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The Ten Traits Of Winners

A winner is :

1. a constant learner. They read books. They research online. They talk to people. They know that they don't know it all, but they can gather the information from others in order to get where they want to go.
2. someone who takes immediate action. Once a winner has gathered the information they need, they take immediate action on that information. They don't procrastinate. They don't let any grass grow under their feet. They get on with it and do something. They are proactive.
3. someone who engages in persistent testing. As they take action on the information they have gathered, they monitor and test their progress. If their action is not accomplishing the desired results, they will move in a different direction and then test those results. They are extremely systematic in their approach to accomplish more.
4. someone who gives 100% of their effort. They are intelligent risk takers and lay it all on the line. They are passionate about what they do and what they contribute
5. someone who sets high goals. Winners know the importance of goal-setting and what it will take to accomplish their goals.
6. disciplined. Winners have a lot of self-discipline. They don't need to be supervised. They are well-planned. They know how to structure their day. They know how to take care of details, yet have a good view of the big picture.
7. someone who has a pleasing attitude and personality. This doesn't mean that they are push overs. They are flexible and not rigid. They have a teachable spirit and are open to changing their opinion in light of the facts.
8. enthusiastic. Winners are energetic and optimistic. They enjoy what they do and bubble over with enthusiasm. This enthusiasm is contagious and draws people to synergy and cooperation.
9. in control of their emotions. This is difficult. We live in a culture where decision making is often made on strong emotions. Winners seem to understand the importance of keeping their emotions in check and base their decisions on reason, strong research, and facts.
10. .focused on their strengths. They minimize their weaknesses and limitations. They focus on fully developing their strengths. They don't worry about being perfect. They are concerned more with efficiency and being at their fullest personal potential.