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Gambling uncontrollable variables

August 14, 2010

I have touched on this before but here we are again. Saturday morning. 10.21am and no internet. How long has it been off for? Don't know. Since last evening at the very least.

So what do you do with regards to betting this afternoon? Move down to the nearest TAB with a lap top or a whole bunch of scribbled notes? Sit tight and hope for the best? Is it a sign from God, whoever or whatever you determine that to be, not to bet today? (Ludicrous but a whole bunch of people would think that!)

So you ring up the "internet provider" - not a rinky dinky one but a real fair dinkum one that's in the top 3 in Australia.

"If you are calling about a technical issue, press 3". "If you are calling about a HOME based product press 1". Don't you just love these automated voice procedures? Remember the good old days when real people would be the point of entry in to any business and their input was valued as much as anyone else in the company because they were the first point of contact with the customer? Remember customers before they became consumers or stake holders or itinerant pre-churn users?

"If you are calling from Tasmania we are aware of the issue". Well that's just great for you. I am so pleased. Are you aware enough to do anything about it? Is there some hope of resolution before the "End Of Days"? Can you automatedly give me some idea whether it is a minor technical issue, a major technical problem or a complete stuff up? "Thank you for calling." Yeah - thanks for nothing.

Again this is one of the great imponderables and variables in racing. Now what would happen if I were to be in the middle of a long progression of outs in a systematic approach to betting that was really starting to get to the "pointy end" of things? Which I'm not but what if that were the case? You just know that the next horse in a race you are interested in which may or may not be due to run at 12.10 is therefore an absolute "stone bonker" because you can't get on. As per the God comment above - another ludicrous suggestion BUT a lot of people think like that.

10.36am - check again. "If you are calling from Tasmania we are aware of the issue"

Because of the state of winter racing and bottomless tracks that abound at the moment I am only really interested in eight races across four States so no big deal. This will not be the end of the world but what if?

Well, here's my strategy: if it ain't on by 11am, neither am I. In fact the grand kids are coming around for dinner this evening so I'll simply take the time to make one of my "famous poppy's desserts" and watch the look of satisfaction on their tiny faces as they dig in. That sort of pleasure doesn't come from racing!

It is ironic at the time of writing this, the roll out of reliable high speed optic fibre cable in Tasmania is happening. The very thing that good old Tony Abbott wants to stop in its tracks and go off to some committee for decision on a cheaper model. And they wonder why they can't win a seat in Tasmania? Duh! Dopes.

10.45am - check again."If you are calling from Tasmania we are aware of the issue"

Hmm - time to check to see if I have all the ingredients for my famous dessert recipe.

11.02am - "If you are calling from Tasmania we are aware of the issue"

So that's me out for the day. No. I don't want to go down to a TAB for the afternoon. If that's how I wanted to enjoy this game I would never have put all the infrastructure at home in place. So that is my advice to you. If something like this happens to you that is going to throw out your whole normal manner of betting, STOP. Walk away. Come back tomorrow. The world is never going to run out of races to bet on.

If you have been trying to communicate with me via email for the last "who knows how long" - umm, sorry. Beyond my control. And I never worry about things that are beyond my control. Just like no internet. At the end of the day, who cares? If you really want to have problems, go live in Pakistan and join the 15 MILLION who've lost everything in their unprecedented floods. Now THAT'S a problem.