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NAB Stupidity

There's an ad running on TV at the moment for the NAB

You may have seen it - one of those ads that are all airy fairy and designed to make you think that the National Australia Bank are beyond reproach and would do absolutely nothing that wasn't legal.......featuring some woman who hands in a pair of sun glasses at an information booth at a shopping centre and walks off only to see her face on a cake with the icing writing saying Honest Marina and then she walks down the mall with all these posters saying The New Face Of Honesty with her mug shot on them.

Well.......just how honest is this ad from the NAB?

You may also have noticed along the bottom, for about three split nano-seconds, a whole lot of terms and conditions that flash up. You have no time to read them of course as is often the case with these sharp operators but if you record it and freeze frame it, it is most instructional.

Part of the terms read: "Everyday purchases exclude transactions the NAB decides are wholly or partly for gambling or gambling purposes"

Well, isn't that interesting. The NAB decides?

And who elected them to the level of pontiff? Who decided they should be the holy judges of what is right and wrong?

And for what? Fly Buy points where you have to spend a gazillion dollars with the NAB on their credit cards to get a $65 flight with Jetstar? Give me a break.

So it's alright if I get an NAB card and go down the pub and buy a couple cases of vodka? Or go to Coles and Woolies and buy cartons of cigarettes but I can't get their precious fly buy points if I use part of it for gambling? What? Are these people on drugs?

Where do they get off on this BS? Do they spend their time listening to the mug independent and Green MPs who want to turn Australia in to a nanny state with every thought and action controlled by them? What they should know is that without their anti gambling crusades these politicians would NEVER get their heads on TV or faces in the paper because they are so boring and devoid of constructive and positive ideas.

But of course the NAB are totally honest aren't they? No terms and conditions that apply to their product that are put on their ads for such a short time and in such small fonts that no one is ever expected to read them. Yeah - that's honest. Real honest. But all for the community good I can hear the wankers saying now.

Thanks for the offer NAB - but - no thanks. You just stick to making billions of dollars profit from exorbitant interest rates on your credit cards.......I'll stick to gambling.
I know which is the most fun.

And more honest.



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