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This site was first established in 1999 as a down to earth punters' site without all the fake sales hype and pop ups.

And no promises of "untold wealth from racing systems", "never having to work again", "drive a Porsche or a Rolls Royce", "the secret system the bookies don't want you to know about" or just "sit back and watch the money roll in while the form guide does the work". 

It's all about horse racing and racing systems and information that has been collected, researched and written over a lot of years by Peter Kaye, the owner and developer of, who had a love of the sport of horse racing, horse racing people and history, and the psychology of gambling.  Peter's no-nonsense approach is reflected in the pages of this website.  He also developed and sold many popular betting systems, staking plans, daily tipping and ratings via this site for many years.

Now, has evolved into an informational, "encyclopedic" resource for lovers of horse racing.  We hope you enjoy browsing the numerous articles and items of interest put together and written by Peter.

R.I.P.   Peter Kaye 1951 - 2016

In Peter's words......

"So what makes you blokes such experts?"
Well we're not really and I would certainly never lay claim to that title!

This site stemmed from my love of racing and the good and honest genuine people that work in the industry - some of whom, from jockeys and trainers to race callers, have been life long friends and people that I admire for their skills and their shared love of the game.

The site also started because I was sick of hearing about the white shoe brigade from the Gold Coast flogging off ridiculously priced computer based "ratings blockbuster programmes" that would make everyone rich and we'd all never have to work again (not to mention we'd all drive a Rolls Royce and be accompanied by stunning looking partners)!

I simply could not believe how many people fell in to these schemes AND STILL ARE! If you are one of them I am so sorry for you.

So we began the site many years ago with the idea of harnessing some collective knowledge and devising methodologies that actually did work in the long term - either by returning a small but attainable profit on turnover or certainly minimising losses on those INEVITABLE losing days.

Now I am not a big punter - in fact I am quite a small punter by most measures. I did give it a big go for a short while in the 80s with (to me) quite dramatic wins of large proportions only to be followed by even "dramaticer" losses. Of course (sighs). A bookmaker once said to me after the last in the Members Bar - "Peter, you're a great punter. It's such a shame you're a shocking gambler." Those words of wisdom keep ringing in my ears and keep me on the straight and narrow path of conservative gambling (which I do enjoy).

So over the years this site has tested and put together some interesting methodologies based on different angles of form analysis that may return you a small profit or loss, or, indeed on good days where the gambling gods smile upon you, very good profits.

I have become convinced over the years that the only result to really focus on is the year to year result - the ups and downs of daily punting are completely inconsequential to the overall yearly return. And in that year to year period, I firmly believe that as little as 30 to 40 bets will make the difference between a winning year and a losing year.

All the tested methodologies on this site are accompanied by betting workouts that took place in real time and are accurately and factually recorded. Now I keep repeating myself on this site I know, but this IS IMPORTANT. Had these test periods began a day earlier or a day later the whole results MUST have been different because a different series of chance and "randomness" would have been in play and they may or may not have achieved the same result or a better or worse result. There is NO WAY OF KNOWING.

 "So why don't you stick with the one system?"

Like a lot of things in life, I find the excitement is in the chase more than the prize. My passion is for developing and testing these methodologies, always looking I guess for the holy grail which I know deep in my heart does not exist (lol) but I keep trialling these things in the hope that one day that magic spark of genius will fall from the skies and tap me on the shoulder. Hey, different strokes for different folks - isn't that what they say?

 "So won't your divvies be reduced by more people backing them?"

The small amount I wager would never be affected by that. I would have to distribute a thousand copies to make any difference at all in this day and age.

"So why don't you just give these systems away?"

I have to eat as well! These all took time to develop and test (at the time of writing this we are currently trialling 4 different angles) and there is no point trialling them with pretend money because that is neither accurate nor fair.

But we DO distribute the methodologies at a price that is not stupid and at the very worst will simply get punters actually THINKING about how they arrive at the selections they do and what they are trying to achieve from their gambling.

At the end of the day, no one values anything that is nothing but I hope you will consider the next few lines as valuable because I believe they are:

Winning on a day out at the races is exciting!

Winning consistently at the races is time consuming, repetitive, tedious, stressful, and, at times, downright boring. Here is a formula you should commit to memory: E=R=L

It stands for: Excitement = Risk = Losing

Read that over to yourself a few times - it is the most valuable thing I can give you free and without obligation in the hope that it helps you in your punting endeavours. That formula was given to me by a very wise man who never graduated high school and was without doubt the smartest guy I have ever met.

"So your methods are the be all and end all?"

I would never suggest that is the case.
If you are using a winning method, stick to it.
There are many methods by which it is possible to "turn a quid". I simply test different ideas, TRY TO IMPROVE THEM and analyse and report on them.
Use what you wish and throw the rest away. If you love racing as much as I do it doesn't really matter whether you win or lose - though I can assure you, winning is much more fun!