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Free Monaco Greyhound Racing System

There are three ratings sub platforms in this methodology: box draw, last two starts, market guide

Rate them as follows:-

Box draw:

1 and 2 = 4 points

3 and 8 = 3 points

4 and 7 = 2 points

5 and 6 = 1 point

Last 2 Starts:

11 or 21 or 12 = 3 points

31 or 13 or 22 = 2 points

41 or 32 or 23 or 14 = 1 point

With 5 minutes to go in the betting:

1st or 2nd favourite (or equal) = 4 points

3rd or 4th favourite (or equal) = 3 points

5th or 6th favourite (or equal) = 2 points

7th or 8th favourite (or equal) = 1 point

Total points for each dog.

Top rated dogs paying better than $3.50 can apparently be backed (especially each way) with confidence, as can dogs that have better than a three point lead of the 2nd top rated dog, according to those that use this simple yet interesting system.

As with all gambling plans, you TRAVEL AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Try this out on paper for a month or so before you commit any hard to find $$$$ to it - good luck!!!

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