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Trio Staking Plan

The object of the Trio Staking Plan is to pick out your best three horses/dogs for the day and concentrate solely on them PROVIDED they are better than $3.00 (2/1).

You have an all up for the place on the three of them and then back each individually until one of them wins, then you stop for the day in front.

To demonstrate, let's call them X Y and Z (which, let's face it, would be pretty stupid names for racehorses!).

You invest seven units (whatever your betting "unit" is) ALL UP for the place on X Y and Z.

If your normal betting unit is $10 that would be $70 all up.

You then invest 4 units a win on horse X. If it wins (at better than 2/1 -remember?) you have no more win bets for the day and you must finish in front regardless of what happens with your still live all up place bet with the next two.

If it loses you then have 8 units a win on horse Y.

If it wins you must end up in front for the day IF it is better than 2/1 ($3.00) and hopefully your all up place bet is still live.

If horse Y loses you have 12 units on horse Z.

If it wins (at better than $3.00 or 2 /1) you must finish in front for the day.

Your total invest to this point 31 units and return is a minimum $36 and hugely more if all three are placed.

The main point is that you do stop betting straight out when you snare a winner and it is better than $3.00 or 2/1 and you are assured of a profit.

Of course, if it is better than $3.00 you profit more and the times when it is less than $3.00 will hopefully be offset by the times when it is better than $3.00.

The place all up treble is a separate transaction which will either boost a good winning day or maybe offset the losses if you don't trap a winner.

As with all things, try it out on paper for a while first and see for yourself

No staking plan can make up for plainly poor selections.

Disclaimer: Gambling on racing can be a very risky business and should only be undertaken with money you can comfortably afford to lose., or any of its associates or subsidiaries, cannot accept any responsibility for any loss occurred whatsoever in the use, or misuse, of information supplied