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Winning Systems In Horse Racing

As surely as night follows day, all gamblers have winning systems runs just as surely as they have losing runs. You know those winning runs when nothing you do seems to be wrong - you can even pick the winning number on the school fete chocolate wheel? Why is that?

Well, in horse racing a lot of the time it's when you (sometimes accidentally) push the winning button and when you notice that what you are doing is right a sufficient number of times to outweigh when it is wrong, so you keep on banging away at the button and you get suitably rewarded. This is not because you are particularly brilliant of mind. In fact you are at about the same level as a laboratory rat.

They teach laboratory rats and dogs to push buttons for food and when they discover the magic button the rats and dogs keeping pushing the same button. The rats and dogs quickly work out that If you are doing something that leads to success you will most likely continue to do that. It's not all that complicated.

Oh, you feel a little miffed at being compared to a lab rat? Why? Think of all the people not as smart as lab rats! They never find the button.

What is the button for me is not necessarily the button that may work for you because the button that suits my psychological and stress level approach to gambling is probably nothing like what will work for you. My magic button was working out that backing any horse or dog to do anything at less than $2.50 (or 6/4 of one and half times to one or however you want to think about it) was, for me, financial suicide in the progression method I was using.

And guess what? I kept pressing that button over and over and over. Despite being bored. Despite the gambling genie telling me he/she wanted more excitement and action. I had found my "button" and am determined to keep pushing it despite all the distractions. I learned from the laboratory rat, as many other people are prepared to, which makes them half way smarter than the rat.

The sillier among us will undoubtedly ask - what could a rat teach me and keep looking for the magic bullet when it's right there in front of them the whole time? They spend so much time looking for the bullet the don't see the shooter!

So what's your button? Or magic bullet? What if you have pressed it once or twice but didn't recognise it? You will only ever know that by taking that most precious commodity, "time", (way more important than money) to record, review and analyse all the bets you may have over a decent time period and actually THINKING about why they were or were not successful.

Thinking time is far important - and valuable - than the actual gambling time. And the more time you spend seriously thinking about what you are doing and trying to achieve and how to get there, the easier all the rest becomes.

So how do you allocate your time at the moment? Probably the same as most Australians do..... and it does depend a little on where you live. People in metro areas spend a lot more time travelling than do those of us who don't. In fact here are some figures from a recent study:

In major cities people spend about 4 hours and 27 minutes a day engaged in recreation and leisure.

In regional towns the figure is 4 hours and 45 minutes.

Imagine how much you could improve your approach to your chosen pastime if you took just 30 minutes a day out of that average four and a half hours to actually analyse what you are doing and why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't - you could get to be as smart as a laboratory rat.

June, 2013.