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Simple horse racing question on ethics

With the endless stories about jockeys punting, trainers administering treatment when they shouldn't, etc etc etc, here is a very simple question for all the "holier than thous" and the countless boring "do gooders" to answer.

If through some amazing "happenstance" you accidentally found out that this Sunday at, well pick a track, let's say Stawell, what if you found out that this Sunday at Stawell because of some "evil skullduggery" that a certain horse was going to have more of a chance of winning than otherwise would be the case,


Would you back it and hopefully pocket the winnings or go and tell the stewards in advance of the race taking place?

Answer that honestly to yourself - remembering that anyone who lies to themselves is absolutely beyond any hope at all and should seek medical treatment.

Now I am not condoning this behaviour. I simply point out out that it has been going on since racing began and will continue to do so in to the far distant future when your morally outraged bones will be dust.

So accepting that is the case, what can you do as an individual punter? The answer is two fifths of three quarters of the proverbial.

There will be times when you are accidentally financially disadvantaged by it all and times when you accidentally are advantaged through it.

The solution is exactly the same as for any other racing circumstance that adds to the "chaos factors".

Make sure you have a reliable staking plan and a bank (that you don't need) to match.

I know I keep repeating it but it is the biggest single truth of the whole conundrum: your staking plan (investment plan, progressive table - call it whatever the hell you want) is the single most important factor in achieving a positive overall financial result.

EVERYTHING else if froth and bubble.

Everything. And that includes "jockey scandals", "trainer scandals" and any other boring "scandal" you want to come up with.

I am personally more concerned about "dirty" politicians who are supposedly running the whole joint than jockeys. They can do way more damage before they get booted.