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Shannon racehorse AJC Sires Produce winner


Shannon - racehorse Australianracehorse Shannon was foaled in 1941 and was by Midstream out of the mare Idle Words (by Magpie)

In his career he started 44 times for 20 wins, 8 seconds and 7 thirds.

His major wins in Australia were in the AJC Sires Produce, Hobartville Stakes, Epsom Handicap, Hill Stakes, Tramway Handicap, George Main Stakes (twice), Theo Marks Stakes and Canterbury Stakes.

He finished his racing career in the USA where he won numerous races including the Hollywood Gold Cup, Forty Niners Handicap and Golden Gate Handicap.

He died in 1955 after breaking a leg in a paddock accident.

Bred at Percy Miller's Kia-Ora Stud Scone NSW
Owners : Peter Riddle (Australia) WJ Smith Neil s McCarthy (USA)
Trainers : Peter Riddle (Australia) William Molter (USA)
Cost £367 as a yearling £27,300 to WJ Smith Reportedly £52,000 to NS McCarthy
Jockeys (wins) Australia only :
D Munro (10) F Shean (3) G Moore (1



Midstream Blandford Swynford
Midsummer Abbots Trace
Dew Of June
Idle Words Magpie Dark Ronald
Peptamint Finland







Shannon Career Runs:

TWO YEARS: 1943-1944 Starts 7: 3-3-0-1

2nd-12 9/10/1943. Hd x 4L Randwick, AJC Breeders Plate 5f. 1005m. 8.5. 53kg 1.02.5. 7/2. Victory Lad 8.5 20/1 1st
2nd-18 23/10/1943. 0.5L x 5L Randwick, AJC Canonbury Stakes 5f. 1005m. 8.5. 53kg 0.59.0. 7/4F Majesty 8.5 2/1 1st
1st-12 20/11/1943. 3L x 3L run at Randwick, AJC Two Year Old Stakes 5f. 14y. 1019m. 8.5. 53kg 1.01.0 11/8F Tea Rose 8.7 7/1 2nd
1st-7 27/11/1943. 2L x 2L run at Randwick, AJC Kirkham Stakes 5f. 14y. 1019m. 8.5. 53kg 1.01.5. 1/2F Tea Rose 8.0 4/1 2nd
5th-23 18/03/1944. 4L x lg hd Randwick, AJC Services' Hcp 6f. 20½y. 1226m. 9.5. 59.5kg 1.14.5. Britannic 7.10 5/2EF 1st
2nd-13 1/04/1944. Nk x 1.5L run at Randwick, AJC Fairfield Hcp (2nd Division) 6f. 20?y. 1226m. 8.13. 56.5kg 1.13.75. 4/5F Liberality 7.1 20/1 1st
1st-12 8/04/1944. 0.5L x 3L Randwick, AJC Sires' Produce Stakes (G1) 7f. 1408m. 8.10. 55.5kg 1.25.0. 2/1F Tea Rose 8.8 7/1 2nd

THREE YEARS: 1944-1945 Starts 4: 1-0-0-3

8th-13 26/08/1944. ½ nk x 2.5L Randwick, STC Flying Hcp 6f. 20y. 1225m. 7.6. 47kg 1.14.25. 12/1. Tribal 7.13 6/1 1st
1st-11 2/09/1944. 1.5L x 2.5L Randwick, AJC Hobartville Stakes 7f. 26y. 1432m. 8.10. 55.5kg 1.25.75. 4/1. Cold Shower 8.0 8/1 2nd
5th-16 23/09/1944. 2.5L x nk Rosehill, STC Rosehill Guineas 9f. 1810m. 8.5. 53kg 1.52.0. 1/1F Tea Rose 8.0 12/1 1st
6th-11 14/10/1944. 2L x 1.5L Randwick, AJC Derby 12f. 2414m 8.10. 55.5kg 2.33.5. 3/1. Tea Rose 8.5 9/4F 1st

FOUR YEARS: 1945-1946 Starts 5: 4-1-0-0

1st-14 25/08/1945. 2L x sht hd Randwick, AJC Campbelltown Hcp 6f. 20?y. 1226m. 9.1. 57.5kg 1.12.5. 20/1. Warlock 7.12 7/2F 2nd
1st-16 8/09/1945. Nk x 1L Randwick, Tattersall's Club Tramway Hcp 7f. 26y. 1432m. 9.1. 57.5kg 1.24.5. 5/1. Flight 9.1 8/1 2nd
1st-7 15/09/1945. 2L x 2.5L Rosehill, STC Hill Stakes 8.5f. 1709m. 9.0. 57kg 1.45.0. 9/10F Cold Shower 9.0 4/1 2nd
1st-17 29/09/1945. ½ nk x ½ nk Randwick, AJC Epsom Handicap (G1) 8f. 1609m 8.10. 55.5kg 1.36.25 2/1F Melhero 8.12 25/1 2nd
2nd-6 6/10/1945. 2L x 1L Randwick, AJC Craven Plate 10f. 2011m. 9.0. 57kg 2.03.0. 6/4F Flight 8.13 4/1 1st

FIVE YEARS: 1946-1947 Starts 5: 4-1-0-0

1st-18 31/08/1946. 0.5L x 1L run at Randwick, AJC Campbelltown Hcp 6f. 19y. 1224m. 9.11. 62kg 1.11.5 5/1. Puffham 8.7 12/1 2nd
1st-14 21/09/1946. 0.5L x nk Rosehill, STC Theo Marks Quality Hcp 7f. 1408m. 9.5. 59.5kg 1.22.5. 4/5F. Dowborough 7.8 50/1 2nd
2nd-15 5/10/1946. ½ hd x ½ hd Randwick, AJC Epsom Hcp 8f 1609m. 9.9. 61kg 1.36.25 4/5F Blue Legend 8.9 10/1 1st
1st-4 7/10/1946. 6L x 4L Randwick, AJC George Main Stakes (G1) 8f. 1609m. 9.3. 58.5kg 1.34.25.(ANZR) 1/3F Flight 8.12 7/2 2nd
1st-8 12/10/1946. 2.5L x 1.25L Randwick, AJC King's Cup 12f. 2414m. 9.5. 59.5kg 2.29.75 (RR) 9/4EF Flight 8.7 5/1 2nd

SIX YEARS: 1947-1948 Starts 13: 3-1-4-5

2nd-10 30/08/1947. 1L x ½ nk Warwick Farm, AJC Warwick Stakes 7f. 19?y. 1426m. 9.3. 58.5kg 1.25.25. 1/3F Victory Lad 9.3 11/2 1st
1st-6 6/09/1947. 0.75L x nk Canterbury, STC Canterbury Stakes 6f. 1207m. 9.2. 58kg 1.13.5. 1/3F Deep Sea 8.0 10/1 2nd
1st-3 6/10/1947. ½ nk x 4L Randwick, AJC George Main Stakes (G1) 8f. 1609m. 9.3 58.5kg 1.36.5. 1/4F Victory Lad 9.3 7/2 2nd
2nd-3 8/10/1947. ½ nk x 0.5L Randwick, AJC Craven Plate 10f. 2011m. 9.4. 59kg 2.02.5. 1/3F Russia 9.4 8/1 1st
3rd-7 24/01/1948. 1.75L x 1L Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, near LA, CA, USA Bien Venudos Amigos# 7f. 1408m. 117lbs 53kg 1.22.8. Fast 9/2. Windfields (CAN) 117 7/1 1st
3rd-6 3/02/1948. Nk x 4L Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, near LA, CA, USA La Canada Purse## 7f. 1408m. 115lbs 52kg 1.23.4. 5/3F Plumper 110 1st
8th-18 14/02/1948. Nk x 2.5L Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, near LA, CA, USA San Antonio Hcp 9f. 1810m 117lbs 57kg 1.49.4. 3/1F with On Trust Talon (ARG) 122 1st
14th-14 28/02/1948. Nk x 1.75L Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, near LA, CA, USA Santa Anita Hcp 10f. 2011m. 126lbs 57kg 2.03.4. 4/1 with On Trust Talon 122 1st
2nd-5 21/04/1948. Nse x 5L Bay Meadows, near San Francisco, CA, USA Marina (or Marine) Purse 6f. 1207m. 122lbs 55.5kg 1.10.8. Barbastel 110 1st
7th-11 1/05/1948. Nk x 2.25L Bay Meadows, near San Francisco, CA, USA Bay Meadows Hcp 9f. 1810m. 116lbs 52.5kg 1.51.0. Mafosta (IRE) 126 1st
1st-6 8/05/1948. 12L x 1.5L Bay Meadows, near San Francisco, CA, USA San Francisco County Hcp (Eighth Running) 9.5f. 1910m. 114lbs 52kg 1.55.6 (CR) Fast $US6.10 Why Alibi 103 2nd
4th-6 25/05/1948. 1.75L x 3L Hollywood Park, Inglewood, LA, CA, USA Angelino Purse 8f. 1609m. 112lbs 51kg 1.36.0. Fast Mafosta (IRE) 118 1st
1st-8 31/05/1948. 1.25L x 1.25L Hollywood Park, Inglewood, LA, CA, USA Argonaut Hcp (Seventh Running) 8.5f. (dirt) 1709m. 112lbs 51kg 1.42.4 Mafosta (IRE) 124 2nd
3rd-6 17/06/1948. Nk x 10L Hollywood Park, Inglewood, LA, CA, USA Riverside County Hcp 8f. 1609m. 118lbs 53.5kg 1.36.6. Mafosta (IRE) 126 1st
6th-7 5/07/1948. Nk x 0.75L Hollywood Park, Inglewood, LA, CA, USA American Hcp 9f. 1810m. 120lbs 54.5kg 1.50.4. Stepfather 111 1st
1st-9 17/07/1948. 2L x 1.5L Hollywood Park, Inglewood, LA, CA, USA Hollywood Gold Cup (G1) 10f. 2011m. 116lbs 52.5kg 2.01.6. Coupled with stablemates On Trust 128 2nd
3rd- 24/07/1948. 3L x 0.75L Hollywood Park, Inglewood, LA, CA, USA Sunset Hcp 13f. 2615m. 124lbs 56kg 2.41.0 (AustR 2.41.5) Drumbeat 100 1st

SEVEN YEARS: 1948-1949 Starts 6: 3-0-3-0

3rd-6 24/09/1948. Nk x 1.5L Golden Gate Fields, Albany, near San Francisco, CA, USA Walnut Creek Hcp 6f. 1207m. 122lbs 55.5kg 1.10.0. Mafosta (IRE) 9.0 1st
3rd-12 2/10/1948. Hd x 0.75L Golden Gate Fields, Albany, near San Francisco, CA, USA Golden Gate Mile Hcp^ 8f. (turf) 1609m. 122lbs 55.5kg 1.34.4 (EWR) Prevaricator 118 1st
1st-9 17/10/1948. 1.25L x 0.5L Golden Gate Fields, Albany, near San Francisco, CA, USA Forty Niners Hcp 9f. 1810m. 124lbs 55.5kg 1.47.6 (EWR) Mafosta 125 2nd
1st-13 23/10/1948. 2L x 0.5L Golden Gate Fields, Albany, near San Francisco, CA, USA Golden Gate Hcp 10f. 2011m. 124lbs 56kg 1.59.8 (AmR & EWR) See-tee-see 116 2nd
3rd-5 11/11/1948. Nk x hd Tanforan, San Bruno, CA, USA Marchbank Hcp 8.5f. 1709m. 127lbs 57.5kg 1.44.0. (ECR) Please Me 109 1st
1st-10 25/11/1948. Hd x 0.75L Tanforan, San Bruno, CA, USA San Francisco Hcp 9f. 1810m. 127lbs 57.5kg 1.50.8 (CR) Stepfather 111 2nd

Comment ex forum:

Shannon's performances as a five-year-old in 1946 were sensational. He returned to racing with a win in the Campbletown Handicap, ridden by Darby Munro, and followed that by winning the Theo Marks, with the young George Moore in the saddle. That meant he had 6 wins from his previous 7 starts. The next challenge would be the Epsom with Munro back in the saddle and 61kg on his back.

The race was a sensation. The started lifted the barrier when Shannon was well behind the field. "I did not notice he was not in line". Unbelievable, this was the 5/4 favourite that wasn’t noticed! Munro could have been excused for turning the champion around and trotting him back to scale but, knowing the calibre of his mount and despite losing at least 2 seconds, he took off after the field. He gave the horse plenty of time to settle before seriously trying to improve his position. Shannon reached the tail of the field near the three-furlong post and moved through until, nearing the furlong, it became apparent that he had a chance of reaching a place. George Moore's lightly-weighted mount, Young Veilmond, continued in front, closely followed by Puffham, and, nearing the post, the two were joined by Blue Legend and Shannon. Many in the Official Stand thought Young Veilmond had lasted long enough to win but the decision (by the judge -no photo finish yet in operation at Randwick) was for Blue Legend by half-a-head from Shannon with Young Veilmond half a head away third. Puffham was a very close fourth.

The Sydney Morning Herald’s Turf Editor in his discussion of the fiasco wrote: "The subject discussed in sporting circles on Saturday night was whether the use of starting stalls would have prevented what happened. I think they would, mainly because although in their infancy in Sydney, they have eliminated the jumbling and milling about which frequently prefaces the start of a race". The STC had the stalls in operation at Canterbury; the AJC did not have them in operation at Randwick.

The AJC Chairman, Mr A G Potter, in announcing that night that starting stalls would be in use at Randwick soon, added "We have been delayed somewhat because of the shortage of tubular steel for their construction and for the construction of a tower in which to install a camera for finishes. I would not say that starting stalls could prevent a recurrence of Saturday's occurrence. In my opinion, Mr Gaxieu is the greatest Starter I have seen. I am sure everybody regrets what happened."
The Turf Editor did not comment that that was a nice answer to a different question.

The horse that Shannon just failed to catch was a quality miler. In addition to this 1946 Epsom, Blue Legend won both the 1946 and the 1947 Doncasters.

Munro was roundly hooted when he brought Shannon back to the mounting yard. The crowd believed it was his fault that Shannon missed the start. There were always many who believed Munro was not entirely straight and that thought gripped the crowd that afternoon. A few years later Munro admitted that he had been offered and refused £15000 to pull Shannon in this very race. What can be written without fear of contradiction was that Darby Munro was one of the best horsemen to have ridden in Australian races.
On this day leading trainer and former champion jockey, M McCarten, said Munro's performance on Shannon was outstanding. "Great rider that Munro had shown himself, he has never risen to greater heights than he did on Shannon. He had every reason to become flustered after being left so badly, but he rode a perfectly cool race and almost pulled it off." The Starter, Mr Gaxieu, was one of the first to speak to Munro after the demonstration. He told Munro he regretted the incident. Munro replied with a smile, "Oh, it's just one of those things". Mr J B Donohoe, chairman of the Stipendiary Stewards, said, "It was the greatest exhibition of riding I have seen. Munro rode as if there was no other horse in the race. His assessing of the pace at which Shannon could be ridden so that he would have a finishing run, was uncanny."

By the Monday holiday meeting, all the newspapers had reported where the blame really lay for Shannon’s mishap at the barrier. The crowd that had booed Munro on Saturday cheered him all the way to the barrier as Shannon prepared to clash with Flight in the one-mile George Main Stakes. As far as the race went, in spite of high-quality opposition, Shannon won with ease. Flight led early but as soon as the straight was reached, Shannon quickly took the lead and drew right away in the last furlong. He won by six lengths from Flight. As Munro returned to scale on Shannon, the crowd again cheered him. They broke into further cheering when the time for the race was announced. That time was sensational. The first half-mile was run in 47.0 and the second in 47,5, giving a total time of 1 36.5, breaking the Australian mile record held by Amounis - the record many believed he effectively broke in his gallant effort on Saturday. The time was further amazing because of the ease with which Shannon won. He always appeared to be travelling comfortably and Munro was actually easing him over the last few strides.

So far the Spring was brilliant for Shannon but more was to come.
As far as a trip to Melbourne for Shannon, Riddle said that he would like to take Shannon to Melbourne while he is in good form. However he added, " I do not think my health would permit me to make the trip and I am afraid I will have to miss it." Even then Shannon may have gone to the VRC Spring meeting but for an accident suffered by Riddle's friend and medical adviser, Dr S A Smith, who was in St Luke's Hospital with a broken leg. If Dr Smith could have accompanied him, Riddle may have taken Shannon to Melbourne for the Mackinnon and the Linlithgow. Shannon was never to race in Melbourne

The following Saturday the 12f King’s Cup was run at Randwick. The race was run under quality conditions and with Bernborough missing the race (he would never clash with Shannon) Shannon had the maximum weight of 60.5kg. Flight had the "luxury" weight of 55kg and Good Idea was to carry 56kg. Shannon had to prove that he could stay. He was unplaced in the 1944 AJC Derby and a moderate second to Flight in the 1945 10 furlong Craven Plate. The longest distance Shannon had won at to this date was 1m 110y of the 1945 Hill Stakes. On the other hand Good Idea had won the Colin Stephens, the QTC Victory Cup and the City Tatts Cup. In the Cup, Munro took Shannon up sharply six furlongs from home and his mount was always galloping comfortably. At the half-mile he was making a winning run. He raced past the leader, Flight, in the straight. He finished so strongly that he dispelled all doubts about his capacity as a stayer. Flight had set a hard pace but she did not fight on long when challenged. Good Idea finished reasonably but was never a danger to Shannon. Shannon started at 9/4 and won by 2.5 lengths form Flight, 5/1. Good Idea, 9/4, was 1.25 lengths away third.

This was the end of racing for that season for Shannon but not of discussion and of abortive plans.

It was reported in the Sydney Morning Herald of Thursday October 15 that the BATC had come up with the idea of a Bernborough-Shannon match race. This. race would be over 1 mile at WFA. The prize-money offered was £5,000. This would have been the greatest ever prize for a match race in Australia. Shannon's owner/trainer, Peter Riddle, did not think he (Riddle) would be well enough to make the trip. He would not let Shannon leave Sydney except under his care. Bernborough’s owner, A O Romano could not be contacted for comment.

There was another report in the Herald of Thursday November 28 that a race to be called the Empire Gold Cup was mooted to be held at the Empire City Racetrack, New York. The race was to be held in the American autumn of 1947, would be worth £A31207 and would be open to outstanding horses from the States, Australia, Argentina, England, France and other countries. Shannon's owner-trainer, Peter Riddle, said he could not be induced to set Shannon for the race. If he were invited he would be compelled to decline. Apart from the state of his own health, the difficulty of acclimatisation for the horse was to be overcome.

Nothing came of either of these ideas and Shannon went for his usual summer spell. This time, it was thought and planned that he would be resurrected for the autumn. Once again this was not to be. In late February Peter Riddle announced that Shannon was not to race until the following season. There was nothing amiss with then horse but his owner/trainer Peter Riddle had a serious illness and his doctor had ordered him to take care of himself.