cd 9.8 61kg 2.01.75. 1/1F. Isonomy cd 9.1 4/1 1st
8th-28 2/11/1886. Lg nk x 1L Flemington, VRC Melbourne Cup 16f. 3219m. 10.0. 63.5kg 3.31.0. 14/1.
Arsenal cd 7.5 20/1 1st

EIGHT YEARS: 1887-1888 Starts 3: 0-0-0-3

10th-28 3/03/1888. 3L x nk Flemington, VRC Newmarket Hcp 6f. 1207m. 9.12. 62.5kg 1.14.5 (RR) 20/1. Cranbrook 8.12 8/1 1st
13th-14 6/03/1888. 0.5L x ½ nk Flemington, VRC Australian Cup 18f. 3621m. 9.9. 61kg 4.05.25. 20/1. Carlyon 8.2 3/1F 1st
5th or 6th-6 10/03/1888. 1L x 1L Flemington, VRC Loch Plate 16f. 3219m. 9.9. 61kg 3.35.75. Carlyon 1/3F 8.5 1st

NINE YEARS: 1888-1889 Starts 12: 2-2-2-6

1st-13 4/08/1888. 1.5L x 1.5L Flemington, VRC Grand National Hurdle Abt 24f. Abt 3600m. 11.7. 73kg 6.07.0. 100/30F. The Yeoman 12.1 7/1 2nd
6th-6 13/10/1888. 0.5L x 1L Caulfield, VATC Caulfield Stakes 10f + a distance 2000m + a distance 9.4. 59kg 2.28.25. 4/1.
Mentor 9.0 10/1 1st
4th-9 3/11/1888. 1L x nk Flemington, VRC Melbourne Stakes (later Mackinnon Stakes) 10f. 2011m. 9.3. 58.5kg 2.12.25. 8/1. The Australian Peer 9.0 3/1F 1st
Unpl-28 6/11/1888. 1.5L x 1L Flemington, VRC Melbourne Cup 16f. 3219m. 9.7. 60kg 3.20.75. 20/1.
Mentor 8.3 7/1 1st
4th-4 8/11/1888. DH x 6L Flemington, VRC Royal Park Stakes 16f. 3219m. 9.6. 60kg 3.36.0.
Mentor 9.7 1/1F DH 1st & Cyclops 8.13 2/1 DH 1st
2nd-8 26/12/1888. 2L x 3L Caulfield, VATC Summer Cup 10f + a distance 2000m + a distance 9.8. 61kg 2.28.5. 4/1 into 6/4F Menotti 7.0 7/1 1st
3rd-7 1/01/1889. 4L x 2L Flemington, VRC Bagot Handicap 13f. 2615m. 9.6. 60kg 2.59.5. 3/1F Recall 8.6 4/1 1st
1st-5 1/02/1889. 2L x nk Geelong, VIC, AUS Geelong RC Geelong Gold Cup 14f. 2816m. 9.4. 59kg 3.12.75. 2/1EF Leroy 8.0 2/1EF 2nd
10th-15 16/02/1889. Sht nk x sht nk Caulfield, VATC Oakleigh Hcp 5.5f. 1106m. 10.3 65kg 1.09.25. 8/1. Nectarine 8.4 20/1 1st
2nd-5** 16/02/1889. 1L x 1L Caulfield, VATC Hawksburn Hcp 10f + a distance 2000m + a distance 9.13. 63kg 2.34.0. 7/2. Benson 6.10 (43kg) 3/1F 1st
3rd-4 2/03/1889. 2L x 5L Flemington, VRC Essendon Stakes 12f. 2414m. 9.3. 58.5kg 2.51.0. 5/1. Abercorn 9.0 4/7F 1st
8th-8 7/03/1889. 0.5L x 1L Flemington, VRC Autumn Hcp 13f. 2615m. 9.4. 59kg 2.54.5. 5/1.
Lochiel 9.9 11/10F 1st

Breeder : John Field of Calstock, Deloraine, Tasmania
Owner: Rev. Thomas Reiby then by JO Inglis
Cost : 69 guineas as a yearling
Sold to Inglis for £500
Trainer: Issac Foulsham
Jockeys : A.Robertson (4), C.Ivemy (3) , Mr.J.O.Inglis (1) T.Hales (1) O'Brien (1) Tibballs (1) Reily (1)

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