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The ONLY - repeat ONLY - casino system that actually works is learning how to count cards in Blackjack. But guess what? Master that art and the casinos will have you banned from every casino, not only here in Australia, but in the world. Your photo and details will be uploaded to their internationally subscribed to data base and, as they say in the classics, "it's all over, red rover".

You will have spent hours and hours learning the art of card counting (even with six deck shoes) for nought. It will have been a complete waste of time (and you know my thoughts on time wasters).


The only people guaranteed to win are those folks who perpetuate these myths and solicit your support through their advertising.

All of these casino systems ads are basically exactly the same. They contain no details of what is being offered, no past results and they're filled with hype. They all contain words like "learn the secrets the casinos would hate you to know", "who wants to get rich", "be a pokies winner every time you play", "live like a millionaire courtesy of the casinos".

Well who doesn't want those things? Who wouldn't want to live like a millionaire? So why not send your money? Because they ARE A SCAM and fall in to just a couple of categories.

Some are packaged as "winning systems" - some are packaged as "casino money management". Let's deal firstly with money management. Some rave on about the great benefits of hedging or progression betting. But here's "the rub" - no money management ever invented can change the underlying house advantages a casino holds. They are mathematically fixed. Hedge betting will only help minimise your losses and, yes, progression systems can help you win more when you catch a "winner" BUT, and it is a big but with casino games, it will have NO effect on the house edge". None whatsoever.

Casino roulette wheels and hands of blackjack, or craps, or whatever game you fancy, will spin on, deal on or roll the dice on into infinity. The only time the number of spins or hands or rolls can be finitely "closed" is when the casino shuts down, never to re-open. That is the ONLY time the numbers even come close mattering and then it's too late.

Most casino money management plans are derivations of the double up (or Martingale) system - in other words you double your bet when you have a loss. But guess what? If you have eight losses in a row you will have generally exceeded the table maximum bet limit. Funny about that, eh?

The casino winning systems are a complete con! Nothing in this world will change the computer generated display of a poker machine. Every "spin" is governed by a random number generator (RNG) that is built in to the motherboard of every poker machine which determines what every payout will be. Even Bill Gates couldn't defeat that little set up. Or his team of programmers. Don't you think if that RNG could be "defeated" some half smart programmer wouldn't have already figured out a way to do it? And, of course, as a result, if they had the whole poker machine industry would have shut down? Or are they going to sell that method to you for $16? Get real!

The other "winning system" you can buy at that unbelievably cheap price is generally merely a re-hash of blackjack strategy information that has been around on the web for years and years - like when to sit, when to double when to hit - all based on the dealer's first card. All basic strategy stuff that still leaves you about 1% behind the house advantage IF you play absolutely perfectly.

So keep the money in your kick. Instead of send $16 to a scammer, take two fancies in each leg of the quaddie in Victoria today. You'll have far more chance of a return.

© 2011