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Money Accumulation and time investment

"Winning money is all about hard work. This isn't a game. It's all business, pure and simple. It's all about money. One dollar at a time. One race after another. That's the only way you measure success. It's how you keep score"

The quote above is one of the quotes we put from time to time on the front page of this site. We don't put it there just for something to do. (We've got lots of other stuff to do :-))

It's there to give you pause to think. What do you when you win? How do you allocate the extra resources that have fallen from the gambling gods to your very best advantage and magnify the benefit of the win? In other words, how do you get more than one return from the same investment?

A personal example: some years ago I spent a very solid three or four months working on this computer up to ten to twelve hours a day slowly going back through ten years of results at every race track in Australia trying to set up a reliable series of "par times" for every track and every distance and every track condition as at the time I was interested in time handicapping as opposed to weights handicapping. I have no idea how long it took to do it in total.....I do know when it was finished I was most pleased and reintroduced myself again to family and friends :-)

Since then I have sold, and still do, copies of the Par Times which was the result of that work. At the time I had no idea if there was a market for it but to this day every time I sell one it pays me for the time invested those years ago. In other words, I paid the time forward but get many returns from the same investment

We hope when you buy a method from us that you win a good amount for taking the time to trust us, and let's be honest, you don't know us from a bar of soap (well, most of you don't) - a lot I have got to know pretty well over the passage of years that we have operated this site - I digress - we hope you have finished in front by implementing these methods but what do you do with the extra cash?

A punter we have been dealing with for many years, let's call him Alex because that is his name, wrote a long letter to me about this very subject with his permission to reproduce parts of it on this site for the benefit of others. Alex runs a rather involved set of spreadsheets and operates up to seven of our methods at any one time as he believes it spreads his risk. He only operates on Wednesday and Saturday and public holidays as the time investment is large and he doesn't have the interest to do it on all other days - he'd rather fish in the Tweed River as I understand it!

Here are the key passages from his letter: "when I started running some of your systems multi style the dollars were rolling in quite well and I was very pleased. What became the turnkey for me was paying off any retained profits every week off my credit cards. I now don't owe anything on these things any more and am now so far in front it amazes me. But it is not all due to your excellent ideas. The real retained profit on turnover on the methods I was using was around 19 - 20% annualised......... It became apparent to me that with my ******** credit card costing me 21.9% per annum that if I got rid of that using the profits I was making, my REAL profit on turnover on the amount I was risking would increase exponentially.......the $12000 I owed to the cc company was costing me about two and a half grand a year or $50 a reality my modest profit on turnover was amplified by applying the profits to get rid of this credit card debt that had been hanging around like a bad smell for seven years....a real benefit was paying them off week to week and not waiting till the end of the monthly billing cycle as they charge interest on a daily basis..that also saved me a lot of money that I otherwise would probably still be paying......................Alex"

Alex, God bless his soul, was getting more returns from the same investment. His profit on turnover during those "paying off" days was in reality also greater than what he gets now but I am sure that was worth it and he now needs less money of course because he has less commitments. I think he's pretty smart.

If you come across the method that suits your temperament and style of gambling and you can make a slow and steady profit from it, don't waste the opportunity -make sure you profit more than once from the same investment - time or other - it is the only way an average punter can really accumulate wealth. And real wealth, by the way, is not really just having more money - but that's a topic for another time - the kitchen calls........



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