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Staking plans horse racing progression

The problem with progression staking plans is the uncertainty of the winning / losing sequence.

Most progression plans require that you increase your stakes after each losing bet and, remember, most really good judges have three to four times more losing bets than winning bets.

The basic plan is usually, bet 1 unit for the first selection and increase it by 1 unit after each loser (regardless of what 1 unit may equate to).

The problem with that is that is doesn't take in to account long losing sequences and the placement in the sequence of those winning bets.

If the winners are evenly spaced out in the run of losers, progression staking systems are fine. But what happens in a staking sequence if your selection plan averages 25% winners and three of them fall in row? How long is the next losing sequence after that trio of successes?

Even plans that produce 50% winners (where are they?) can expect a losing streak of 10 straight losers after an average of 2048 bets and an even longer losing streak of 15 straight losers after 65536 bets.

But if your "you beaut" plan produces 20% winners, you can expect a run of 10 straight losers after just 47 bets and 15 straight losers after 142 bets.

Now, how big was your bank?




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