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Gambling luck and how to change it   

Here's a flash - luck depends on your attitude.

It has nothing, ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING, to do with the day and time you were born, the way you set your house out according to the ancient Chinese person Feng Bullshi, a lucky talisman from an unpronounceable town in Saudi Arabia or a chunk of crystallised formica from Coober Pedy.

Luck is what you make it. Practise being lucky but bear in mind that practise is not the whole answer. No amount of practise is ever going to make me a champion jockey. Even the midweek high weight handicaps come with limits!

Are you good at assessing a race on exposed form? Would you be better if you gave yourself more real time to perfect the art? Then what are you doing? Luck favours people who've done the preparation.

If you expect good things to happen - they will. Similarly, if you expect bad things to happen - they will. Tell yourself what you can do (with COMPLETE honesty as only fools lie to themselves) and then DO IT. A lot of people in business who "struck it lucky" were only listening to their intuition - most of which was based on facts they subconsciously absorbed from observation.

The record company exec who signed Lady GaGa to his label wasn't doing so because he/ she "only backed last start winners". Lady Gaga never won American Idol of The X Factor but the guy or girl who signed her "felt something". It was probably based on years of observation and experience that formed his/her intuition and said "yeah, let's go with it". Don't ignore your intuition.

Intuition is mostly your subconscious brain's analysis of any given situation based on your past experiences.

The brain is a marvellous thing and reacts and responds to the stimulus you feed it. If you keep thinking and telling people about your "bad luck", what do you expect is going to happen? Yes - exactly. Words reinforce beliefs. Just read that again - words reinforce beliefs. And this of course makes it almost impossible to change beliefs if you keep telling yourself negative stuff about your punting, relationships and life in general.

Now without skating off in to the woopsie-polly-doodle world of pseudo spiritualism, you can control what your mind thinks about you and good luck. Mind control is just another way of using words to change the way you think about your fortunes.

Say the following words to yourself - no one else needs to know what you're doing - just try it. If you say them to yourself often enough AND BELIEVE IN THEM - you will change your whole attitude from perhaps one of negativity to positivity about what you are, what your trying to achieve, how you're trying to get there and who you are.

"I succeed in what I do" / "I trust life and its processes" / "I have abilities that help me reach my full potential" / "Nothing is impossible".

Now these words mightn't suit you or the way you think or talk. It's important that the positive words are said in language that you use every day or your brain won't absorb them. Write your own. But mean them when you say them.

Will saying these words get you the quaddy this afternoon and change your life? Maybe. Maybe not.
Will they make you a better person and more fun to be around. Absolutely.
Will you feel happier and attract that elusive "good luck". Surprisingly, most likely.

Oh, and words are free to try as you please.



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