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OutRater Thoroughbred Horse Racing System - $14.95



OutRater was tested by us over 1000 bets between April 1 2011 and July 19 2011


April 1 2011 to July 19 2011 - 1000 bets - 249 winners (24.9%) and 555 place getters (55.5%)

We bet with a flat level staking approach of $50 per bet and NEVER INCREASED this amount. The $50 represented 5% of our available test bank when we began on April 1 but, significantly, represented just 0.4% of our bank on July 19 at the conclusion of our 1000 bet test. What this means is that, at this constant level, we would now have to back about 230 CONSECUTIVE LOSERS to go back to our starting position. This is unlikely to happen with an average 1 in 4 win strike rate.

We invested equally for the win and place during the 1000 bet test. We didn't invest on a flat % rate basis as we wanted this to be a total set and forget method that could be implemented by anyone with no time to operate race to race during the week and weekends, hence the initial 5% bet of our bank and we just left it at that and, most importantly, we were comfortable doing this - no stress or pressure!

Would the winning amount have been better if you betting on Betfair? Undoubtedly but then you would have to be on your computer and available seven days a week to place the bets on your Betfair account which would have defeated the set and forget target.

So what were the profit margins on the TAB? We used our Victorian TAB linked account and the results are as follows:

Win bank profit after 1000 bets: $11425 (profit on turnover 22.85%) Average win dividend from the 249 winners was $4.93

Place bank profit after 1000 bets: $6134 (profit on turnover 12.27%) Average place dividend from the 555 placegetters was $2.02 (some races only 2 places paid)

April 2011 profit: Win bank $2970 - Place bank $1491
May 2011 profit: Win bank $4915 - Place bank $2115
June 2011 profit: Win bank $2595 - Place bank: $2592
July 2011 profit: Win bank $945 - Place bank: $ - 62 (to conclusion of 1000 bet test on July 19 2011

(For Saturday only bettors: the win and place strike rate was very marginally lower but profit on turnover was higher at 25.1% for win betting and 17.5% for place betting - why? Better average dividends through larger pools and more starters with a real chance.)

Do you bet on all races?   We bet on most but certainly not all. We don't bet on maiden class races, jumping events, races with less than five starters or on any country/provincial races in South Australia but everywhere else is fine.

Why don't you use this for betting on provincial races in South Australia?   We don't like flat out gambling.

Is it really a "set and forget" method? Yes. All selections are known as soon as scratchings are available We generally work out the "potentials" the night before and as soon as scratchings are known it's about a two minute job to decide which runner on any of the multi choice races is the "final" selection.

How long does it take to do the initial selection / elimination process then? I've been doing this now for some months and so it takes me about 20 minutes to do the initial work for each day's racing - longer for metro meetings as there are not as many maiden events which are initially eliminated in total. I do it all electronically though (click here for more info) - it really is a huge time saver. Initially I would think it would take you about half an hour to do it once you get in to the swing and order of the rules.

So how many rules are there that I have to worry about? Well, absolutely none if you just want to throw money away and back a whole heap of losers. If you want to use this method though there are 12 initial elimination rules that leave you with between 1 and 5 contenders. In the "secondary section" there are then three "final rules" to sort out the wheat from the chaff and rules, that because of their finesse, take a minute or so extra per race and take a bit of thinking about. In other words, if you have never really looked at a form guide before or even thought about it, this is probably not for you :-).

Why are there not results in your workout between April 28 and May 6? Well, sad to admit, I was in Las Vegas playing poker (shame! shame! shame!) so what the results were I have no idea and haven't looked so I have no idea or, importantly, regrets!!

Is this available as part of your Whole Box & Dice package? Yep - click here if you are interested in that. If you just wish to purchase as a stand alone item click on the button below.

OutRater - Thoroughbred Horse Racing System        14.95 


Disclaimer: Gambling on horse racing can be a very risky business and should only be undertaken with money you can comfortably afford to lose., or any of its associates or subsidiaries, cannot accept any responsibility for any loss occurred whatsoever in the use, or misuse, of information supplied

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