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Rising Bank Staking Plan

The Rising Bank Staking Plan SEEMS to work -BUT may not be suitable for you - try it out on paper first.

Remember, NO staking plan will make up for poor selections!

Step 1:
Halve your bank. In other words, if you have $2000 available, you halve it so there is a reserve bank of $1000 and an operating bank of $1000.

Step 2:
Decide on the initial staking percentage to use from your operating bank. This
should be used as follows:

If your AVERAGE selection strike rate is 20% the bet size is 2%

If your AVERAGE selection strike rate is 30% the bet size is 3%

If your AVERAGE selection strike rate is 40% the bet size is 4%

In other words, the bet size is 10% of your average str ike rate.

Step 3:
The amount staked is ALWAYS based on the highest point reached of the operating bank - it NEVER regresses and should be worked out after every selection (result).

Step 4:
Continue betting as above until your bank doubles, e.g. becomes $2000. At this point it is added to your reserve bank (2000 + 1000) and then halve again so you should have $1500 in the operating and $1500 in the reserve.
Continue on as above with the new bank figures.

Step 5:
If you have a long run of losing bets and the operating bank drops to 50% of its starting point (or re-started point) add in the reserve bank, halve it, and re-start as in Step 4.

Naturally, heaven forbid, should you lose the entire bank the reserve bank is called in to action and you start again at Step 1.

As we said -this staking plan works for many but may not suit you.

Always try it out on paper first and, as always,travel at your own risk.

Disclaimer: Gambling on racing can be a very risky business and should only be undertaken with money you can comfortably afford to lose., or any of its associates or subsidiaries, cannot accept any responsibility for any loss occurred whatsoever in the use, or misuse, of information supplied