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Real profit on investment in horse racing

So here's the bottom line. Yesterday, December 14 2012, I could have walked in to any bank in Australia and invested my punting bank at 6.1% (effective annual rate) for 5 months.

That's right. No risk (well almost no risk) and received a guaranteed 6.1% on my money. The downside of course is that Wayne Swan would have been holding his hand out next June 30 for half of that so the effective rate was really 3.0% - governments (regardless of political colour) have an insatiable greed for their share of the profits of my labour. The ruling class have to be supported at all costs! We simply HAVE to make sure they can retire at Noosa on their superannuation and live their lives in eternal comfort because of the invaluable job they've done for you and me!!!!

So that being the case what am I trying to achieve from the punt. Remember, the return on investment from any of the banks requires absolutely NO effort on my part. And NO time investment on my part. It is absolutely labour free. So if I am going to spend my time (invaluable) in trying to achieve extra return what rate do I have to be looking at - bearing in mind that the return from the punt (hugely increased risk) is tax free after dividend - you do of course pay 14% tax to all the State Governments - again to ensure the lifestyles of the ruling class who mostly struggle to work out the right way to sit on a toilet seat!

In my opinion, if you can achieve LONG TERM a flat stake return on investment of more than 10% you are probably headed in the right direction - provided your time investment can be kept to a minimum. In other words you can spend most of your time enjoying yourself and not taking hours and hours out of your life doing the mundane and simply boring. The 10% is (in most cases) not tax assessable - again apart from the outrageous 14% state government taxes before the dividends that deliver you up the 10% profit.

Here's the double edged sword - you can get (usually) an average extra 7% by using,say, Betfair. The downside may be that you have to be attentive many more hours a day unless you completely trust betting bots and your skill at assessing the "trigger" level to bet at. So let's just stick with the TAB for the purpose of this short article.

Not many punters when they start up have the financial wherewithal when they start up to be able to achieve a life changing income from even a 10% return on investment but that doesn't matter. A 10% of your bank extra every year without too much time investment may make your mundane day to day job even tolerable :-).

The bank you are starting with does not limit your potential LONG term - it is merely indicating to you what your starting point has to be and accurately predicting how long it is going to take you to get to where you want to be..........PROVIDED you have discipline.

If you are going to attack this in a meaningful and profitable way at level stakes, you must have a bank equal to (in my opinion!) an absolute minimum 50 times your level stakes bet. So if you want to have a level stakes bet of $10 you must have a $500 bank. I think that's also a fairly widely accepted equation for safety. Again, all depends then on your average strike rate to achieve the 10% return. Please read the many other articles on this site that refer to the complexities of that.

If you can achieve an average rate of return of 10% on investment, you can quickly work out how much you need to turnover every week to get what you decide is an acceptable level of profit for the hours of work involved and to sustain your interest........THEN multiply that by 50 again.... oh dear, you may be a bit short of the amount needed to tell your ever loving boss where they can place their position?

Until you are absolutely convinced that your method of attack will consistently give a minimum of 10% return, start SMALL and work your way up. It won't take very long at that figure to double and redouble any bank if your are betting a constant 2% of your bank - just think how short a period of time it seems until last Xmas - it flys by.

You don't have the patience to look that far forward? You want it all now? Or by the second race at the very latest?

Then try something else because nothing on this site is for you.

This article is copyright 2010 . All rights reserved. May be copied freely for personal use and yes you can put it up on your web page providing this copyright notice stays in tact.


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