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Avoiding Disasters In Horse Racing

Disaster strikes

Yesterday had all the hallmarks of being a great day.

The first three legs of the quaddie in Victoria had been won and run and I was alive into the fourth leg with two runners. Like a lot of our ratings subscribers I had taken 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 (the top 2 rated in each leg) and life was good. With ten dollars a unit (total invest $160) and the favourite way paying $400 for a $ and the second top rated paying about $1400 for a $ the collect stood at either $4K or $14K.

To easy - 1 & 2 / 4 & 5 / 8 & 9 / 1 & 8.

I just love it when you get into this position - as a punter, life just doesn't get any better. The obvious move is to lay the favourite on Betfair to lose $2500 so, on the day, can't lose. Perfect safety first approach. Foolproof.

And so I adopted the fool proof plan to perfection and laid the favourite Glasovit to lose about $2400. Wonderful. Sit back - have a glass of wine - watch the race - congratulate yourself on your "smarts".

Superbucks is a huge win - $14K plus the $$$$ from Betfair on Glasovit - while Glasovit is a about a $1500 net result. - any other runner win still about a grand in front.

History shows that Glasovit duly wins - oh well, c'est la vie - still a good day. One can't be greedy, can one?

The TRUTH starts to dawn about half an hour later while checking the TAB account. That's strange - the quaddie div hasn't been credited yet. Was there a protest? Couldn't be - it won easily. Third against second maybe? Check the web site - no - weight right - ummm - ummm - oh no - don't tell me.

Check the day's transactions - don't panic - OH MY GOD - you bloody idiot - in the third leg, instead of 8 & 9 via the internet account I've clicked on 7 & 8 !!!!! This resulted in much totally unnecessary (according to HER) swearing and gesticulating. Not only have I NOT collected $4K from the quaddie I've laid the winner to lose about $2400 and all but wiped out my Betfair account which had taken a not unreasonable amount of effort to get to that level.

Everyday when we e-mail the ratings the last line states:
Always check numbers and times on your TAB – all care – no responsibility taken