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Horse racing systems fact or fallacy


"You'd never catch me using a system. They're for wankers!"     Heard that before?

But what do the people who utter those words (everlastingly it seems - like country music fans, not just happy to enjoy the stuff - they want everyone else to worship the ground Garth Brooks walks on!) do themselves to pick a winner?

If they do ANY form "analysis" at all,  they are using a system whether they want to concede the point or not.  

 "NO - not me maaate - I just back horses that started within the last fortnight and finished within two lengths of the winner. Easy as that.".  And that's not a system? Hold me up!
A friend who used to be a racecaller had to give four tips in each race whether he liked four runners or not. That's what Sky Channel asked for so that's what they got. He may have thought it was the worst race in Australia and that all the runners in the race couldn't run out of sight down a coal mine but he HAD to provide 1st to 4th in every race he called - that was the deal.

And yet, you could stand in the "crowd" and hear people say "oh, (caller) tipped so and so - that'll do me - he's pretty good!".

Dear oh dear - give me a break.

If you do ANY form analysis, at any superficial level, you are following a system. If you're not following a system you would literally have to be pulling random numbers out of a hat and betting on those. And it could be argued that that in itself is a system.

Punting on horses and doing NO analysis of chance at all, is a recipe for financial disaster. Unnecessarily so.

With all the methodologies we have put together over the years, we have tried to establish which interacting form elements, taken in totality, have the best chance of predicting future events based on past performances.

That's all we do. Anyone who "handicaps" races does exactly the same thing. We sincerely hope that you do the same thing.

If you haven't got the endless hours that we do to investigate these things, we hope you try one of our "systems".

Anyone who says "I don't believe in systems" is either kidding themselves, under-rating their own form analysis or delusional. Or pulling numbers out of a hat.

They give themselves absolutely NO chance of returning a profit. And that IS dumb.


Horse racing systems and research