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Gambling Concentration Essential For Winnings
Here's a small thing (well some will say small and unimportant) that you may not have considered.

What's the environment in which you choose to gamble? Remember, we all get a free choice in this! Is it calm, ordered, dare I say "serene"? Or is it frantic, noisy, hectic and "all over the place"? I would guarantee that those in the former environment have a way better chance of finishing on the right side of the ledger compared to those in the latter.

Today happens to be Launceston Cup day and I have been asked several times this week "going to the cup?". My answer, so as not to offend, is always couched in the same terms - "no, too many other things I have to get done". I could really not imagine a worse environment in which one could try to make a few dollars.

Tons of people with no idea what they're doing, looking at or trying to achieve, swirling around like whirling dervishes on crack cocaine, having way too many wines than what they can handle and passing on to those foolish enough to listen the latest "hot tip" they got from the next door neighbour whose first cousin is the sister of the strapper who works for.......... oh, well, you get the picture.

Hey, you want to have an afternoon away from the punt and all that entails and have a few sherbets and serves of food that have all the nutritional vale of a pet rock, great - go for it - but have no expectation of winning "non fluke" money at all.

Successful gambling, because of the enormous complexity of the basics involved, takes Concentration and I think most people struggle to concentrate in a room with more than one person (e.g. YOU) in it.

If you live by yourself you should have no difficulties in setting up a effective environment in which to pursue "the punt". If you co-habitate with others the task is a little more difficult. Strangely, those women want to use those really great areas for strange things called bedrooms and lounge rooms and stuff like that!!!!

To be successful day in, day out, as I have written before, all things have to happen in the same routine and surrounds. Day in. Day out. To concentrate properly, you have to keep up your supply of liquid refreshment and that, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, includes alcohol. Your "brain fade" increases dramatically when you are dehydrated. It doesn't seem to me to matter in the same way about food but not having enough water in the system really seems to effect the way I process things and I find my concentration wandering off mid- afternoon dwelling on other things.

You simply MUST start off the day with a clear desk and clearer mind because it will, without doubt, get cluttered by the end of the afternoon, which is exactly a great opportunity to clean it all up for the next day. That in itself reinforces in your mind the old adage "there's no such thing as the last race" - because there isn't!

Another trick to improving your concentration I was put on to is classical guitar instrumental tracks. I have a few CDs full of this stuff that I simply rotate over and over (at low level) in the background and find that really improves my concentration. An acquaintance who lives way out the back of nowhere in South Australia uses a CD of ocean waves crashing on a beach (!!!) and swears by it. It really is whatever turns you on and physically makes you feel relaxed and in tune with what you are trying to achieve. Yes - I know - will sound to some like "off with the pixies stuff" but give it a try. What have you got to lose?

Sourcing the stuff should cause you no difficulties at all - you an probably even download the stuff for nothing off the internet or, in the case of ISPs like internode, they even have "metered free" sections where you can listen all day for no cost at all.

Concentration - repetition - two key factors in gambling success.




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