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Taking a break from gambling

As Christmas time draws nigh, I take my annual break from the daily business of gambling as I have done every year for quite a while now. Why? Because it gives me a chance to step back from the daily grind of trying to stay ahead of the punt (and it IS a daily grind - just like any other job) and stop and smell the roses for a bit.

You simply can't keep just punting 365 days a year, day in, day out, because you will go stale, lose direction, your discipline will falter and the finer points of basic selection will become frayed at the edges and you will lose focus.

It means the difference between winning and losing and heaven only knows that's a fine line even with the best of intentions!

You'll become more and more impatient as you have less and less time to devote to the punt and your decisions will become rushed and, by default, less successful. Christmas-New Year is NOT a punt friendly time as family things MUST come first. By the way, don't misinterpret this in the wrong way - family does come first whether it is Christmas or any other time of the year.

The only difference is that the family's expectations that they are first in your list of priorities is accentuated at this time of the year. Listen to the warning signs or you will suffer the consequences!!

It's that period of the year when it is harder to exercise that "time selfishness" you need to adopt to really concentrate on what you are trying to achieve. Family and friends (assuming you still have some!) actually seem to enjoy being "around" at Christmas so those afternoons and evenings of shutting the door and staying focussed become even more disrupted than usual - and that's a good thing.

After all, family and friends are way more important than punting. If they're not, you have a grave problem and you should work to address it. Speaking of that, when was the last time you heard of someone on their death bed say "gee, I wish I'd had a few more bets"? Exactly.

So don't fight it - enjoy it. Be thankful to whatever God you believe in that you have family and friends and enjoy them. Give them your time. That's mostly all they require!

Taking a punting break also means you get the chance to stop and reflect upon the methodology you're using to try and win. Is it really the best way overall to proceed or are there changes you could make (the fine tuning we keep hearing about) that would make it even better?

Perhaps it's a great chance to go back over those electronic form guides you've been keeping on your computer - umm - you have been storing them and doing that haven't you?- and running different ideas and plans through those stored gems of information and seeing if your basic method could be improved upon.

When you're "punting free" for the day, it's amazing how much time you have to actually do this revision and improve your bottom line. You may even find there are a lot of ways to improve the "mechanics" of your day to day punting ventures.

How? Learn how to operate html editing software for using these wonderful free internet form guides to the very best advantage and save yourself hundreds of hours in 2011. Click here for more info on this - it is worthwhile.

So come December 1 - stop punting. Aim for a bigger and better comeback on Saturday January 15 as I will do. Recharge your batteries. Look forward to 2011 with renewed enthusiasm and use the time to think about how to improve your bottom line next year.

Consider the effect of all those "interest bets" you had in 2010 and ask yourself the big questions - what am I doing, what am I trying to achieve next year? Not what your results will be tomorrow or next week, or next month but where do you want your punting bank to be at the end of 2011?

Answer those questions honestly, apply the answers with discipline and you'll find you're already half way there. The names of the horses you are going to use to get to your goal will become quite unimportant.