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Target Winning On Horse Racing

Like many researching punters I have come across a number of different "systems" that advocate stopping when you get $XXXX in front of what your starting bank happened to be and people have asked is this a good idea?

For me, absolutely no (... with qualifications ..... and aren't there just always qualifications?)

In my opinion, with ANY gambling "game", if you're playing with an advantage, why would you want to quit early?

The longer you play, the more money you expect to make.

Unless the conditions have changed, keep playing.

If you haven't statistically researched your method over a good period of time / number of bets, you shouldn't be playing in the first place but if you have, and you're confident that over a long period of time your method will return x% profit on turnover, why on earth would you want to stop?

If you're playing any game or method that has a break even long term result or even a slight losing percentage, I'd recommend leaving as soon as you get $1 in front!! Any other approach begs calamity.

So all things being equal, what are the "changing conditions" that would suggest stopping may be a good idea?

If you have set up your "punting environment" as I have with a closeable door to my office and a very very understanding spouse, there can only be a few "stoppers" to worry about.

One is an unexpected family / friends visits from those that don't understand how committed you are to making a success of your gambling ventures. You know the ones that arrive out of the blue on a punting afternoon. Stop immediately. You can't do both gambling and family stuff / socialising at the same time. And at the end of the day, family and good friends ALWAYS come first.

I've yet to hear one person in their last days regret the fact they didn't have a few extra bets on a Sunday meeting at the Sunshine Coast. I've heard a few bemoan their lack of attention to their families and friends and regret they didn't spend more time attending to their needs.

Another reason to stop is plain old fatigue. We all get tired especially if you are concentrating on a selection / punting method that involves more than throwing darts at the form guide and if you aren't doing that, ask yourself why. When you start to get those "this is so slow today" thoughts or the "I MUST be due for a winner" thoughts that cause you to even consider doing rash things and deviating from your researched plan of attack - STOP - winning or losing!

The "if I have one big bet now and it wins I can stop for the day" thoughts are an unmitigated disaster. Been there. Done that. They never do win and the climb out of the hole becomes even steeper. The regret factor starts playing with your head and the irrationality level increases even more. You are on a one way street and the destination is disaster.

Naturally alcohol is another "stopper". You already know why so I don't have to write it again, do I?

Unless the conditions of the game change (as above) , and you have a long term positive percentage profit return established for the method you are using, there is absolutely never a reason to "stop when in front". Missed winners - like discarded lovers - never return for a second run even when you know they're a lay down certainty.

© 2011