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PRESSURE POINT horse racing system 2011


Pressure Point is a pretty handy selection and LEVEL STAKES betting method developed by us and tested from May 2011 to July 2011 with quite good results.

It was developed as a "set and forget" approach with the smaller punter in mind who is averse to extraordinary risk and is trying to achieve a solid return.

Here are the bottom line figures you may wish to consider:

May 7 2011 to July 7 2011

260 WIN bets resulting in 80 winners or 30.8 percent strike rate

260 PLACE bets resulting in 150 place getters or 57.7% strike rate

Average win dividend $3.89 / Average place dividend $1.85

Win betting - LEVEL stakes - profit on turnover 19.6%

Place betting - LEVEL stakes - profit on turnover 6.86%

Our test bank started with $1000 in the win side of the ledger and a similar amount set aside for place betting. By July 7, two months after we commenced the test, the win bank stood at $3300.00 and the place bank was $1642.00 or a total of $4942.00 - a net profit of $2942.00 for the two month period. And this is all LEVEL STAKES betting - NO PROGRESSION staking plan is involved at all.

Our "win bet" longest run of outs to date was 10 and our "place bets" longest run of outs was 8.


Why did you start on May 7? Because that was when we got back from our grand tour to Las Vegas

Is this set and forget? Yes - all bets can be put on the morning after scratchings and final riders are known

Do you bet in EVERY race? No way. We don't bet on 2YO races, jumps races or highweight handicaps. In fact we restrict ourselves to analysing races rated 68 (or class 3) or better in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and West Australia and Queensland with a similar restriction in NSW but, because of the slightly different class system we go down to a 65 class race in that State. This is all explained in the rules we send to you.

Would a good staking plan improve the result? Undoubtedly but then it wouldn't be "set and forget", would it? A good staking plan can really boost any method that makes a profit at level stakes. That's up to you.

What were the dividends based on? Victorian TAB results - same as The Tote here in Tasmania

Would it be a better result on Betfair? Undoubtedly but, again, then it wouldn't be "set and forget" would it?

How long does it take to work out the final selection in each race? Not very long. Once you get the hang of the selection rules (unlike anything we have ever based other methodologies on) it really is only a matter of minutes. The prime selection rule takes out a huge slab of potential runners in one swoop.

Can there be more than one selection per race? No

Do you need an internet based TAB or Betfair account? Not really - you could do it from a TAB agency but why would you bother?

Do you need to be concerned with approximate odds? No.

Is there any further form guide or extras purchase necessary? Absolutely not. IN fact you can use any free online form guide that gives you the field's last three starts and basic information. We use the free form guide at the RISA website every day. Its great and it's FREE.

WHAT DO I GET FOR MY MONEY? The full and unambiguous rules that makes Pressure Point work and we also send you our betting work out from May 7 to July 7 in both .pdf format and Excel format in case you want to play with a staking plan and by having it in Excel you can see how changes to your staking plan would affect the bottom line level stakes approach result.

Would this work on overseas races, say USA and UK? No reason why it wouldn't. This approach is not "country specific" and should work on all qualifying races. For the benefit of USA readers, "place betting" would translate for you as "place and show" betting :-)

Is this included in your Whole Box & Dice package deal? Yes - makes it even better value.


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