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So 2012 has rolled around and another chance to achieve many good things this year has presented itself to us. How are you going to get there. Get where you ask? To wherever you choose to, based on what you really want. You have decided what you really want haven't you?

If you haven't, why not? I mean, you wouldn't walk in to Virgin Airlines to buy a ticket without knowing where you wanted to go, would you? Well if that's the case why would you choose to jump in to another year of racing and gambling on racing if you have no idea what you are trying achieve. And we're not talking about money here because money is the vehicle and is NOT the destination. You can't eat money. You can't live in money. But money does make those two possible. But there's no point just saying to yourself - oh, I want money because unless you have a real plan for what you want to do with that money, large amount or small amount, you'll never have the self control or discipline to achieve it, as your focus will never be complete.

So what's this got to do with picking the winner of the first at Warrnambool or Warwick Farm or Bunbury? EVERYTHING. And probably more important than the method you use to try and pick that winner.

However you are living at the moment is irrelevant. You can be wherever you want to be in one or two years with a bit of forethought and planning as long as you know what it is you REALLY want. Now I know this sounds all "airy - fairy" so if you don't normally try to "think outside of the square", you may find other pages on this site of more interest to you.

Remember, you're betting on racing because you want that wonderful thing called money but you have to understand what you want that money to do for you. Money is absolutely useless if you're miserable and depressed - in fact, if you are depressed money will probably do you more harm than good.

Now don't be mistaken here - you do NEED money or the other things aren't possible so you need to realistically set an income goal that will, at worst, see a roof over your head, somewhere safe to sleep at nights, and food in your tummy. Let's face it those are the three absolute necessities in life. But after that, what do you really want? Possessions aren't really that important unless they too make your "dream life" possible. Very famously a millionaire was asked on his death bed what he was leaving behind. He simply replied "everything". And that's exactly how transient it all is.

I'm sure we've all seen those ubiquitous signs in bars that say "He who dies with the most toys wins". B.S. That is just so fake and so wrong. Well, for me it is. It may be true for you. IF that's what you want, go for it. Write down every toy you want. Visualise that you already have them and relish the thoughts of accumulation. Ah yes, the visualisation process......a.k.a. self hypnosis. Visualise and your inner self takes over - subconscious if you like - and unfalteringly points you in the right direction. And, yes, that does work for a lot people. It doesn't work for some - mainly because they don't believe it will. There are no hard and fast rules.

Your true vocation in life may be sharing with others or helping other people. Is that what would make you pleased? In that case the latest 77 inch wide screen hi def TV would be a total waste of resources but you have to KNOW that before you can find happiness. It may be way more important to you to have a soul mate to share your life on this little planet with - someone to witness your existence and enjoy the trip with.

Whatever you decide you really want - write it down. Yep - on paper with a real old fashioned pen or in a word document you can go to on your computer every morning and re-focus on. But be real - fantasy stakes stuff doesn't work here. Writing down "I want a million dollars by the 15th of the month" won't work. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it simply won't. Unless you win the lotto Saturday night of course.

Perhaps if you wrote down "I want $2000 a month out of my gambling ventures by 2015", that may just have a chance of success. Whatever it is, write it down. Put it somewhere where you will see it on a regular basis - read it a few times every now and again - move on. Your subconscious brain will continue to move towards that goal even if you don't consciously realise that the "map" is in place.

By imagining that you have already achieved what you wrote down, you will start to look at gambling on racing in a completely different light and with a revised approach you probably never thought you would have. You will have moved away from the "higgeldy-piggeldy" approach you've taken up till now and actually have a plan. Wow - imagine that - a plan?

All sound too silly? Fine. Works for me. I hope it works for you. Do something. Take the first few steps. After all, what can writing something down cost you?

Break the list down in to three sections: "What I want now" , "What I want by 2014" "My perfect life in the long term"

Under "What I want now" include things like getting a job that I like more (if your current is a pain in the proverbial), be more sharing with my partner, pay off my credit cards.

Under "What I want by 2014" you might have a holiday to Disneyland, new furniture, earn more money through employment in a job I love.

Under "My perfect life in the long term" you may include things like living in a perfect house in a perfect location (wherever you perceive that to be), stress free life with my chosen partner and children, lots of time to myself.

So go for it. Work out what you really want and then visualise that you've already got it. And above all else, enjoy.


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