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Sky Channel urgers

The 7th at Ipswich today (29.6.10) made for interesting viewing on Sky Channel.

Interesting in as much as here we go again - talking heads looking for something to say to fill in time before the race.

The on course favourite allegedly was the former South Australian galloper Zenton, having its second run back from a spell and, as we were breathlessly told by the in studio link person, great value on the Tote compared to its on course price.

Now let's look at what was happening here. Yes, on the Qld Tote it was showing $4.90 with two minutes to go to the official start time and on course it allegedly was $2.60.
How many bookmakers were in the ring?
What was the bottom line % of the book they were trying to make?
Were they strong bookmakers (some still exist somewhere do they?) or the usual bunch of weak reeds trying to scratch out a few quid from the low number of punters that actually go to Ipswich these days?

All valid questions and required information before you'd make any comment about "value" whatsoever I would have thought. But no, here we go again - the usual rubbish from an in-studio talking head with no real knowledge of what was happening in the ring at all.

Incidentally, it was $4.90 with two minutes to go on the Qld Tote - but was $2.70 on Supertab and $2.90 on the NSW TAB,

So what "value" for the vast majority of Australia wide are we talking about here? Yep - two fifths of three quarters of nothing.

And how many mugs "jumped on" because some boofhead thousands of kilometres from the action, and filling in time before "throwing to a break", said it was good value?

Goodness gracious me...... why don't these people get a grip? They should start thinking about the responsibility that should weigh heavily upon them before they start sooling people in to making bets they otherwise wouldn't make - or is that part of their job description?

In the not so long ago days, it was ILLEGAL for any commentator to make comment on any aspect of the horse's on course price. When was this legislation repealed?

The on course commentator was smart enough to throw in a few cautionary ifs and buts and maybes when they did cross to him but by then the money had gone on the tote to compensate for the "great value" and lots of people did their dough for no quality reason at all.

We all do our dough from time to time but at least make sure you are betting for the right reason and not because someone in a TV studio sees fit to get on the coat tuggers band wagon!

The end of the story? Oh, you can write that yourself. Zenton finished 5th and apart from being a little unlucky at the top of the straight, it never looked likely. Yep - just like the bloke on Sky said - it was great value.

Don't get sucked in to these urgers. It happens so often there's almost a system for laying them in there somewhere