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Racenet article on responsible gambling

Well done Racenet on publishing this!!!!!

At the bottom of all wagering websites in Australia, you will see a banner that says something like “ we support responsible gambling,” writes Peter Lawrence.

On the WA Government-owned TABozbet, the wording is “RWWA supports responsible wagering”.

RWWA stands for Racing and Wagering Western Australia.

You can click on a link and get the full story, "RWWA is committed to supporting the community in which we operate.

”We acknowledge our moral, social and business responsibilities to promote responsible wagering amongst our patrons.

”We actively promote a view of shared responsibility and aim to provide all industry participants an open and supportive environment in which to safely participate in our wide and varied activities."

I have been having a good run on the punt lately and have won a bit of money off TABozbet over the past few months.

Today, I got the phone call from the man in charge of the fixed odds operation.

He told me: “We have done a study into the behaviour of some of our clients and I’m sorry to tell you that your behaviour falls outside the desired outcomes for our clients.

“Therefore I will be closing your account today and the money owing to you will be transferred into your nominated account.”

In other words, “you are a winning punter, we don’t want you here.”

The “desired outcome” for TABozbet clients is clearly - not to be a winning punter.

Which begs the question, which punters do the Government-owned TABozbet want?

Clearly, only losing punters, some of which are problem gamblers.

I am probably not the only winning account that has been closed recently.

One wonders how many losing punters have had their accounts closed in recent weeks. I did actually ask that question, but was told it was “classified information”.

At a wild guess I would say, NIL!

So when TABozbet says they are “supporting responsible wagering,” and that they “aim to provide all industry participants an open and supportive environment in which to safely participate in our wide and varied activities”, what do they actually mean?

It seems clear to me that in reality the only people who are welcome at TABozbet are losing punters, again it must be pointed out, some of which are undoubtedly problem gamblers.

How does the reality of the policy actually adopted by TABozbet marry with the statement about supporting “responsible wagering.”

Apparently, being a winner is not seen as responsible by TABozbet.

The practice of closing the account of winning punters is a scourge that has infiltrated the Australian betting landscape in recent years.

With British betting firms taking major stakes in Australian betting houses, they have adopted the British policy of reviewing all accounts each week and then getting rid of winning punters.

This practice is not only short sighted, it is utterly UN-AUSTRALIAN.

When a Government-owned TAB employs the same practice it is beyond un-Australian. It is a disgrace and shows the utter hypocrisy of Governments pretending to be worried about problem gambling.

Apparently, the only problem gamblers TABozbet is worried about are WINNERS!

They should be ashamed to call themselves Australian.

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