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Horse Racing Gambling Sales Pitches

This is a sales pitch we came across on "another web site" - makes for great reading BUT in amongst the flotsam and jetsam are some real words of good advice which
we thought you may find interesting - we have highlighted what we believe are the main points in this reasonable job of copy writing:

Try telling your family that you’re going to quit your job and make a living punting. Go ahead!…tell them that you either have a system that is earning you more money than
you’re making going to work every day and see if you don’t wind up on a morning tv show where your loving family has an intervention with you, telling you that they are worried
about your sanity…at worst. At best, your family and chances are your mates will tell you that you’re nuts.

That if it was that easy everyone would be doing it and that you shouldn't quit your day job.

But what if you actually COULD learn to be a successful punter? If you could hone your punting skills to the point that your betting bank was slowly growing instead
of shrinking on a monthly basis. What if before long your betting bank had grown from a hundred dollars to a thousand? What if on a weekly basis you were clearing an
easy 100 to 200….more than if you had a part time job. How long would it take before you took your punting to the next level?

Enough money to pay the bills every month and three months worth of funds in your bank account for those losing streaks that are bound to come along….how would it
feel to not have to live paycheck to paycheck? To have the security of basically having your own business…and a business doing something that you love!

Personally, I can see myself waking up each morning when I want and not at the urging of my alarm clock…no grueling drive to work each morning or commute back at night, realizing that more than half of my time is spent doing what someone else wants me to do when they want me to do it…basically slavery to a job that I despise. I can imagine the freedom of going on holiday when I want, where I want and for as long as I want.

Is this just a pipe dream or can this be your reality? It is honestly up to you…how hard are you willing to work?…will you take the time to find a system that works for you or create your own system?…will you have the patience to wait for your betting bank to grow and make safe bets along the way and throughout your career as a professional punter? Can you treat this like a real business and put in the time to grow your business slowly but surely? Will you continue with your ‘education’ just like any successful professional?

The fact is that close to 95-99% of all punters lose money. What makes you think that you can be amongst that elite 1-5% that don’t? What is going to separate you from the crowd? Is it going to be a superior betting system or will it be your patience, character and determination? Everyone has access to the same information and betting systems…it is all in how we use this information and these tools that will keep us in the money in the long run. We won’t win every bet and every day won’t be filled with big wins but as we hone our skills and become wiser…and with patience…we will become a member of the elite who quietly make a handsome living at their leisure while enjoying time at the track or by betting on a few select races each week.

For most the dream of making a living betting on horse racing is just that….a dream…but people just like you and me DO make a handsome living doing just that. Day in and day out they quietly wait for their race…they see opportunities and with the skill and precision of a successful stock market trader they place their bets and receive income. If you listen to the crowd you will never live the dream…but if you dare to dream it you can live it.