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Punting success Australian horse racing

There are four good steps to embrace if you want your punting to work better. They'll also make it more fun and more satisfying

1. Find a part of the racing game you can consistently beat.

2. Make sure you have a bankroll large enough to sustain your level of betting.

3. For heaven's sake, shut up about your bad run of luck because, frankly, no one gives two hoots.

4. Work hard at your "angle" and make it work better.

So that's it? That's the end of the story? You betcha.

The first step is to identify an area that you can focus on. Perhaps you're great at picking horses in the $15 - $20 price range that quite often bob up and run a place at good odds - especially on Betfair where the place odds are sometimes quite surprisingly good.

ITBettingMaybe you're terrific at fining a field down to four chances that seem to very often run the trifecta.

It could be you have the patience of Job to methodically follow through on a complicated staking idea that actually works but TAKES EFFORT.

Whatever it is - find your own area of expertise and don't be swayed from it. Don't branch out into other areas of punting endeavour thinking that will necessarily add to your bottom line because nine times out of ten, it won't. Don't let greed tempt you in to betting on the trots if you understand the greyhounds inside and out and consistently profit from them. Instead you are far better off trying to increase your rake from the dogs than having "interest bets" on the trots.

Step 2 sometimes takes a little time where you have to put the bankroll together to cover any foreseeable (or indeed unforeseeable) run of outs - and why do they always seem to happen at the start of an adventure? You either have to be very patient in putting aside the necessary or start at a much lower level than you see as viable to make a "real go"of it. Perhaps the latter is smarter play? There are other articles on this site about expected losing sequences and percentages. At the end of the day, losing sequences and percentages are ALL this racing/punting game is about. If you don't have them committed to memory you are doing yourself a grave disservice.

Step 3 is self evident. I steer well clear of hard luck Harrys. I don't need that negativity in my life and avoid them at all costs. Really, no other punter cares about your bad luck which generally results from a complete abandonment of step 4.

Stop blaming bad luck and claiming it's the reason you aren't as successful as what you may dream of being. It's not "luck" - it's merely the result of your own personal decisions. What decisions? You know the ones......oh, I would have had more time to look at the form before the races but I wanted to watch the Collingwood - Carlton match". You lose. Or "I thought I had that staking plan down pat but I didn't read it thoroughly enough to know what to do when the proverbial hit the fan". You lose.

It all comes down to hard work and taking the time to understand what you are trying to achieve. People mostly want to completely ignore step 4. They see and hear the stories of the legendary punters and read about the latest lotto winners in the press and wonder why that can't be them. Yes, there do seem to be people who can win at the game without putting in a ton of work analysing every aspect of a race that they think is important to the outcome but those punters make up about 0.5% of the players. They're no different to the people born in to money or the naturally gifted athletes who won the genetic lottery of life. For most of us, life isn't like that.

If you are not prepared to put in an effort, don't expect to win at this caper. Buy the lotto tickets instead. You won't win but at least you'll stop harping on about how unluckily beaten you were and boring other people to death.

If you do put in the hours and you are still not getting the results you wish to achieve, perhaps you need to re-visit step 1.

© 2011

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