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Racing Staking Plan 17

So how much will you invest on racing this Saturday? No idea? Oh dear, bit of a recipe for disaster of you are on a tight gambling budget and you start off the day on a bad note isn't it?

Gary is an acquaintance of ours who allows himself $66 a week to risk. He simply can't afford to risk any more, knows his limits, understands his impulses and utilises his knowledge about racing to try and win, not continually being one of the many that contribute to the dividend pool.

So sixty six bucks is his weekly limit.

He realised some time ago that not having a staking plan is simply planning to fail but he doesn't have the hours to sit at a computer terminal six hours a day to accurately implement one.

Accordingly he operates in the following manner and is quite happy to share what he has learned along the way as far as staking plans are concerned. He describes himself as an average judge who occasionally gets it all right but had
never really capitalised on those golden days (which we all have from time to time) for long term sustainable profit.

Planning the day's bets:

Gary looks at every Saturday as a one off opportunity to make a few dollars and paces himself accordingly. He doesn't try to pick 40 winners an afternoon and is more content with getting it right just five times and is rapt if five of them run a place and that does happen often enough to sustain his bank.

Here's how he does it - it may suit what you do, it probably won't, but every one is different and you may at least find it interesting and it may give you some food for thought.

His first job of course is to select the five horses he thinks are the best value for his money he can come up with for the day and he does take quite a bit of time over this -it's not a slap dash affair -he really does think about it!

Let's call his five best for the day A B C D and E. (Wow -how imaginative!)

He then places his bets in the morning on his tote account and if he has other family things to do, walks away and forgets about it for the day.

He takes the following:
One $16 all up PLACE bet: A -B -C -D -E
(Investment $16.00)

Ten $3 all up win doubles:
A into B
A into C
A into D
A into E
B into C
B into D
B into E
C into D
C into E
D into E
(Doubles Investment $30)

Eight $2 all up win trebles:
A into B into C
A into B into D
A into B into E
A into C into D
A into C into E
B into C into D
B into C into E
C into D into E
(Trebles Investment $16)

Three $1.00 all up win quadrellas:
A into B into C into D
A into C into D into E
B into C into D into E
(Quadrella Investment $3)

One $1.00 all up the five winning:
A into B into C into D into E
(Fiver all up investment $1.00)

I'm sure you can see the logic in the "staged" amounts he invests in each level naturally according to the likelihood of each saluting.
He says he has 2 or 3 days every year that are - his words -"sensational", a dozen "great" days, a heap of okay days and the balance losing days.

If he has a good day on Saturday he follows up on Sunday but doesn't have the time to be doing it seven days a week.

Works for him so good on him. Does his approach look more logical than yours?

Disclaimer: Gambling on racing can be a very risky business and should only be undertaken with money you can comfortably afford to lose., or any of its associates or subsidiaries, cannot accept any responsibility for any loss occurred whatsoever in the use, or misuse, of information supplied

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