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Too good to be true racing systems

December 14 2010

Someone rang up this afternoon to talk about our Whole Box & Dice Package. During the course of the conversation they made the comment "your web site is too good to be true".

Well, that got my attention straight away and I suppose in some ways he is quite correct.

For him the whole thing had to be a scam because we don't put on the site the dozens and dozens of systems and methods we've trialled over the last 12 to 24 months that have lost - and lost big time in some circumstances.

During 2010 we trialled, with real money in real time, at least 15 "fool proof' methods that either failed or proved that we are fools - not too sure which!

The ones that we ended up putting on the site during 2010 were the only ones we could be confident that we had the best chance to make a little extra money out of based on the betting trials in the time we devoted to them. Will they continue to turn tricks in the medium to long term? Hope so.

What we try not to do is become part of the scam that a lot of sites get in to trying to flog off "betting's best kept secret" of the "bookmakers' private system" or the "mathematical professor's secret discovery".

So before New Year's Eve rocks around, let's make a new year's resolution: in 2011 we'll publish all the losing methods we will trial during the year as well as the ones we have a modicum of success with and you can see for yourself what obviously doesn't work. Some are already scattered on this site - systems we've tried over the years that didn't quite make it but with a bit of tweaking and adding in extra filtering rules could end up in positive territory.

YOU may be able to make them work where we couldn't.

We do not claim perfection. We are very human and make very human mistakes like everyone else. Maybe there were some methods in 2010 that we didn't trial for long enough to get in to a positive cash flow situation - who knows?

So is this site too good to be true? We'd like to think we provide a balanced outlook on this frustrating game called punting and we try always to tell it like it is. Life is too short to do otherwise and you'd be a fool to try.

In 2011, we'll publish ALL the methods we will test - win, lose or draw. In that way, hopefully I won't have anyone else ring up and say "it's too good to be true" in one year's time or thinking the whole site is a scam. Actually, by writing and publishing this sort of page, it may be making it a better scam.

And by writing that last sentence, it may be making the scam about it not being a scam, a really great scam!!

Enjoy racing for what it is and if you can make a few bob out of it in the long term, you've done very well - especially with the outrageous "takes" from the TAB. As I have said elsewhere on the site, Betfair is your best chance to profit if you are doing it seriously.

And if you think everything is "a scam" in racing, do something else. Poker. Blackjack. Roulette (o.m.g.!) Or get involved in professional wrestling. The world is your oyster.