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Your feedback about the information and systems on this site is important to us and important to others as well. We will post any constructive feedback on this page in an effort to improve the information available for the betterment of all.   If you would like to leave feedback for posting on this page please click here

Mainly because this page is getting way too large and unwieldy to load and manipulate with 9 years feedback already on it and it gets a bit repetitive when people just send congratulations and thanks all the time...............we do appreciate the kind comments but from here on in we'll only post the odd one or two............

From Barry - 11.1.16 - Speedrate.........Just using the Speed Ratings to Dutch one winner a day. Going like a house on fire at the moment. Selections are great for dutching as they seem to get those longer priced winners
(Ed: Yes the better price range is a plus compared to weight based ratings which have been over crunched and regurgitated by everyne with a computer over the years - and, if you have been on this site over the last sixteen years you will be aware that I think the staking is far more important than the selection)

From Garry - 6.1.16 - stats - I have devised a simple method from your "racing statistics" information. In the first week have netted a box trifecta @ $738. Plus two single quinellas @ $45 & $38. Also Nouvelle Again was a single selection @ $36. Thanks again for the detailed racing info for us computer novices.Cheers. Garry.
(Ed: Hey great news Garry. By my rough calculations that puts you about $800 up for the year. Retiring from the punt now and take up silver stacking may be a good option at this point :-))

From Dane - 5.1.16 - gambling - boss gave me the flick before Christmas so I have spent the last couple of weeks studying what you do with the races. I intend now not working at all and gambling my way along for a while and show my old boss he can shove his job. Exactly which of your plans do you think I would be successful with a bank of $5000?
(Ed: Goodness me, have you ever heard louder alarm bells? Dane, let me tell you. Your old boss will have already forgotten your name so if your motivation is to prove something to him, you have already lost because he couldn't give a stuff what you are doing. Allow me also to suggest that you'll be broke by Easter, maybe Australia Day, and where you are mentally at the moment is probably not where you need to be to calmly and rationally operate a staking plan that calls for control and caution and discipline. Your best bet would be to forget sites like this, get another job and save yourself the dramas of financially climbing out of the economic black hole you are currently seeking to throw yourself in to.)

From Robert - 22.12.15 (Whole Box & Dice) ...........). I happed upon your site when looking for statistical data and found a whole world of interesting and vital information I would not have been able to assemble in a life time.
(Ed: As happenstance would have it, that's about how long it took - lol)

From Joe - 151215 - (Speedrate)........I have been using your par times for the last two years, physically calculating them & with some added parameters of my own and using the minimalist staking plan with very good success, this new software has saved me so much time. You are very correct in assessing there is a edge with times, as I believe traditional weight/class ratings have been so over utilised that there is no edge in using them at all.Thanks for the product, my work life balance is now a lot better.

From Gordon - 9.12.15 (Speedrate 2015)........great concept and has paid for itself many times over......btw how is your staking top speed rated runners progressing?
(Ed: As I have gone along I have relaxed the minimum price level from $2.50 to $2.00 win or place because the run of outs average is less than I anticipated - after 2 and a half weeks is still showing a profit of 166% which is a tad better than bank interest rates :-) - and good fun - is the bank busting losing run just around the corner though?)

From Kevin - 28.11.15 (Speedrate2015)..........using it with success. I do notice that my results are different than the ones you publish on line so what am I doing wrong?
(Ed:Nothing at all Kev......every morning I update the lookup table from the previous days races results so, as this process continues, we "fine down" the par times and so it extends in to all of the analyses which is why you will get slightly different results. In the main though, they should only be small differences)

From Bill - 27.11.15 (Speedrate 2015)......Thanks for the program , very good and a big time saver , AND VERY CHEEP
(Ed:Thanks for the feedback Bill. This is going okay. In fact this week I have been playing with the top rated runners, using my minimalist staking plan of minimum div $2.50 win or place, together with a 0.33% target per race and it has gone quite well. Only time will tell. I continue to be amazed at healthy place divs available fixed odds - hopefully they continue)

From Drew - 16.11.15 (Speedrate 2015) -..........Noticed you have a free copy of speed ratings,is it $19.95 for postage?

(NoDrew – post by ExpressPost is actually $6.50 – then that magic invisible person called “someone” has to cut the CD, instructions have to be printed out from the master and someone has to take it to the post office.All costs have to be accounted for I guess which is why we clearly state "postage and handling" - in fact we underlined it. Have a very pleasant day)

From Ivo ....12.11.15 (Staking) ............I have received The Whole Box And Dice, thank you. I like the set and forget type of betting as I am always doing something and forget to put a bet on. I like Block Buster and Pressure Point. Can you operate them both simultaneously or just pick one?
I am a great believer in running way more than one method at a time – the difficulty then becomes running many banks simultaneously that I don’t believe you can do without expertise in Excel and infinite time to devote to the cause...
In this way each bank “subsidises” the other during losing streaks – which are absolutely inevitable as I am sure you have discovered in your journey to date.....I think you are far better running ten $100 banks using a minimalist progressive staking approach than 1 $1000 bank utilising the same investment method)

From Piet (South Africa) 11.11.2015...(Selfrate) ....I just want to thank you for quick delivery of the CD that you posted to me. I did received it on Monday 9 Nov 2015. I did some workouts on the previous of Saturday 7 Nov 2015 and it seems that I have obtained the right program
for horse racing in the Western Cape so far. I will keep you informed
Yes – the Selfrate ratings seem to work anywhere in the world where there are the same basic form elements

From Peter - 27.10.15 (The Grail)..........Thanks very much for the prompt responses the other week.I put the method in operation straight away using the low risk with money management plan.To date (October 11-25), 104 bets have produced 43 winners (41%), and my starting bank of $812 now stands at $1,274. I seem to be taking Ladbrokes to the cleaners at the moment so I'm trying to spread my bets round a bit (this has never happened to me before in 20 years of betting). Having said that, I'm a cynic at heart so just waiting for that losing run to come...
(Ed: The losing streak will come as surely as night follows day which is why I am always super-cautious
and use the minimalist approach not low risk)

From Peter - 13.10.15 (The Grail)............................I've made a good start with 5 wins from 12 bets.

From James - 30.9.15 (Daily Ratings)........................For the month of September I have backed for a win only, the top rated horse and made a level stakes profit($1bet) of $10.28.  I have done this by placing all bets at fixed odds at 6.00 am in the morning on BET365 before I head to work.

From Jackson - 29.9.15 - ........................absolutely love your site by the way, it's totally changed my mentality towards punting, keep up the good work!

From James  - 16.9.15 - (Daily Ratings) ..........Nice day today getting Mr Entertainer at $21 so thanks. At level stakes I am having success backing the top rated. Is there a better staking plan that might produce a better return?
This page may be of interest:.
My_staking_plan....My observation has been that most people don’t have the focus and discipline to see staking plans through.)

From Paul 11.9.15 - (selfRate) - .....I was wondering if you would like to put this on the feedback link: I am interested in how other users cope with the "class factor" on selfrate. I have tried different ways but I have found the class factor in chartform in the sportsman seems to work well. Any other input fellow users?

From Pete 10.9.15 - (My Staking Plan)............has transformed my betting and discipline

From James -19.8.15 -  (Box & Dice) - I just want to say thank you for the time you have taken in putting so much research together. It was great working through everything and I think just my general knowledge of the game has increased significantly.

From Dean - 13.8.15 -  Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic products and services you sell. They are bloody fantastic!!! I bought your box and dice cd and continue to subscribe to your daily ratings every month. I have always had a facination for making profit from horse racing ever since my grandmother let me have a $1 ew on the melbourne cup each year in the early '80's. Like some involved in the game, I have done a hard apprenticeship in regards to racing, from my own hare brained ideas, to racing hotlines, hot know the routine I'm sure! The cd is choc full of ideas and to be honest I will only use a very small portion. (That in itself is worth many times the purchase price! More on what I use later) I give my my full endorsement to the whole box and dice CD.....amazing Value.
So back to what I use....... I work shift so I 'invest' 4 days a week, using the daily ratings as a guide to select my runners in conjuction with my own selections. I then enter those details into the staking sheet. I personally go with .1% so that every 21 bets is a gain of 2.1% as discussed by you on the cd. The stats I will share with you are as follows.
Start bank $1000 Current bank $1400.71 after 276 bets. POT 17.1%!!!!
I will be using the money management system once I get to $3000.
I Do break one unbreakable rule (Groan I hear!) I do go below $2.50 BUT never below $2.00. I accept this risk!
I have faith in the selections and I am a conservative investor anyway.
Thats all for now..... a big thanks to you and those who assist.

From Clyde - 10.6.15 - (Daily Ratings).........What great service.Having good results with these.

From Hajrudin - 24.5.15 - query - I was wondering do you have strike rates statistic on TAB Favorite Horse with form last two start win,win(11),please
(Ed: We ran the query for you from January 1, 2015 to May 28, 2015.
There were 330 races covered by the TAB where these factors occurred. (Favourite with last two starts being wins). The horse qualifying won 130 of them or 39.4% and ran a place in 211 of them – or 64.9% of the time.At level stakes the win return, (assuming the same amount bet on all of them) is minus 7.6% and the place return is minus 8.5%.The average win dividend is 2.35 and the average place dividend is 1.41. The biggest win dividend in the 5 months was 4.30)

From Garth -16.5.15 - Whole Box & fifty bucks I ever spent

From Iain - 15.4.15 - ratings ...........I can see where you are going with all these so well done. By the way, Najoom was a great result for me at big odds today in the multi selections you sent out this morning..........thank you
(Ed: Yes - a lot of the multi slections are too short for me but some, like Najoom, sweeten the pot. Pity I can't do it every day - [as the actress said to the bishop!])

From Steve - 25.3.15 - Whole Box & Dice .............excellent resource disc......arrived the very next morning after payment which for country SA is very good so thanks

From Jaydee - 3.3.15 - "TODAY"S RACES" .............on your free tips page that the strike rate is pretty good but I just wonder why you do this for free?
(Ed: I guess the short answer is "because I can" - you'll also note that the price of these is generally pretty slim which does not fit in with my self imposed $2.50 minimum price for any bet - so I guess it doesn't effect me one way or the other - just to give you an indication of this, the strike rate for these from 1.11.2014 through to 3.3.2015 is just over 40% but a lot are odds on)

From EC - 11.2.15 - Grail.............. I recently bought your 'Grail' package and I'm very impressed with the system......... my pretend bank stands at five times its opening value after 223 pretend bets.
(Ed: Yes it has been having a good run lately - I never let it build up that many times the starting bank without withdrawing funds to cover the inevitable crash that is coming)

From Sam - your ratings and thank you for the effort you put into them. I just back everything at less than $10 on dry tracks and avoid races where the fav is less than evens. -doing VERY WELL !

From Shane - 2.2.15 (Whole Box & Dice).......I love the product

From Eli - 30.1.15 (Whole Box & Dice) ............thank you for the delivery of “The Whole Box and Dice” and the wealth of contents and information held within. It certainly has improved my perspective and approach to punting. I had been unwittingly trying to impose my own systems of safe betting without realising that the information was available to me for a measly fifty bucks. Need I say, things are on the improve, and you are certainly not a greedy man.........
(Ed: You can only wear one shirt at a time so greed seems a waste of space and energy!)

From Clyde - 22.1.15 (daily ratings) - .......... I do not know if you are in a purple patch at the moment but since receiving your emails I am 70 units in front using my own filters..outstanding!

From Dane - 15.1.15 (class) - Just a query regarding few things I stumbled over today looking at form and doing some 'research'. As you mentioned, horses are 'classed' based upon number of races won etc. So if a horse has won 4 races, its a class 4… if its won 6 races, class 6.. more than 6 wins, open?…My questions relating to this are as follows.1) Do BENCHMARK races/ratings marry/match up to a horses class rating? or are they different? (as per your section on page under - "race classes in australia").. I was looking at racing nsw site and found a search thingy for "find horse benchmark" section - typed in a horses name and this came up-->

5YO Gelding by Ad Valorem (USA) from Tis Hopeful
21 Starts 2-4-4 $501,730 Class 2

Position Date Venue Race Dist NSW Rating Type of Rating
6-8 06-Dec-14RHIL BM95 1400 85 NSW Benchmark
11-11 15-Nov-14RHIL 1350 87 NSW Benchmark
6-9 26-Jul-14 KENS BM85 1400 89 NSW Benchmark

2) So its a class 2 horse (won 2 races)??…... Last start raced in a BENCHMARK 95 race (so its racing well up above its class??) .. Im Just not too sure what the NSW Rating of 85 means.. DOes this mean the horse is rated as a BM85 horse? and as such is still racing well above its benchmark?

(Ed: Here's what goes through my feeble mind regarding class required when I look at the myriad of benchmarked race descriptions :-BM 50 / BM 55 - won I race..... BM 58 / BM 60 - won 2 races............. BM 63 / BBM 68 - won three races..................BM 70 / BM 75 - won 4 races.............. BM 78 / BM 85 - won 5 races.......... BM 90 / BM 95 - won 6 races...............That's how I weigh it up but, as with all things gambling, I am just a s likely to be wrong......-) )

From Brian - 1.1.15 - (Daily Ratings).................changed the way you select the NZ tips? Only asking because I've noticed the vastly improved results recently.........when you started including them I thought they really sucked and ignored them...thanks
(Ed: As you know Brian I only include those NZ selections with the daily ratings with NO betting recommendations and for your interest. You are correct that we have been "fining down" the methods we are playing with as you are correct with your observations about today's Ellerslie picks. They didn't go unnoticed at this end either :-) )

From Darren - 5.12.14 - (Par Times)....I have noted that Queensland have changed the track rating system. I am using your par course guide and a modified formula to work out speed ratings but not sure what the implications of this new system are?? Can you please advise.
(Ed:At the moment I frankly don’t think much is going to change. Time may well be prove me wrong but to me the changes are insignificant in the grand scheme of things.)

From Robin - 14.11.14 - Whole Box & Dice - Staking - I’ve looked at some of your work and I’m convinced it’s on the level. Your (disk) has been a lot of fun.I would like to make a point about staking, and comment on computer use and on the strategy of systematic betting.
As to qualifications, I’m a hard scientist but not a mathematician, I’ve been involved in betting since the late seventies ............. (read all of this interesting letter here)

From Warren - 10.11.14 - Par Times - This info is very valuable. The most important thing is that you've highlighted your par times are the average of the best 10 times recorded ... so a horse (in any grade) that runs anywhere near your par time is obviously speedy. I initially thought the par times were an average of ALL winning times, and not skewed so close to the fastest end of the scale.For my own analysis, I am ignoring all slow and heavy results, and I am also ignoring all races outside the 1000-1400m range. I am having some early success just focusing in the lower grade races, trying to find horses early in their career who have recently put in a solid performance vs par and therefore (theoretically) capable of winning easily in lower grade races.One example is the winner in Seymour R2 a few minutes ago ... I noted that SHUT THE FRONTDOOR ran within a couple of lengths of your Seymour 1200m par time at last start, and he has just saluted at $6.The favourite in the same race did not run good time at his first start, and that only left THE FLYING DOORMAT as a genuine competitor. I picked the value runner on fitness and race experience, thinking that THE FLYING DOORMAT had a gutbuster at last start. I wish it was always this simple .... I have plenty of bad luck and wrong analysis stories to offset my winner today!
(Ed:Wouldn't ot be great if it was that simple? I am coming to the position that you are correct in focussing on good or dead track times)

From Rodney - 10.11.14- Ultimate - hellow fellow punters purchased the whole box and dice a while ago and the original one two and was looking at your website about the ultimate and cant seem to find it is it on their and i love your systems they all make sense and keep posting stuff
(Ed:Have emailed a copy of the Ultimate to you Rodney which you should now have already - haven't used that for such a long time so I have no idea how it is going these days.)

From Matt - 25.10.14 - Whole Box & Dice - I bought your WB&D package a while ago and read through all of it about 10 times over. I love this stuff.

From Joel - 6.10.14 - Grail / Counterbet.......Oh I'm loving the grail and the counter bet systems. Took me a couple of day's to get the feel for the grail but it's pretty simple once you have the rules stuck in your head LOL Awesome stuff Mate!!

From Ray - 2.10.14 - Box & Dice - ................arrived safely. I just can't believe how much info is on the disc. By the way, I love the historical stuff you have on your web site and the page about Gala Supreme....was one of my favourite horses when I started getting interested in racing as a young tacker

From Michael - 30.9.14 - Cascade 10 / Grail.....very good spreadsheet system ,I using this now for a few weeks now in parallel to the minimalist and I must say, cascade10 is the winner here plus the grail, amazing .......thanks

From Ajay - 13.9.14- Par Times.........combined with your staking plan has completely changed the way I bet ...........and for the better. Thanks............

From Mick - 26.8.14 - Cascade 10 - ........The more I learn the more I am understanding that stats don't lie!!!!............. By the way the Cascade 10 is a real winner for mine... took a little while to get my head around it but got there in the end.

From Michael - 14.8.14 - Whole Box & Dice - ..........Thank you very much ............your website is very informative and very honest as well.

From Paul - 12.8.14........I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed your web site and your articles. A lot of them have hit home for me and it's time to change my betting habits........... am really looking forward to getting some control and discipline in my punting and thinking about things in the long term. I look forward to the coming months....
(Ed: As you should. Without doubt, discipline in your investment is the key to the whole deal. Without it you are will be your bank. There is a great satisfaction at the end of each punting day, congratulating yourself for your mental strength and control.......probably far more than picking the ones to invest on or whether you finished in front on that particular day. That may sound a little strange, but that's the way it is.)

From Wayne - 17.7.14 - SelfRate...............I purchased the Self Rate software many years ago and my punting has never been better. I am very selective and patient and only look for either standouts or value. For this change in my punting, I thank you.

From Peter 8.7.14 - Daily ratings / Whole Box & Dice........I have been most impressed with your service........ I continue to use The Whole Box and Dice systems some of which have been quite profitable. Not as “ edge of the seat “ as the Daily Ratings, they can be a bit “ hairy “ at times. Especially when on the chase, but as long as you have a built in hand brake in place, you can keep in control. One thing I have learned over a lifetime of punting, is patience.
(Ed: Your last 12 words sums it all up :-))

From Ken 24.6.14 - Par Times 2014-2015...... I purchased your par times book two weeks ago and its great. I was wondering if there is such a book for 600 sectionals..............
(Ed: Not that I am aware of but if there is one out there I'm sure someone will let me know and I will pass it along)

From Kev - 16.6.14........staking plans.......Recently Purchased My Staking Plan & Par Times Which Are Very Good Products & Just Wondering Can I Use My Staking Plan With Dutch Betting
(Ed: The principle with dutch betting remains the same – don’t take short prices – anything less than $3 is asking for trouble as the rate of acceleration - (loss recovery)- is too great)

From Peter - 16.6.14.......daily ratings.......Big week for rating followers, particularly Ipswich on Saturday.Good stuff, keep them coming

From Matthew - 6.6.14.....(ratings service)..........are you kidding me? First time ever on your ratings sheet you put in a tip for a Happy Valley horse where I never bet for something called Trump so out of interest I stick a few dollars on it and I wake up this morning to find its paid $21? Sick.

From Colin - 31.5.14 - (ratings)................................the winning run with your multimeth specials over the last month has been the best I have ever seen in over 20 years of the punt. Absolutely incredible.
(Ed: Thanks Colin for writing. Yes. It has been an exceptional run for a little while now. Note the word "exceptional".........dictionary says: forming an exception or rare instance, other words, enjoy it while it's happening because it will change :-))

From Bill - 12.05.14- Par Times (Book version) - ......As all ways a top product , and prompt delivery .......

From Adrian - 03.05.14 - My Staking Plan........Thanks for the quick reply. I have been (playng) around with excel spreadsheets for months to track my progress. This is the best I have seen.

From Shane - 28.4.14 - Autumn Newsletter............Really enjoyed reading and thinking about your latest newsletter. There was some real "food for thought" in it. Place strike rate was not something that I had worried too much about before. However, my friend recently bought a system that had Place Strike/Rank as a major factor. I was surprised, but now can see the power of that angle. Also, your "fast facts" make you realise just what is required if you are going to beat this caper. I look forward to the next edition.

From Brett......Whole Box & Dice....15.4.14.................just a quick message to let you now i have received and to say thanks for such a great bit of gear

From Peter .....Par Times......25.3.14......Just like to say how much your par times have improved my punting. I find them very helpful.they are a bargain buy.

From tips.......01.03.14...........You are deadset a freak........Had a tenner on Slippery Ninja got me $260. Ballina will rock tonight!
(Ed: Good on you Eddy....for those they may not be aware we do free online testing at )

From Peter.........WB&D................28.2.14......I have flicked through the materials. It looks great, it is obvious that a lot of work has gone into this publication. Much appreciated.

From Michael.....Par Times.......26.2.14......... I really enjoy reading your articles, they definately made me take a good hard look at the way I was going about my punting.

From Gary........Staking value on the web I've seen....thanks for the research

From Marty.....MultiMeth....6.2.14...........thanks for Viva Lisboa at $7 this afternoon and Oneofus $13 yesterday...........may have noticed that the days on which you have fewer selections this strike rate is excellent?
(Ed: That's true. I believe the reason is that on those "smaller" days the quality factors shine through more because of the weaker fields. I could live with weak days like that every day of the year - pity it doesn't work out like that. Oh well!!!)

From Damian (USA) .......22.01.14.....A short note to say the CD arrive in one piece today so thanks for doing that - I've got some work to go through it all but I'm sure it will be fun!! No doubt I will have some questions so if you can put up with me, it would be appreciated..........FYI, I've started betting the multi meth selections and it's been a very good start. They're winning at the usual strike rates so that augers well - let's hope they keep at/around that and the average dividend stays where it should be and it could work out well....
(Ed: I rather hope that as well !!! Over the long term, and I know I keep stressing that to the the point of repetition of TV ads for funeral insurance, over the long term it has SO FAR proved to be the case..)

From Rhett.......MultiMeth .04.01.13 ...You recommend not to bet below a dividend of $2.50. Do your S.R. and P.O.T. for MM 2013 results include all winning odds or just those over $2.50?
(The figures on the site are all in at level stakes regardless of price and are NSW TAB based.
I don’t have any stand alone figures that are price based as they seem irrelevant because the price I may take about something on Betfair or fixed price may well have been longer than those on the NSW TAB so a horse that starts on the NSW tote at $2.10 may well have been freely available at $2.50 or better during the betting. Using the staking plan I do, as long as the price is better than the $2.50 I will target to win the same amount anyway, win or place, so it becomes irrelevant as long as the 2.5 threshold is crossed. Similarly of course I may have taken $3.00 fixed or at the ‘fair only to see it start at $4.20 so it can only ever be a guide and not a bible…..all part of the problems of placing variable “results” to fixed historical data. Why NSW TAB? Why not? (lol) Could easily have been VIC TAB or Tatts – just what it is.)

From Damian .... Whole Box & Dice....01.01.14........I stumbled across your web site and I must say it's been terrific reading. I've been punting since I was about 6 (I'm now in my 40s) and it's incredible how much you keep learning from this caper. And you have contributed to that over the course of the last couple of weeks I've been reading your articles so thank you. The punt/racing game, like life, throws up all sorts of new things every day - you wouldn't be dead for quids.......I'm slowly turning years of losing around by getting better at the basics of the punt (discipline, etc) and the last 2 years has seen me turn a profit (very nice!!)....The reason for my note is that I'm considering buying your whole box and dice CD, but, I will say that I have relocated to the US. So, I was wondering if you would be okay in sending it to me over here. I'm more than happy to pay for the postage and any additional costs involved............... I do have my own system that I use that currently has a strike rate of 19% with an average dividend of around $5.50 but I don't use level stakes - I use the professional staking plan which seems to work well with these numbers. However, like everything, I need to look at applying some different criteria as it does sometimes give you runners at $2.50 or less (I like the thought process of yours of excluding these).......I have a technical question - will it work on windows 8 or will I need a different version for it to work?? Microsoft has the perfect track record of stuffing up everything they send out with "updates" that screw previous versions that worked perfectly well before......
(Ed: Costs nothing extra (but time) to send to the USA but does take a week or two to get there.......we have encountered no problems so far (fingers crossed) with Microsoft updates!!.

From Chris...The Grail......28.11.13........been using this on available days for the last six months and have found it to be surprisingly effective....thanks

From Simon....winning......27.11.13......thanks again for your site, it brings me back to reality, I was a high risk bettor, but with the help of your writings I have learnt to pull my head in and enjoy any profit I make- as a gambler I want to increase that profit, but $100 overall clear profit is better than a pocket full of nothing
(Ed: There's a statement worth noting - and plagiarising (lol).......which of course I shall !!!!)

From Ash.....The Grail......21.11.13..........I've used The Grail on today's Terang races and I'm impressed

From Joe .... RaceRate Daily Ratings .... 13.11.13.......Peter you have take credit for this one .. Re-subcribed to Daily Ratings after a period away .. First up in Race 6 Kilmore Street Stalker won @ 6.2 and Dehere St paid 9.2 the place !!
(Ed: That's the beauty of Betfair.....Dehere Hunter only paid $5.70 a place on the TAB).

From Gavin ....RaceRate your daily ratings for the first time today and was surprised there were only two races rated........even more surprised when both the toppies won at good odds.......great
(Ed: The sad truth is Gavin there will be many many days when there are only two races rated and NONE of them win which is why you need a good staking plan to cover those contingencies).

From Fiona .......Staking Plans E-book......29.10.13........excellent value for money

From Trevor ..... SelfRate.........17.10.13.....been using Selfrate for a few years mainly on metro meetings when I have the time to do them......doing very well thankyou using the top two rated with a strike rate around 50% on the races I operate on........
(Ed: Funny how when you put the effort in you get the result out)

From Darryl........general.......3.10.13...............what I like about your site is that you strip out all the BS and tell it like it has changed the way I look at punting

From Gary.....Racerate will never know what it meant to me when your top rated Winning Glory gott up at Newcastle this afternoon at big odds.........changed a whole impossible situation I was in
(Ed: Gary - don't get me wrong - I am happy it worked out - most of your email I haven't published. Just let me say, you would never have been in that situation if you were in control of what was happening with gambling. As I said, I'm glad you're out - but for heavens sake, reassess what you are doing and don't get there again. There will not be another 16/1 winner to fix it next time)

From NH......14.9.13.......Love the site mate. Think I have read all the articles 3 or 4 times over now! Thanks for sharing! Fantastic stuff!

From Rob ....10.9.13....(Box & Dice).....I purchased the whole box and dice a couple of months ago......... Great stuff like the rest of your site......

From Nathan......5.9.13....... I am in the middle of my 5 day trial with the BetBotPro............... I absolutely love the concept of the program.......... My issue is, that from 8-10pm on a Wednesday night i don't seem to be able to load Thursdays race meetings.......the team at BetBotPro ....... believe that the following days files aren't available until 9pm London time......are you able to confirm and what stage you can generally access Australian files?
(Ed: I tried to load the races at 4.10am for today and had no dramas – but of course I have no idea at what time they became available. I rather think it wouldn’t be until after midnight our time………but just guessing)

From Peter.....29.8.13.....Keep up the incredible service and the mass of information. I only use your methods as a hobby, not having placed a bet but getting enjoyment from the Self Rate and seeing what I can do. I am disabled and your service gives me much enjoyment......

From Don.....28.8.13.............On the worth of the subscription, I must compliment you on its quality.It's like a graduate course in the gambling industry. All the theories, mathematics, advantages, expectations, pitfalls, psychological sets. There's a lifetime of experience in your "whole box & dice". And they're all home truths. I'm working my way through it and absorbing as much as possible, but I am enjoying the education. GREAT STUFF
(Ed: Then how come I'm not fabulously rich? ;-) )

From Matt (Pattern 44) 21.8.13......, I am really enjoying the Pattern 44 system and have been making a handy income from it in the past few months! I really like the low number of outs with place betting and cannot understand why so many people completely ignore the place markets or have negative views towards betting on it.
(Ed: You get no argument from me with a BIG proviso - as with all my bets they simply MUST be better than $2.50)

From Kane (Selfrate) 20.8.13.....Just a little heads up, the very first time I used your platform (SelfRate) the other day was a triumph for you to gloat about! Taree – Race 1 - picked the first 4 selections straight (didn’t bet on the race). A $1 outlay on the quin, ex, tri and FF would’ve netted approx. $1,080.
(Ed: Sorry to tell you that won't happen every day which is a great pity but that's the way of it sadly)

From Drago (General) 13.8.13.....Dear Petar today I had a phone call from XXXXXXXXXX (who are) software developers (with the) promise of making $200 to $400 a day. What I would do set the program on Bettfair laybetting and forget about it all day......... the program would do the rest and just make profit I can allso use the program to make money..........and the good thing is all Ihave to do pay $25000 I would recive program and laptop and start making money.................. I told them that they are scammers.......and thay are from (the) gold coast where I get all scammers letters and phone calls.......................
(Ed:No comment needed from me. My main question would be where did they get your name and contact details from? That would concern me more.)

From Tom (Compendium) 13.8.13.......Yesterday whilst perusing your site, which is a true wealth of knowledge, I discovered the page for the 3 systems you are testing including “The Compendium” It sure looks to have enormous promise but it raised a couple of questions. Firstly, what is your opinion of place betting when you declare you will not take less than 6/4 about anything that breathes? And why bet for the place when you can achieve a higher POT for the win?
(Ed: The Compendium is just a place betting method that we have been playing with. And you are ABSOLUTELY correct - I NEVER take less than $2.50 about any horse achieving anything! The fact that it shows a higher p.o.t. for straight out betting is purely a side effect - but I'm not complaining      ;-)  )

From Paul (Multi-meth) 25.7.13.......Thanks for a great service

From Andrew (Staking Plan) 24.7.13.........I have been cold running the staking plan that you use on your spreadsheets you have sent me and it has been working quite has helped me to gain some control and I am working toward a disciplined long term approach

From Cheryl (Whole Box & Dice) 10.7.13.........thanks for your patience and kindness. Your after sales service is really exceptional and so different than others I have had dealings with

From Bob (SelfRate) 27.6.13........I have been using selfrate for a few months now with very good results Do you have a spreadsheet I can purchase complete with all the formulas needed to record profit or loss on all my bets
(Ed: BetRecorder is pretty good - here's the link: )

From Frank (Daily Ratings) 16.6.13.....Thank you for your excellent service, which I have recommended to others.

From Nathan (Whole Box & Dice) 5.6.13.......Received my whole box & dice package in quick and efficient manner. After trialling the selfrate program over the past couple of weeks I can quickly see that if I am prepared to put the time & effort into the system then I will be rewarded with results. Current results include: Moonee Valley 5/6/13 - R4 - Jarrah Twist - $16.10 (top rater), R8 - Lake Sententia - $2.10 (top rater), R10 - Lord Durantee - $5 (top rater). The ratings also steered me into the quaddie which returned a handy $557. I highly recommend the product to punters who are keen to put in that extra effort to finding their next winner. The product also comes with a wide range of betting systems which will take months to filter through. "

FromWendy (Whole Box & Dice) 30.5.13.......My 'whole box'n'dice' cd has arrived, from what I've seen so far-very informative,best value for money in Australia for genuine/honest information. thanks Peter

From Mark (Whole Box & Dice) 29.5.13........thank you for your systems. They are great.

From Michael (General) 23.5.13........I've found the Racerate website very interesting reading about all aspects of horse racing and of course the mind set of gambling. I once asked a broker for a tip on the ASX (in my youth, as you do) as I was looking at investing in shares a while ago. He gave me three words of advice, Research, research, research. Since then, that advice has paid dividends for me.
(Ed: The principle between both is exactly the same and probably explains why you never see a professional pokies player or professional roulette player?)

From David (Whole Box & Dice) 10.5.13.........I have been enjoying your site for the past few days since I discovered it, and am very eager to digest all this information. Putting science into my betting is proving to be time-consuming, but rewarding and satisfying at the same time. Now if only I can figure out how to put more discipline into it, I might be onto something
(Ed: Never a truer word spoken!)

From Trish (Whole Box & Dice) 4.5.13.......excellent product overflowing with essential information. It might be Christmas before I work my way through it all - lol

From Lewis...(testing site) 26.4.13.......thrilled when Mr Vadim got home at Kalgoorlie at nearly 30/1 on your free web site. You must be winning a fortune.....
(Ed: Wish I was Lewis. I didn't back Mr Vadim at all - so sad, too bad! For those interested, we do publish an absolutely free web site where we list a couple of the methods we are currently testing and their selections for the day. If you're interested here's the address:

From Wayne.....(Daily Ratings) 25.4.13....I have found the service along with your web site very helpful in improving my punting skills.

From Shane (Newsletter) 1.4.13.......Just a quick note to thank you for your Newsletter. I have enjoyed reading it every time it has hit my inbox.........Like many others, I have also learned a lot from your articles on the website.

From Brad (SelfRate on CD) 18.3.13......all arrived ok and have been using it with some initial success

From Mal (miscellaneous) 16.3.13......Thank you Peter for such a prompt reply, and for such a comprehensive explanation of every part of the form guide. You've made life a lot easier.
(Ed: No worries - and if anyone else would like more of an explanation of the dreaded "form guide", drop me an email and I'll try to help. They are a bit daunting for beginners!)

From Gary (Multi Meth) 16.3.13........another remarkable Friday with three winners from three final slections just doesn't get any better........thanks again
(Ed: That's great Gary but, and there's always a but, day to day is really insignificant to me and should be to is week to week or month to month. In the long term it's a matter of where you are going to be at this time next year compared to where you are today and do you have a staking plan in place to capitalise on the good days that occur ALONG with the inevitable bad days that will also occur? Look. I don't want to rain on people's parades and, yes, I enjoy the really good days too, but it is important to focus on the long term possibilities much more than the short. Sorry if I am boring but that's just the way it is :-0)

From Aaron (MultiMeth) 11.3.13........3 winners and nose second from a total of 4 selections for the day wasnt a bad start to the week....pity the fourth one just missed........really well done
(Ed: Thanks Aaron BUT if you were using a foscussed staking plan - I know, nag, nag, nag - the fourth one just misssing wouldn't have mattered)

From Paul (MultiMeth) 1.3.13........I have just subscribed after my (bonus subscription) term finished after buying the Whole Box and Dice.So far I am in front $2620 so going really well with it. Hoping and praying it continues.

From Peter (Whole Box & Dice) 18.2.13........just a quick thank you, I bought the Whole Box and Dice from you recently and just wanted to thank you for the way i now look at betting. I have gone through all of the information on the site and now fixed my mindset. I believe i have gone from a MUG punter who was all about risk to a calculated bettor who is all about REWARD. This has all come about thanks solely to YOU your ideas and your web site and for this i am truly thankful.
(Ed: Wow (blushing)
- I an expect canonisation from the new Pope this year then? Seriously though, I am happy to get an email like this because it means you have gone from being someone who was happy just to pick a winner to thinking about what this is all about. When I started really thinking about all this back in the late 1990's, and I mean REALLY thinking about it, my philosophy was basically good luck, God bless it all and there's always the last race to "get out" on. Can I please have all that money back now? You just can't win at this game with a short term, haphazard investment approach and no long term reasonable selection method to back it up. It really is that basically simple. Glad you "got it".)

From Ashley (Whole Box & Dice) 16.2.13...........Many thanks for your quick delivery. It arrived yesterday eve, (24 hrs after placing the order.) I look forward to digesting the data on various systems & in particular your MM selections. I am 78yrs. old & have followed systems most of my life, without much success, but after reading some of your Racerate comments, you are like a breath of fresh air & tells it how it is............
(Ed: Thanks Ashley....telling like it is always seems to be the best way!)

From Barry (SelfRate) 12.2.13.........I have been using Self Rate for a while now with positive results in the long term.

From Peter (Multi-Meth - Profitmax) ...21.1.13..........Peter thank you and your team for a great weekend of tipping no more to say
(Ed: Yes - :-0) - it was pretty "hot" wasn't it? Way over 50% strike rate for the whole weekend. We had a a great weekend on the punt too. Doesn't always work out like that of course but when it does it is very rewarding, not just financially but personally as well. Today of course is another day.......... )

From Greg (general) 18.1.13..............your systems are great and your service is brilliant

From Jamie (Whole Box & Dice) 18.1.13........., I am just updating all your methods and since June 2011 until the end of last year the profit is amazing, currently it's at +830 with another month to go through, incredible stuff. I handpicked the ones I want to include of course........

From P (MultiMeth-ProfitMax) 13.1.13 - I put 3 bucks on all your selections today from those two packages, just listening to race 7 at Geraldton, Statewide won paying $33.70.......your winner just made my day very good.

From Paul 12.1.13 (Par Times) the way the par times I got from you are going along pretty good. Last saturday it rated on top a $26 winner at Warwick Farm, saturday before a couple of $14 and $9 winners. I've set up a monster excel spreadsheet where I only rate races of 1500 and beyond, then look for a top rater with improvement from its 3rd last start, to its 2nd last start to its last start. Those winners met that criteria.
(Ed; Excellent. I see it as a real option to the conventional handicapping that goes on in Australia and, by extension, a collection of winners at far better odds than the conventional.......the rewards of swimming against the tide and using original thought!).

From Bernie 8.1.2013 (fun stuff).......Just a note to thank you for your great site and your speedy service re my small subs,also your (grand)mother could have been a genius.See I read your life story the other day and saw that your (grand) mother,God bless her soul,only backed horses where the 3rd letter is R.,

Our parish priest here in Penguin only backs horses where the fist and second names start with the same letterie Merlin Mustang, he swears by it,well, not swears, you know what I mean,anyway last Saturday I decided to have a fun day and back them.
Circle of Power $30.80,Merlin Mustang $7.40,Miracles of Life,Tariana,Garozzo,Carry Me Bluey,plus heaps of places and other winners at the country meetings
I just backed them all a $5ew, don't know if that was right or if I should only have backed them if there was one in the race,what a right little earner and lots of fun,every time one won I had a big laugh,although Circle of Power was one of my better rides.
For someone who could not be bothered with systems,doing the form etc its organised chaos and heaps of plain old fun.
Thanks for sharing it with your site the most fair dunkum on the web,keep up the good work and have a safe and hapy 2013.

(Ed: Thanks for the letter (and laugh) – I should warn you that my grandmother died a pauper – had a lot of fun along the way though! She lived in a poor suburb of Brisbane called Cribb Island (now all taken over by Brisbane airport) and she used to sit in her kitchen looking out over Moreton Bay watching the tide come in and out, drinking Bulimba beer and listening to Vince Curry and Ken Noud on the radio – that’s where all my school holidays were spent. She also taught me how to play euchre, poker and do the drawback on Craven A cork tipped cigarettes – the ones with the lucky black cat inside the lid. Now THAT was on hell of a nanna!)

From John M 6.1.2013 (MultiMeth)........I am quite happy with your Multimeth and running a good has it's ups and downs but I have a lot of faith in it.

From Wayne 4.1.2013 (site)........You've got a great web site and your honesty throughout is refreshing...........

From Nick 1.1.13 (Kiwi Kev)...........Smart Twister in Perth at huge odds - got $35 from some poor person on Betfair - brilliant start to the year....thanks Kev
(Ed: Yes The Kiwi goes very well on seemingly most days. Not sure long term but we'll start actually monitoring this year. That info alone should put the evil spell upon him!!!!!)

From Vincent 31.12.12 (MultiMeth-Whole Box & Dice)........I have enjoyed a profitable last 3 Months thanx to your Whole box and dice combined with Multi-Meth daily.

From John 26.12.12 (MultiMeth).......Great day, you only dream about days like this......
(Ed: Yes Boxing Day.......paid for the excesses of Xmas Day :-) is a reproduction part of the email our MultiMeth clients received - we have added in the results

R 1 # 1 HAWKSPUR MM21 w 2.80 / 1.60

R 6 # 3 LE ROI MM13 / MM21 w 2.20 / 1.50

R 1 # 2 EXALTED FILLY MM1 w 3.40 / 1.30
R 4 # 6 TABULATED MM7 w 4.10 / 1.50
R 7 # 3 HIDDEN VALUE MM1 / MM7 / MM8 w 3.60 / 1.80

R 8 # 1 FINAL COMMAND MM1 / MM13 2nd 1.90
R 8 # 2 SHADOW NINJA MM7 w 3.70 / 1.70
R 8 # 8 WINE LOVER MM1 3rd 2.40

R 3 # 1 MASTER AVATAR MM4 / MM8 w 3.00 / 2.30
R 3 # 2 KISTAMON MM4 2nd 3.40

R 6 # 3 GAROZZO MM4 w 4.00 / 2.10

R 3 # 7 VIZHAKA MM10 2nd 1.20
R 8 # 8 FINISHING CARD MM7 w 1.90 / 1.40
What a great pity it can't just happen like that every day........wouldn't it be even more boring if it did?)

From Dean 14.12.12 (Methods) ..........I have been reading about some of your systems online and am interested in purchasing some. The couple of questions I have are, if a system suggests that I bet on 5 different races in a day do I have to bet on all 5 of those or can I just bet on one or two and get a result? Secondly, does it matter which online betting agency I bet through? If you could please let me know about this that would be great.

(Ed: That’s actually a very interesting question. The answer is determined by which position you are asking from – a short term or long term view? In the short term, there will be days where it really does matter and drives you to distraction when you decide to bet (for whatever reasons) on, say, the first three selections that any method may throw up and ignore the last three. Inevitably, (or so it will seem) the first three finish down the track and two of the last three will win at 6/1 and 5/1 and your blood pressure will rise enormously and some very descriptive words that you don’t normally use will flow quite freely.

The long term position, and one that I always try to take, is that it shouldn’t matter over the space of a year, which ones you miss out on backing (for any number of reasons) and that your winning percentages should remain pretty much the same if the methodology is “solid”. This also applies to whole days (or weeks) missed out as well. As I have written on the site before NO ONE can be there 24 / 7 with races now spread between 10.30 in the morning (NZ) and 3.30 the next morning (UK / Sth Africa). No one can do that.

Again, this is the long term view and one that I adhere to. The percentages over the space of year shouldn’t vary that much because you have the absolute audacity to do something else!!! Your profit may vary (through what is referred to as luck) because the ones you miss MAY salute at long odds but they may also win a short odds – so the effect on the long term result is diminished.

As to your second question, if you are betting win or place, you should always do better on Betfair than one of the TAB’s – simply because their % takeout is a lot lower as the TABs have grown greedier and greedier over the years since their inception. If your “bent” is exotics –trifectas / quadrellas etc etc,, you really have little choice other than to use a TAB service – but do your own research and look at the amounts they pull from these pools. Their percentage takeout is also part of the “hill” that you as a punter to have to climb.)

From Glen 11.12.12 (greyhound methods)........Have been playing with the free greyhound methods, results aren't too bad (if I stick to the rules haha).
(Ed: What an interesting comment that you placed in the brackets!)

From Des 9.12.12 (MultiMeth)........... I just want to say thank you for the tips I have been getting from the Multi Meth Daily. As I’m only a small punter I really appreciate the simple and straight forward presentation. I have been going for about a month now and I’m well in front. In fact, I’m trying to get enough to buy the Whole Box & Dice package. I might get there sometime early in the new year, fingers crossed. So thanks again and I look forward to continuing to buy your tips. Well done.

From Darryl 5.12.12 (Whole Box & Dice)............just awesome........wish I had purchased before the Melbourne Cup've got my endorsement.............thanks

From Scott 19.11.12 (Whole Box & Dice)..........Since owning the WBD set I have really taken a different view of punting. I am now more patient and see the benefit in letting my bank build. I have slowly worked my bank from $500 to $3500 which is great for me.

From Alex 14.11.12 (Par Times)........arrived in the post today........its obvious how much work has gone in to this book.......congrats

From John 14.11.12 (MultiMeth)........Very pleased with your multi meth.I began by using the grail min.1/3% approach but find it difficult when there are two horses in race so I have reverted to 1% of bank set and forget.
(Ed: Yes - one third of one percent is very conservative and sensible - when there are two horses in a race it is just as easy to forget it and move on - the world will never run out of races - cliche I know but true)

From Ken 1.11.12 (Daily Ratings) ..........I am happy to tell you that the bank continues to grow from the daily ratings ($150 to $294 now).It has gotten to the stage where I am keeping my eye out for the dreaded run of outs.
(Ed: A great thing to keep a weather eye out for - however, if you are not being greedy and pushing the bank / staking level too hard you should be okay BUT, and there's always a BUT, the run of outs will come one day - it's inevitable and how the game keeps going! Hopefully you will be sensible and withdraw funds along the way to ensure the great run of outs is not a total disaster and in fact a profit maker)

From Graham 28.10.12................ Having purchased the whole box and dice earlier in the year I have to tell you that aiming for 1% profit a day is a great way to go, no stress no strain. Great advice for which I thank you and your methods.

From Ken 24.10.12 (Box & Dice - Kiwi Kev)..........thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for those place tips via Kiwi Kev............ what an awesome effort. Thanks also for the box and dice.
Have made a fair bit out of a couple of ideas of yours.
(Ed: Yes, Kiwi Kev is going great at the moment - but never fear. It will end!!!!!)

From Aurelio 24.10.12 (Method 762).......I put the Method 762 to the test in today's racing, with some interesting results.... I gave some races a dry run and I also put a very small bet on some others
In 3 races I backed two horses in the same race and won on two of the three races, with the third race runner came 2nd. In my dry runs at the end of the day my choices both came in first.....unfortunately I didn't have anything on them. No big deal though as I must make sure I have the rules well in control and to stay disciplined.
In some races the horse has met all the criteria but not met one, as an example the only rule a particular runner has not met is not running at a metro venue last start My question is do the rules and criteria have to be met exactly as set or would you suggest a little bending of the rules when the horse has met everything else perfectly? What are your experiences with such a thing?
(Ed: Glad you are having fun. That rule, along with all the others, is there because the research shows it to be financially advantageous to do so. Changing stuff around will only contaminate the results)

From Ken 19.10.12 (Daily Ratings)........I have been subscribing to your daily ratings service for only about 3 weeks.So far I am very happy.After about 30 (yes 30) years of punting and losing (not a lot, but still losing), I have turned my new bank of $150 into $184.I only bet on 1 horse per race.To pick which horse out of the 4 or 5 that you rate this is what I do.With about 3 minutes of betting remaining I choose the shortest priced horse you have rated(NOT your top rated horse.The actual shortest priced horse)and if it is $2.50 or more I back it to win $5 (1/30th of my bank).If the shortest priced horse is less than $2.50 I move to the second shortest priced horse and so on until I can get $2.50 for the place and again back it to win $5.My staking plan is simply to add bets lost to my target of $5.So if I bet $2 and lose, my target for the next race becomes $7.

I am using this method because in your overview of the daily ratings service you say that I must use these ratings in conjunction with my own filters.I have no idea of what filters to use because I do not know that in compiling your ratings you have taken into account jockey, distance, barrier etc.The only time I vary if it is a dead track (I don't bet slow or heavy), then I check the dead track form of the horses you have rated.I guess what I am doing is letting the market do the work for me, because as you say in some of your articles (I think) is that in an orderley market, the market is invariably correct?.I assume that because you seem to be so selective in the races you rate you are choosing the orderley ones.Could you please comment on what I am doing and suggest any improvments, or even a completely different strategy if you think what I am doing is off the mark and doomed to fail.......I am considering either "the grail" or the "selfrate" systems you have.Which do you reccomend?(or any other?)Do either of these have info on which races to rate and which to avoid?Sorry for such a email (The longest I've ever written I think) with so many questions, but hoping you can shed at least a little light.
(Ed:Okay so that’s a reasonable approach for your staking. I assume that your target of 1/30th of your bank gets added to EVERY bet as well (or you spend your life dithering around trying to win the original $5, the value which “decays” with each bet in the sequence so when you do win, the amount is insignificant?). I also note that your minimum price acceptable is that magic $2.50. Excellent.

That being the case I would recommend you REDUCE the target amount to 1% (not your current 3.33%). Why” Because I think when you hit the long run of outs, if you are carrying an extra 3.33% per bet the carry over PLUS target amount and chasing amount becomes too big too quickly. I can’t stand that sort of pressure but you may be different than me – most people are – lol. I know 1% sounds like two fifths of the proverbial but if you add it to every bet and have just one bet a day, for example, that’s a potential 30% at the end of the month. Know a bank that’s paying 30% interest? Let me know if you do and I’ll stop punting immediately.

You are correct about the market. When it is orderly, it is nearly always right which is the basis of The Grail (as is the staking to half or one per cent).

The ratings themselves are based on their very current form, barrier position (heavy allowance), distance ability (very heavy weighting) and days since their last run. I ignore “wet track form” as I think (over the long term) it’s irrelevant, I pay scant attention to which jockey is riding it (but look for 4kg claiming apprentices with alarm), I think their average prize money rating is important, the course is mostly irrelevant and their career stats are way less important than their current stats. I am quite ambivalent about who the trainer is.
I completely eliminate any horse who had more than one negative from my negative list. What’s on that list? Is the horse’s past winning distance range is LONGER than the race today (by more than 50m)?If the horse is first up after a spell (more than a couple of months), it must won first up before. Is the horse running out of its class? Is the prize money of today’s race 33% more than its last start? (In feature races of course that will be the case for most runners so it becomes irrelevant). Does the horse have a winning strike rate of less than 10%? Was the horse beaten by more than 6 lengths last start? Was the horse beaten by a net of 15 lengths in total from its last three starts?

Those are my absolute elimination rules – they are taken in to account before the ratings are published. If you have your own filters, add them in – go for it – you will then have your own completely different set of selections from the rated runners than I will have. That’s what will make them “yours”. You will notice in the daily ratings that we rarely go below a class 4 (0-72) race as we believe the higher class races are more consistent for these ratings.

And by the way, you are only doomed to fail if you believe you are doomed to fail. Most things you have taken the time and effort to reason out and prove to yourself DO work. The trick is just letting them.)

From Alan 17.10.12 (Daily Ratings).......don't know how you had Hangover Henry as top rated this afternoon but at 20s I don't care or how your kiwi mate had Mourinho at 10s a place but well the site.....
(Ed: Thanks for the nice words. Remember you wrote them when things aren't going quite as well!!)

From David 23.9.12 (Lay Safe)........ I used the Lay Safe yesterday with very good results

From Damien 23.9.12 (Whole Box & Dice) .............Really enjoying the systems - have tested them and early days + your own results, they just stack the non-emotional practice ..... this rounds out my betting portfolio now, i am going to run the following: Brisb 1350+, Perth Metro, Syd Metro, Melb Metro, Adelaide Metro, Pressure Point, Try Line Picks (my own site).... thanks, keep up the good work - will keep you posted on the results!

From Dennis 15.9.12 (Power Of One) .....although there seems to be no rain about at the moment, would you consider giving out selections if the morning track report is say a dead 4 or 5, just in case there is an up-grade before the selections race.. Cheers for that got top fluc for Nitro... Dennis
(Ed: Thanks for the email.
This is one issue that I have agonised over now for some time – not only with Power Of One – but every other method that contains variables like this, which of course they must by their very nature. At the end of the day you simply have to live with the fact that there are these variables that you can’t control – late scratchings, track condition changes, jockey injured changes, the list goes on and on. I accept that these are going to happen but hopefully they will eliminate losing bets at the same long term percentage rate of winning bets, which of course they should. That’s not to say they will - but SHOULD.
The same variances problem exists with reporting on past events as they happened compared to what happened “live time” and when you forecast in advance which is why some of the “results sheets” may vary slightly from the actual forecasts. Stuff happens and NO results forecaster can change that – it is the one chaos factor in the industry that is NOT variable nor controllable despite everyone’s best intentions. The computer programme we have is set up to analyse races on a good track basis at the time of publication, after scratchings.
If we were then to say, well, good or dead, because the tracks MIGHT improve during the day, I think the variations between the actual results with the track condition known and the forecast results becomes too great and could lead people off down the wrong path which I certainly don’t want to do. So it is better to draw a line in the sand and say, well, at the early morning track report it is either good track or no bet and that’s the way it is.If a dead track improves and you miss three winners, well, so be it. If the track worsens and you save yourself, even better.
It’s one of those issues that you can’t really overcome and another reason why it’s called gambling I guess.)

From Mick 7.9.12 (Par Times) ........ . I have attached a copy of Brisbane Race 6 that I did last Saturday for You to have a look at with My little Horse Program I wrote in excel. This is why I trust Your times . I know We cannot win every race , but when these come up, they are worth it. I have some times from another source, but they are not as good and trustworthy as yours.

That was a great result and made your time ratings encouraging to me.So once again Peter, thank you mate for your commitment and time. Let me know when the updates are ready and I will buy them straight away.

(Ed: Thanks Mick - yes they throw up some good results from time to time (pardon the pun) - the updates are on the agenda for later this year. The "agenda" however seems to get longer and longer)

From Shane 28.8.12 (Apprentices) ...........Just a quick FYI regarding claiming apprentices (CA). In your system "The Grail", detailed on your Whole Box and Dice CD, you noted (as a chaos factor) CA on favourites. I regularly audit the Champion Picks web-site and noticed a recent blog-article that I thought might interest you. David Duffield (CEO), a respected racing professional, surveyed the results of Metropolitan' favourites for the past two seasons and found that CA lose 10% on turnover, with all other jockeys losing 2% on turnover.
This certainly supports your thesis, Peter. A thesis that I have also strongly believed, after many years of reviewing Saturday results.
(Ed: Don't know David but obviously a man of great intellect.........:-).........Yes it is clear cut to my mind – as I often ask people: if you want to build a house do you get a fully qualified tradesman to do it? And how do you feel if you visit the site and the only ones working on the house are apprentices and the tradesman isn’t there? Interestingly one thing I have observed is that if the apprentice is starting from barrier 1 or 2 they do much better (probably because the number of decisions decreases) – just to complicate the issue a little more – AND if they are drawn in the OUTSIDE two barriers they do better (probably because their boss just tells them to “jump out and get as close to the lead as you can” so the horse is allowed to run and doesn't get held up midfield and increase the number of mid race decisions they have to make.......I think it is where they are drawn in the middle of the field that all the trouble starts……just an observation)

From Scott 21.8.12 (Whole Box & Dice package)....I got the Whole Box and Dice System the other day. Bloody hell, I will be there for a year trying to read all of this...hahaha. Good Stuff!!!

From Dennis ( Power Of One test)........Many thanks for the 8/1 Canberra winner yesterday from Power of One. Ill be one of the first to purchase this system when you market it.
(Ed: Yes it goes okay - the testing continues - no rush, as with all things in this genre)

From Scott 14.8.12 (Frequently asked question!!).......If my understanding is correct (with the Whole Box & Dice package) you can input the criteria for each system into (Bet Selector) and it will make the selections for you. is this correct? Is this software (Bet Selector) able to be used on all of your systems in the box and dice set?

About 50% of the methods I have played around with over the years and sell through this site fit in to the BS model but 100% of them CAN ALSO be done manually with any of the free form guides available on the net– only the time taken is the big question – BS does it instantly – manually would take a lot of time to do the same job – for example I run the 24 methods that we use in the MultiMeth idea through BS on my computer every day – takes less than 1 minute. The methods that don’t fit BS are like that because there are some of my criteria that BS can’t measure and some methods require being there in front of the computer race to race– different strokes for different folks)

From Peter 08.08.12 (Defender) ....................I purchased your Race Rate Defender Methodolgy about 1 month ago. I must say, I'm impressed, I followed the system for 3 Saturday meetings and have had a good strike rate. Of the 57 races that I thought meet the criteria of the system, I've had 21 winners, the best paying a massive $17.10!!!! So I say Thankyou.

From Paul 29.7.12..........Thank you for your CD Whole Box & Dice, great product!

From Chas 21.7.12 (NZ Niche method).......Thanks for the race system. Although the selections it throws out are few and far between sometimes, when they do come, they are really good.Have got them ranging from$ 1.60 – $16.80 for a win. The last one was just 2 days ago. So, over all, I’m very happy. Just one question. When the rules say a horse must have won or placed, Is 4th place termed as “a place” ? Sometimes they pay out to that
(Ed: No - to me place is very clear cut - 1,2 or3)

From Zane 15.7.12 (methods)..........was intersted in the Sydney Metro 2011 Tested Method, so if i follow the exact same rules is it fair to say i could make a good second income?
(Ed: There are NO certainties in gambling. If you are seeking that, you are on the wrong bus)

From Bruce 14.7.12..........Thank you for your website. Unusual to find someone talking commonsense in regard to systems and punting in general........

From David 13.7.12 (Stuff).........I'm a fledgling professional punter. I've worked on systems for quite a while, and I've recently started committing money to my favorite. Three months in it's looking very good. I read your article on stress, and I totally agree with you, especially the part about meditation. I almost always meditate before betting.
I have seen how becoming stressed loses me money.
(Ed: Good on you David. The stress factor is very often overlooked when it comes to rational decision making but when you write about stuff like meditation people generally think you're off with the fairies and a "loopy". Have a stress free weekend!)

From Matt 13.7.12 (Masterlays) .......Just wanted to say thankyou ......... . the best money I've spent on punting . Teach a man to fish so to speak rather than spend money on getting the tips . I can't believe how often these horses are overbet especially maidens . This has kept my bank growing at steady rate so for that thanks again I just thought I'd let u know .

From Peter 10.7.12 (Multi-Meth).........I use the Multi meth selections through my mobile email and find it a great service. I very much enjoy your website and wisdom you provide.......
From Paul: 1.7.12 (Daily Ratings) .......just re subscribed to your daily ratings via the Paypal .......... I have found this to be an excellent service.
From Greg: 29.6.12 (Counter Bet)

I have been reading through a lot of your articles and thoroughly enjoying them. I like your writing style and humour and the "matter of factness".
Your articles make a great deal of sense to me and I am starting to pick up the common theme about how to be more professional and disciplined punter.
I have been to your site a few times before to cash in on the free stuff but I find myself looking to go that next step towards being a more disciplined punter.
Yesterday I bought your CounterBet system and put it into practice last night. After sitting there for a few hours I think I am starting to "get it".

Typically I run some systems but I am always having a few bob in other places.
My systems do quite well but it all gets evened up by the social punting but last night I think I have taken a step closer.
After spending 3 hours making $25 (from an outlay of $35 for POT of 73% thank you very much) the urge to blow $5 on a dog I knew nothing about no longer held much appeal to me.
So this morning I still have my $25 hard earned cash in the account. And when I think about it I drool over systems that can "double the bank" in a few months but I have now realised after using CounterBet (and reading your article on Compound Gambling) that betting to a small target every day and achieving it, say $20, it takes less that 2 months to make $1000! Of course you wont hit your target every day but thats not the point.
The point is I dont need to go up and down by hundreds every day to make a profit, and particularly if I can make that profit from a minimal outlay my assets are more protected. I seem to be happy breaking even some days and justify that because I have turned over $500 to do it! So making a solid $25 from $35 makes me feel kinda good.
I very much like CounterBet. I do understand it completely, it makes sense and I do understand the downside and how quickly you can get there. (Ed: Well noticed!)
So thanks for such a great site with a wide range of topics covered that you dont typically find in one place.
I think you have a great balance of giveaways (that work!) and products for purchase and I can certainly appreciate the amount of hours you have spent in writing articles and developing systems.
(Ed (blushing) : Thanks Greg - I think your words in analysing your own betting traps hold more truth than I could ever write - sounds to me like you're at the start of the "path" - good luck with it!)

From Ross: 28.6.12 (Par Times)..........It is invaluable. I used it today to assess 2 races at Wyong in conjunction with another spreadsheet I have that also includes average prize money per race. Interesting results to say the least. Wyong race 4 (only 5 starters) system predicted order of 2,3,6,1,7, Actual result was 2,6,1,7,3. 3 must have had a bad day as rest of order was spot on. Wyong race 7 (8 starters) system 9,2,7,5,3,4,10,11. Didn't get all places in order but first four were 2,7,3,10. Of the top 3 predicted 2 appeared as 1st and 2nd. Something in this I am sure.
(Ed: Glad you find them invaluable Ross - one day we hope you find them valuable - sorry, old Monty Python line - couldn't resist! The Par Times were the result of many many hours of research so glad they are still applicable these few years later - will probably still be for some years to come I would think unless we suddenly see a whole host of very very fast horses which is unlikely)

From Damian: 21.6.12 (Staking Plan)..........thanks for sharing your staking plan which I have now adapted to my own spreadsheet. It makes sense completely but I can see why some people would get bored with it all at the very start.........Whole Box & Dice is proving to be a great research platform punters site on the web
(Ed: Thank you Damian for the kind words. Yes, the staking plan tends to be very boring when you kick it off but there you go - a lot of things in life are boring aren't they?
But playing around with horses sure beats a lot of other more boring things I could reflect upon (!!) and as long as it doesn't become a problem for you and you have the $$$ to lose if that so happens to be the outcome, it's an enjoyable way to go for many ......including me.)

From Brett 5.6.12...... I enjoy your site immensely

From Dallas 1.6.12 (Par Times)............thanks for the par times that came through this morning, they've been something I've been meaning to get for ages and already have been a great help (that's after about 6 hours with them!!)

From Pat 25.5.12..........excellent site. Can you please tell me what staking approach you take personally?
(Ed: Thanks for the kind words in the other part of your letter Pat. Well you have spurred me in to action (!!!) and my own personal plan is explained
in full on another page which is accessible by clicking HERE)

From Jeremy (Whole Box & Dice) 22.4.12..........couldn't believe how quickly it arrived out here where I am in the woop woop!...........a wealth of information....thanks

From Karly 12.4.12 (The Grail).........thanks for being so patient and answering all my follow up questions. You don't get that sort of after sales service much any more.

From Ross 31.3.12............................your website is extremely helpful.

From Des 31.3.12 (Cascade 10)..........I think I have an understanding of it now......Very impressive bit of work.

From Josh 28.3.12( (CounterBet)........ I have received Counterbet files. This is a very good system, I am making small bets and my unitab bank is slowly rising.
(Ed: No worries Josh and well done on adopting a sensible "easy does it" approach)

From Rex 23.2.12 (MultiMeth) ....I have been using Multimeth since early January and as I work most days it is easier for me just to put my bets on the night before using Betfair I pretty much only use starting price. Because of this I don't bet on NZ races, but anyway got a nice surprise last night Love Our Girls in Brisbane won and payed just over $34 on SP with Betfair. I don't suppose that will happen again for a while, glad I was there for it though.
(Ed: No, they don't happen too often, mores the pity, but they do put a bit of a bounce in your step, don't they? Fair result for using a disciplined and consistent approach!)

From Kane 18.02.12 (MultiMeth - OutRater)......been using Outrater for a while with solid results..... my main question is why do you not include proven successful systems like outrater in your multi method service?
(Ed: The reason OutRater isn’t included with the multi meth at the moment is because I am still doing OutRater manually because I haven’t had the time (or expertise!) to completely automate it whereas the multi-meth selections are totally automated.
It may be that down the road I can work out how to do the “value judgments” I use in OutRater - the whole thing is still an evolving idea in a lot of ways which is proving most interesting to me)

From Joe 15.02.12 ..(General) ......I have never met you face to face, but you are one of the few if any that I actually trust on the internet when racing is regarded. I once paid you too much money for one of your products, & you repaid me within minutes, not too many would do that!.

From Greg 31.01.12 (Multi-Meth) ........I’m having a lot of fun with MultiMeth so far, Sat was very good, keep up the good work!

From Wayne 26.01.12 (Whole Box & Dice).........very interesting product.....really enjoy the practical and common sense approach you have taken and some of the systems are very interesting to say the least

From Barry 22.01.12 (The Grail)........without doubt the most intriguing approach to winning I've seen but I must say the staking plan that you sent with it makes it "pure gold"

From Carter 10.01.12 (OutRater) .....great afternoon today with 3 wins and a second from just four selections......Reece at $22 made my day
(Ed: Yes it was a very pleasant afternoon wasn't it? What a pity it doesn't simply do that every day ...ah well, we live in hope :-) )

From Liong 06.01.12.........I've been a regular reader on your website. it gives me so much information about betting or should I say, investing, on horses. I've been trying to make money on horses and always failed because I'm one of those people who gets desperate and panics if I don't win and start putting all my money on favorite without doing any homework about the horse. You talk about this on your current articles "observation favorite". So thank you for sharing your knowledge to us smaller punter trying to have an extra money and keep up the good work.

From Ari (OutRater) 30.12.11...........I am enjoying the outrater system..................learning the art of discipline and sticking to the rules.....
after 180 win bets, my profit on turnover is about 10% which is lower than what you achieved b/n April and July in 2011 (22.85%)......the only real variable in the system is the class rule. Did you use a specific rule in your approach. At the moment, I will exclude a selection if the prize money in its previous race was less than 40% of the current race.
(Ed: Glad you are in front on OutRater - the actual % will vary all the time of course but as you are undoubtedly coming to appreciate it is the overall LONG TERM result that counts. Interesting to read in The Australian lately that Australia's biggest punter aims for an annual 1% profit on turnover. As to class, I am coming to the position lately that if the prize money for the horse's race today is DOUBLE or more compared what it ran in last start, I just about discard automatically UNLESS it has run (and successfully) at today's level in the past so I guess we are on the same tram - just looking at it in a slightly different manner.)

From Craig (WB&D) 23.12.11.........arrrived this morning.....very thrilled to find that "bonus software you can't mention" included with the package. I always used to wonder what that was will be interesting to see if it still has application some 20 years on.....merry xmas

From Barry (WB&D)...23.12.11..........Many thanks the Cd came this morning......WOW, what a collection of systems.......willl need all holidays to go through them
(Ed: You must be a speed took me years!!!! :-)....Australia Post are quite good aren't they even at this time of the year - well done to the posties)

From Warwick ... (WB&D)....22.12.11..........Many thanks for the extra systems.......I'm thoroughly enjoying the contents of The Whole Box and Dice as well as your daily ratings..........

From Bill...20.12.11.......I always get something out of your systems, even if it sends my thinking on a different tangent.
(Ed: That's terrific and the whole object of the exercise. Because of the nature of the thing, it is all but impossible to come out in front if you follow the "herd" reasoning and betting patterns without showing enormously more discipline than the "herd" norm. Lemmings don't make good gamblers!)

From Gerald.....19.12.11......Just like to say a big thank you for the recent methods that you posted. Love all your methods and am a big fan of your work. Hope you have safe and happy xmas.

From Graham (Whole Box & Dice) 16.12.11....... Received The whole box and dice monday, but my house has been in turmoil this week and now is the first opportunity i've had to let you know and take a look at it. So much to go through! Apart from that I'd just like to say I spent a large part of last weekend poring over the site and was amazed at the wealth of good free information, wonderful stories and sound punting advice available to anyone prepared to take the time too peruse it all. All I can say is it's a great site and if someone can't gain anything by reading through it then they should keep their hands in their pockets or give it all to the missus. Seasons greetings

From Brandon (Daily Ratings) 15.12.11........Freak! That's the one word that describes you......a $62 top rater!!!  Wow 2/3 ain't bad at all! I had only 5 units on each of the top raters but thanks so much!
(Ed: Umm, here's the bad news. It probably won't happen again today or for some time :-))

From Paul Whole Box & Dice) 07.12.11......The Whole Box and Dice arrived in the mail last night. I read it for about 4 hours and I think your product is under priced compared to a lot on the market

From Rex (Bet Selector) 04.12.11......Thanks for the review of Bet selector. ........I realise that you haven't mucked around with it too much. I have a pretty good collection of Racerate's systems which I like very much, so my question is, can I use your systems with this programme? I love your website, makes me late for work most days and keeps me from doing things that I'm suppose to be doing. Just joking, but I do have a squizz most days I seem to always learn a little more about punting that I did yesterday. Have a great festive season.
(Ed: Thanks for the kind words.
Some Racerate methods can be used with BS but most can't because of the "non standard" criteria I tend to look at ......... I guess because I look at quirkier angles - :-)

From Paul (Idyllic Gambling Days) 29.11.11......oh my god, reading the above reminded me of my teenage years in the sixties. I'm 60 now. I didn't have a grandma but I had a neighbour who was exactly like your grandmother. I cannot believe that everything you wrote was a reflection of my teenage years at the races. Except Joan (our neighbour) followed down here what we had was a four race place card run by the local football club, quite illegal but everyone turned a blind eye.
(Ed: Ah, the old four race place accumulator card. Wow, that brings back a few memories as well - lol. Yes, the good old days when the "blind eye" actually saw reality. These days of course we have the goody two shoes wankers who want to control every thought and thing that everyone does because they know better than everyone else in the whole wide world and they are the fonts of all knowledge because they got elected. They claim morality is on their side. Care to check their court records as a grouping?)

From Brian (SelfRate) 26.11.11.......I just want to say that I gave the program a go at Moonee Valley last night and (R3-#8 = $5.20/2.00), (R4-#11 = $4.50/1.90), (R6-#2 = $19.50/4.70), were all winners for me. “Good ratings tool”.

From Ivan (Whole Box & Dice) 16.11.11.........I think the WB&D represents the best value I have seen for some of these things

From Terry (ratings) 13.11.11.......just had to drop you a note to say thanks for Strike One at Sydney yesterday. When I saw you had it equal top rated I thought you must have been drunk...........daily double here paid over $275............just great. Thanks.
(Ed: Yes it's good when the 50/1 pops salute which is about every blue moon unfortunately)

From Peter (Whole Box & Dice) 3.11.11.......there are a lot of good ideas and plenty of food for thought. Good value too.

From Gerry (Daily Ratings) 3.11.11............. nice tri in the last at Flemington (nearly 3k).....I basically just used your ratings for the day on the selected races ended up with a nice little profit
(Ed: Yes they will throw up long priced winners from time to time - they are of course only designed to be a "starting point" for your considerations, not "commandments from on high")

From Keith (Whole Box & Dice) 03.11.11.......splendid service, many thanks.

From Brian 25.10.11 (SelfRate) ....... I have used the software (and my workaround) to great effect in conjunction with my own spreadsheets that convert the ratings into a market. A comparison between my calculated odds and the odds available on the TAB just prior to the running of a race enables me to identify the value runners. Last Saturday, the top five rated horses in the Cox Plate provided me with both the winner and the trifecta. Nice !

From Phil 21.10.11 (Grail) ...As a racing and mathematics enthusiast I love your approach

From Gerry 21.10.11.......Thanks for the reply and the advice about reading the compound gambling. I also read a number of the other topics you have on the site namely gambling discipline, deliberately losing and a few others which included 1 on chasing losses. Many years ago when I would go to the Sale races with my Grandfather that was his last piece of advice as we walked in the gates every meeting. If you are losing coming into the last couple of races keep your hands in your pockets,you are better off going home with a little rather than none, I have always remembered that.
(Ed: Your grandfather was a pretty smart guy - as they mostly are!)

From Ed, Sausalito, California 15.10.11 (The Grail)........promised I would write and let you know.........a few modifications and your Grail works out just great on races over the collect line more often than not..........turf or dirt don't seem to matter ......good on you "mate"
(Ed: Yes I rather suspected it would from my limited knowledge of USA racing - and what a wonderful part of the world you are living in!! Another guy from San Antonio reports the same effect which is pleasing to me because I wasn't quite sure if it would or not :-) )

From Peter you have helped me..... I have been gambling for 25 years, mostly losing, (and) your advice has given me a new found discipline and structure to follow....I thank you very much
(Ed: Welcome. Best letter I have got all week :-)......discipline is the key - the rest is secondary....without discipline you must lose)

From Sarah 6.10.11 (ratings).................enjoying your pressure Point system and the 20/1 winner at Ballarat from the free ratings was great....thanks a lot

From Harold 3.10.11 (SelfRate)........... I purchased a few years SELFRATE cannot wait for the weekend to come again

From Cyril 27.09.11 (Outrater)................finally got around to using outrater for the first time today............had seven selections for five winners and a second. Is this a normal result?
(Ed: No. Unfortunate but true! Don't hold your breath waiting for the same result today)

From Karyn 18.9.11 (Whole Box & Dice) .......About 6 months ago I bought the whole box and dice package off your website. I have since bought Counter bet and have bought single items prior to this......I am enjoying your products very much

From Scott 04.09.11 (OutRater)........ it landed some good winners yesterday. I had Lone Rock in Melb that got up at $25 and a few others ranging from favourites to about $7 so I had fun yesterday...................

From Jason 29.8.11 (OutRater & Bullets).....I had a few nice wins on Saturday with this system (OutRater), and also the bullets system I bought from you a while back.
(Ed: Glad you're enjoying OutRater - we're pretty happy with it still - it's amazing how that Bullets method keeps delivering after the years since development - I know from feedback there are many out there that still use it every day)

From Les 27.8.11 (Whole Box & Dice- OutRater) ..................what can I say - 25/1 on betfair - bloody brilliant. All paid for plus some. Thank you - Les

From Lesley 26.8.11 (Bots)....As you would know I have a number of your systems and enjoy using them very much. I have been toying with the idea of using a betting bot to run some of the better ones, that require me to be tied to the computer..... I have investigated a few of them, but to be honest have ended up more confused than when I started! Quite a lot of them seem to emanate from Britain and most require monthly fees, whereas I would prefer a once only up front cost. I believe there are services around which may customise a bot for you. I notice you mentioned bots back in May and I was wondering if you had any more feedback or if you were able to point me in the right direction. Your advice is always valued
(Ed: Yes - I am with you on these bots - I remain unconvinced - as much as I have tried to find out, the less cooperative all these people tied up with them seem to be.
Maybe that's just the way they are - don't trust anyone - never share information - you know the story…………I am sure they probably do work but cannot get concrete stuff about it all - to the point I've become quite bored with trying to find out - you don't mind things that take time to understand and sort out but when you just keep banging your head against a brick wall I find better things to do…….I am a pretty simple sort of bloke so it needs to be simple for me to do it or I just get frustrated and walk away. Maybe other people have had success understanding it all and getting valuable and verifiable information but I haven't got any further than when my interest in the subject was first spiked)

From oneal 24.8.11 (free Greyhound Gold) ........from a $100 dollar purse to $200 playing at Angle Park, Devonport, Lismore, and Warragul. I loved the greyhound tips sent from your site per my request. Its nice to see there is a slight method to use to get the hocus pocus out of greyhound betting. Thanks again.

From Oskar Missy 17.8.11 (Pressure Point).....up around $600 from the last 7 days using mostly $50 bets on the Pressure Point System.

From Alan 5.8.11 (Masterlays)......I am happy with my purchase of Masterlays. It is is simple, clear and easy to follow. Thanks.

From Maria 2.8.11 (The Grail) .........I purchased grail from you a while ago now and enjoy it very much, I notice that you have a Minimalist 2 staking plan, is it possible to get a copy of this
(Ed: Glad your having success - yes it has been a while since you purchased it - I have sent the new Minimalist II staking plan - you should have received it by now)

From Jamie 1.8.11 (The Grail)....Just thought I’d write this to see if I can get something put up on your feedback section..I bought The Grail last week and decided to use a $100 starting bank as opposed to the $1000 starting bank you used in the trial, I am already $60 better off without too much risk involved. It’s a very well thought out method and it’s so good to be finally able to enjoy the horse racing and make a little extra cash from enjoying the sport without having to stress about losing on my betting and going into panic mode. This is by far the best method I have seen and long term I can see it being highly rewarding, keep up the good work and thanks again.
(Ed: ..the most important phrase you put in there was " and going into panic mode". That will bring you undone 90 times out of a hundred - maybe 95......Glad you are pleased - have fun)

From George 25.7.11 (Pressure Point)........can only bet on weekends unlike you. Last weekend on Saturday and Sunday there were 24 selections for 9 winners and a even stakes return of over 39 units for 24 I outlayed or a return on investment of about 38%........congratulations on an original idea as I haven't seen this approach anywhere else that works............well done
(Ed: Thanks for the kind words George. I would be surprised if the 38% holds up in the long term though. In fact I know it won't on a seven day a week basis but I have noticed Saturday and Sunday do SEEM to be the most consistently profitable days :-))

From Trevor 13.7.11 (Counterbet).....Counter Bet still going strong when I can get to it........

From Andrew 9.7.11 (Pattern 25)............The pattern 25 has been working quite well. It had a very good day today. It works well on a set and forget basis in the background. I will give the " $1000 Staking plan for horse racing" a go together with the CD that you send me. I reckon this is a very safe staking plan and can offer some good results at the same time. Thanks for your help. Not even sure how I came across your site but I like the warnings that you give quite often. They seem to keep me in check and stop me from going back to bad habits........
(Ed: Well done - not so much on the Pattern 25 results but for your very recognition of the bad habits stuff. You've turned "the corner" and you can't do that until you wake up to the bad habits that are there and holding you back in the first place. Anyone that's been involved in racing for more than a couple of years, with average observation skills, should be able to put together a method that gives them the best chance of success.........the ones that do succeed overcome all those "bad gambling habits" along the way as well. The irrational bets, the desperate bets, the who cares I'm in front bets, the it's only an interest bets, the I'm here with my mates and they're having a bet bets........the list is endless. Breaking the cycle is dead set harder than quitting smoking but once you're free of the silliness it can be great fun.)

From Ross....2.7.11 (The Grail)............been meaning to write since I brought this a few months ago to say how pleased I am.........don't bet every day because I work as well but it has won on 95% of the days I've been able to use it............going down to Brisbane this week for State of Origin and I'm happy to tell you that the accommodation is on you guys
(Ed: I am so so jealous! How good has that Lockyer been? Enjoy the game - you'd think Queensland were stone bonkers!)

From David 27.6.11 (Pattern 25).........Thought I'd share this with you. I've noticed that there's a significant increase in the P.O.T. on pattern 25 if you bet only on horses that fall between $6 - $10 Starting Price (or approx)

From Alistair, Warrawong 23.6.11 (Whole Box & Dice) ................if i can't win with all the stuff in this i'll give it up...............great value

From Gerry 15.6.11 (ratings) finding your ratings on horses extremely helpful and great..........

From Anthony 14.6.11 (The Grail)...........concept is excellent and obviously well long does it take you to research these things?
(Ed: A long time - my wife will tell you "forever"!!)

From Trevor 8.6.11 (CounterBet)....All is good with Counterbet. A great easy to use system.......

From Peter 6.6.11 (The Grail)..........hi Peter....... don't know if this helps but i see a new corporate bookie " READBET " run by one of mark reads relatives ! has a deal of 10% rebate on win and place losing bets .. they claim the win bet will be slightly larger [ couple of cents ] then the super tab pay out , plus the the losing bet 10% rebate . might increase your pot by 6% or 7% on the minimalist ver 11 ?
i am assuming " the grail " prices are from super tab ? no i don't have an interest in promoting readbet
(Ed: Thanks for that Pete......good tip for those that are interested and makes sense to me. Here's the link for those that wish to investigate further:

From Joel 30.5.11 (CounterBet)..........undoubtedly one of your first Crash Test Dummies (lol) to try CounterBet let me say how good it is........been using the low level staking approach since starting it .......haven't had one losing day since starting and am about to ramp up now I am confident in how it all works so wish me luck..................terrific work in developing this and detailed as always.....interested to ask what do you see as the greatest risk?
(Ed: Joel you don't need luck but you DO need advice is to go from the lowest risk to medium risk staking plan if you want to but don't increase your at risk bank until you really know how it works inside and out....patience, patience, patience! The greatest risk is waiting too long to put the bet on before they jump. The second greatest risk is not waiting long enough to out the bet on before they jump. That takes a fine touch and degree of experience and logic.......)

From Greg 290511 (The Grail) .......Hi Peter, I would like to thank you for the work you put into the grail system, it is doing very well.

From Bill 230511 (AllUp article) .....I have been having some success with running two and three race each-way all up bets (e.g. Races 1&2, 1&2&3, 2&3, 2&3&4 etc.). For an 8 race meeting this means 7 x 2 race all ups (28 units) and 6 x 3 race all ups (48 units). It's amazing how one or two winners coupled with a $2.50 or $3 place getter can mount up. Cheers, Bill

From Jan 180511 (The Grail)...Hi Peter, Not only did it help but I got it in one :-). THANKS

From Jan 170511 (The Grail)...I think I got the concept all right. I was wondering whether you would be prepared to go 'beyond a call of duty' and design and send me a copy of a excel spreadsheet as the ones that I'm making are not working properly please?
(Ed: Have sent to your email addy :-) )

From Gary 19.04.11.................I have used a number of your systems in the past and have not been disappointed.

From Gerald (The Grail) 12.04.11.........Very interesting. You must have spent a lot of time working this all out. Great work.......

From Les..11.04.11........I`m a long time user of your site. I have to say you are still the best value for money there is...(and isn`t that what we punters should be searching for ..VALUE). In my humble opinion you have created the most informative punting site I have come across.

From Alan (Grail) 06.04.11...........without doubt the most successful racing product I have ever purchased...............the apprentices rule has saved me many times..............have reverse engineered the approach and am actually laying the non qualifiers with great success but I guess you thought of that a long time before me?
(Ed: Hi Alan. Yes, the Grail works exceptionally well and I do venture to the "dark side" for laying non qualifiers myself, particularly if they are less than $2.50)

From Ross (The Grail) say I was doubtful when I purchased this is an understatement as I have been burned a few times before with systems but this is the real thing. After nearly two months I can say I have never used anything as successful as this and I have been enjoying punting for over 25 years. Your non chaos theories are exceptionally well thought out as I have discovered as each race goes by. Well done. I am a convert. While I am writing may I also say how much I enjoy the articles you write. You are correct when you stress the importance of overcoming the mind games that I am sure we all experience. To anyone reading this, get the whole box package as it is a real treasure trove of punting ideas. I am so pleased I did. You may publish this on your site if you so feel inclined. Ross.
(Ed: Thanks for the kind words Ross - glad you have joined the right side of the ledger :-))

From Georgios (Self Rate) 250311.........using selfrate in uk races with great success

From David (Prime Factor) 20.3.11.............About three weeks ago I bought the Pre 2009 Methods from you but unfortunately up until yesterday I have been to busy to try out any of the systems that were included. I finally found some time yesterday to try your Prime Factor system and I would just like you to know that it is still performing absolutely brilliantly I had 14 selections with 7 winners including payouts of
(on Betfair) 22.00 15.00 9.00 and 7.00. What can I say except brilliant.
Thank you for all the time and effort that has been put into these systems by everyone at your establishment to help make them so successful. I understand that I will not get such good results every day but it certainly helps to restore your faith in humankind to actually get a system that works after spending thousands of dollars on systems from other people that are not even worth the cost of the paper that you print them out on.
(Ed: Wow - there's a wrap - thanks David - but I'm glad you added
"I understand that I will not get such good results every day" - :-))

From "Ozmium" forum 18.311 .......I have used a Racerate system & back tested their figures & they were correct. They do stipulate that their figures are correct. they also stipulate, that it does not mean it is guaranteed to work in the future. What one is paying for is their research based on past results because they don't have results from the future. They then live test the systems for 1-3 months after that to see if they perform .......Bhagwan

From Garry, Essendon (The Grail) 18.3.11.................a bit confused as to what to do when the dead heat happened this afternoon. Other than that has been going very very well in the five weeks since purchase.
(Ed: Good question Garry about the dead heat result. As it hasn't been a factor in all the races up until now, we weren't sure either!  At the end of about 30 seconds consideration (:-)) we simply copped the loss and moved on. It was a lineball decision but we went with the conservative approach and reccomend that at all times. I know....boring)

From "Ozmium" forum 18.311......I dont use any of the free ones but I did buy Master Lays and I am in front and continue to use it. Highly recommend racerate so far. No **** at all.....marksto2

From Simon (The Grail) 13.3.11.................the word extraordinary comes to mind..............have never purchased a system before and approached it with a deal of skepticism but have been completely surprised.......have not had a losing day since I brought it off you nearly a month ago.............agree with your ideas on slow but sure

From Tom (Whole Box & Dice) 07.03.11........Hi Its Tom I recently got the whole box and dice and simply love the stuff in it ......

From Henry (Box & Dice) 02.3.11...........l'm enjoying the SSG Software and your Ratings...been having fun with them plus Pos+,Pat25,Chev using them all in my Tris& taking the 1st longest pre post over 15/1 with them in my first four sections had couple of hits ....but the ssg sure gets a lot of big Divies

From Paul (free systems) 25.2.11.....................o.m.g. what a lot of work you have put into these freebies.... I don't normally or should say that I don't bet on the "doggies" or the" red hots" but i will be looking at them at a different angle

From Helen, Grafton (The Grail) in this continues to grow as the results roll in every day ....... am using the medium staking plan but wish now I had started on the high risk method you have outlined......
(Ed: Oh dear oh dear - Helen - I hope you are re-reading this. Remember the instructions and why it is called "high risk"?)

From Mick, Henley Beach (The Grail) 13.2.11....three words, very very good

From Aaron, Cootamundra (The Grail) 8.2.11..........the logic behind the selection process is quite brilliant......started every day has been a winner...hope it keeps going
(Ed: You and me both Aaron :-))

From Bernie (Daily Ratings) 20.12.10.................a long term subscriber (satisfied) to your ratings........well done on Kylemore castle at Barnsdale this had it top rated at $3.10....paid nearly $14 here in NSW..............has paid for the turkey the ham the presents and then
(Ed: Thanks for your continued support . Merry Xmas!)

From James (Cascade 10) 19.11.10................(cascade 10)..... was exactly what I needed to get my betting thing ever........thanks

From Elliott (Pattern 44) 16.11.10..................just curious as to why you describe it as a place betting method...........since I started using this a couple of weeks ago I have made a substantial profit betting for the win.................
(Ed: Hi Elliott - yes Pattern 44 remains a great conundrum to me but I still believe in the long term it is a place betting not win betting idea. Only time will tell but frankly it is driving me crazy!)

From Chris (Cacsade 10) 13.11.10...............Your Cascade 10 staking system is simply the best thing I have ever bought on line for racing............been using it now for a few months and it has completely turned around my profit / loss ratio like nothing else................mathematically brilliant approach which has eliminated the dreaded run of should be charging more for this!
(Ed: Thanks Chris for the kind words. We like it as well!)

From Henry (Pattern25/Positive Plus/ Chevron) 1.11.10............l've been down loading the form from AustRacBoard...and saving them..then opening it up with Mic/soft/Office...and high lite what l don't need and delete them .... all you have left is what you need...found it much quicker....just thought you like to know...thanks to you still going great with them...Henry
(Ed: Good news Henry that things are still going well for you after all this time. You are correct about easy ways to do the form. Much better than the bad old days with newspapers spread out all over the joint! I use a programme called Dreamweaver.......more on it by clicking here but it sounds like you've already got it sorted!)

From Ben (BlockBuster) three days of operation in and every day has been a winning day. Wow. This is just far compiles as 25 units invested for 47.6 units returned and no sign of the bogie man yet.............
(Ed: Refer previous reply :-))

From Ben (BlockBuster) 29.10.10............used Blockbuster for the first time yesterday - five selections for two winners a second and a of 5 units out for nearly 13 units return..... first system I've ever purchased so to say I am realy pleased is an understatement..........
(Ed: It is unlikely to be that good every day ben so caution is advised. Don't get rash. Don't think it's infallible because it's not...... but I am pleased you had good fun on your first attempt!)

From John (Whole Box & Dice) 15.10.10.........I received the whole box and dice CD last week and I was more than pleased with the contents and infomation provide. You have done a fantastic job developing all these systems....................

From Jack (SelfRate 8.10.10)..........I know everyone is talking about the new software and I may well purchase that one day but I am bound over to say that your selfrate software that I have had for the last three years is absolutely wonderful. I know it is slower to do and all that but as I am retired the essence of time is something I am willing to sacrifice in the aim of accuracy. Honestly Peter if it wasn't for selfrate supplementing our pension I don't know what we would have done over the last couple of years or how we would have paid those mongrel electricity bills. You may use this on your computer site if you should so desire............Jack
(Ed: Thank you Jack. The other matter you mentioned is being attended to and you should get the package in the next few days. I am grateful for your input. As I say many times - to the point of being very boring- it is the very discipline and time input that you show that wins in the end)

From Gerald (general) 26.8.10........All your systems are brilliant and very well done,also well thought out. Congratulations on putting a lot of people on the straight and narrow.Help me no end thanks..............
(Ed: [blushing] Thanks for the kind words Gerald. The problem with trying to help people stay on the straight and narrow is: who keeps me on the straight and narrow? (lol) A lot of what I write ain't brain surgery - if it is , please God, never let me need a brain surgeon! I know I have said it many times but 90% of it comes down to discipline and controlling the emotions that make us gamblers in the first place. By the way, despite what the doo-gooders endlessly tell us, there is NOTHING wrong with gambling. Beats heroin adiction hands down. The only problem with most things happens when they're taken to excess. Stay in control. Be disciplined and enjoy the ride! Above all else - HAVE FUN - that's what it is supposed to be.)

From John (ratings) 25.7.10 was simply brilliant....thanks a million well not quite but a long way over a thousand

From Bill: (general) 19.7.10...........Thanks for a great site for racing fans. I particulary love the recent statistical information you have provided, Looking forward to more of the same.......

From Gerry (free Tas Ratings) 15.7.10..........thanks for your free Tassie ratings..........took your 3x3x3x3.........paid $1300+ so it might be my shout...............great service for zilch lol
(Ed: Onya Gerry - but I wouldn't count on it happening every day :-))

From Andy (Pattern 25) 1.7.10.......well done on the last month of Pattern 25.........use larger units than your 25 so as you can imagine I have a little more spending money than I was anticipating for our trip away....thanks .......heartily reccomended.

From Tim (Pattern 25) 23.6.10 ......cracker of a day today with a healthy profit for June so far.....well done on the changes you made.......perceptive......
(Ed: Yes Tim. I am just doing my results now. I didn't think I was going mad! May was a poor month so it is good to see the June "correction in direction". Hey I might copyright that - "correction in direction" - like it. I still have doubts about the "change of season" to the lesser class of winter horse and wonder if there will be recurrence at the end of winter when the better class of horse comes back so I have concerns there. Still - onwards and upwards :-))

From Henry (various) 9.6.10............l been happy with "Pat 25" for l mixed them with paylays .. l've had 42 bets and winning $48 for a dollar.. and thanks for your dogs Ratings found them very useful been taking been taking 20 dogs over the 920 ratings and backing them for 5 starts...been good results with parlays....l have been using your three Chev..Pos+...Pat 25..on all tracks just having a small tickle........any way Thanks for every thing...Henry
(Ed:Thanks Henry for the feedback .......yes, I can imagine that would work well on the Tasmanian dogs ratings - interesting thought starter!)

From Russell (Daily Ratings) 31.5.10 ....... I have been using your ratings for the past 2 months and have been enjoying some success.......I think you run a great service

Josh (Mega CD / ratings) 27.5.10.......received the Mega Systems CD and thank you, It is good to see plans for greyhounds and Harness racing. Also thank you for the bonus subscription to your ratings service I have been getting good any-2 bets..............

From Shepherd (Pattern 25) 4.5.10.........Thanks for getting back to me so quickly with answers to my queries, once Ive done the workouts a few times Im sure I will be fine, but good to know you are only an email away from providing assistance......
(Ed: No probs - that's what is supposed to happen isn't it? )

From Jason (Pattern 25) 28.4.10...........Good start with the system Peter ......I used a $10 each way investment today for a 34% return on money invested. Should have been 41% except for rookie mistake..........A quick question - on a day with 30 races to invest in do you typically just run a set and forget and place all the investments for the day at once? If you only have a certain bank for investing do you scale the dollar value of the bets back?.........What are your thoughts on this when starting out.
(Ed:I always use “set and forget” because I have a lot of stuff on the go simultaneously – mostly because of the number of years I have been playing with these things and I do some lay betting on Betfair ( laying horses not rated in the daily ratings top 4 that are less than $3.00) so my day (and nights!) are fairly full . I
recommend people start with bets equal to 3% of their bank – anything more is risky – anything else is “so big deal!” – but hey, that’s up to you.Bet ONLY what you can afford to lose J - boring aren’t I?)

From Carl (Pattern 25) 24.4.10................have never felt compelled to write "testimonials" to anyone BUT I make an exception here. I have bought systems before from other sellers like xxxxxxxxxxx but amazingly as soon as I have they seem to stop working as if by magic to somehow punish me for my foolishness. This is something quite unreal. This afternoon was sensational and I enjoyed it immensely. For something that is really quite simple the results are astounding. A thousand thanks......literally.
(Ed: Thanks for making an exception Carl - yes a great day yesterday - pity they all can't be like that!!)

From Marc (Whole Box & Dice) 22.4.10.....Thanks for the prompt service and good communication. The "whole box and dice" arrived yesterday, as Express Posted items should. I'd love to comment on what's in the package, but after a quick look, I see it's going to take months to peruse the whole lot - and that's exactly what I wanted! So it looks good so far and let's hope I can use a few ideas from the disk. Thanks too, for the ratings ... I'm sure I'll be using those for a while also. The whole envelope was very welcome.
(Ed: No worries Marc - enjoy!)

From Peter (Daily Ratings) 12.4.10..................admit I was sceptical at first as I am with all racing based products............your ratings profitability has exceeded my expectations...... get a lot out of the punting philosophy type article you write as well as they are well written and thought provoking.......... thanks

From Matt (Dog Busters) 29.3.10 ..........I purchased the Dog Busters Plan in late 2008. I really like the plan, have been able to pick up some really good winners. With regards to the staking plan I am having a bit of trouble trying to work out what the deficit amount should be after each bet. Are you able to email the Excel spreadsheet?
(Ed: Glad to know that Dog Busters is still delivering for you - spreadsheet is no worries)

From Mark (Pattern 25) 21.3.10.......You know it's really interesting looking at the selections and the pricing the market throws up. Small Minds a case in point. It beats Aloha by 1.9 lengths last start, coming HOME quite well, looking for all the world it can get longer and in this race the market assesses it at 35-1, with Aloha at 5-1. I suppose that is the reality of an imperfect market, it creates opportunities. I like the system, nice and simple and relying on known probabilities to assert themselves over the long term, with the advantage of capitalising on the mispricing of the market. Nice Work, thanks for a great system, I won't expect last weekend on a regular basis but it sure looks like a great no fuss steady accumulator....I had an excellent day
(Ed: just a pity every day can't be be like that though :-)

From Henry (Pattern 25) 21.3.10........just like to thank your for your Pat-25 selections..thanks to you l had a great arvo..again thanks....

From Tim, NZ, (Box & Dice) 21.3.10...........just have to add my voice to the chorus already on your website ... you have a fantastic way of doing business prompt professional replies to any queries and your website is just a wealth of free information

From Rod (ratings) 17.3.10..............don't know how you do it but when they arrive at $30 plus and are top rated I don't really care.......then to follow it up a couple later with a $13 winner is really just too to say I'm very happy with your product....use this on your web site if you choose.......thank you, Rod
(Ed: Onya Rod - yes it was another good day today -
glad to be of assistance)

From Andrew (ratings) 6.3.10.........this afternoon was just the best...........thanks..............ratings just keep getting better and you punt these yourself? If so, why not just punt them?
(Ed: Thanks for the kind words Andrew. Why? There's lots to go round :-) and shared works better for me - always has!)

Fron John (ratings) 27.2.10 .............I know from many years of correspondence that you don't 'blow your own trumpet' so please allow me to blow it for you through your feed back page. What a great day today. The best I've had in four or five all 21 races you rated 15 winners and had 7 trifectas and more overlays than I could poke a stick always, well done............John

From Joe (Prime Factor) 27.2.10 ......I have been a keen student of your selection system Prime factor, but [ yes there is always a but ] in the past few weeks selections have not been hitting the line in first position until yesterday Sydney 4 selections one at $31 another at $10.30 another at $8.50 and the last one at $2.60......... so as you always say hang in there
(Ed: Impossible to over emphasise the virtue of patience - it is a vital part of ANY successful venture)

From Ben (Ultimate) 26.2.10..........want to say what a great product............ULTIMATE has been going very well for me..........

From Helena ( ratings) 25.2.10..........yesterday did start slowly but Falconten at nearly $25 when you had it price rated at just over $4 sure made up for the slow start .... very pleased......
(Ed: Yes I had a good day at the end too Helena - glad you're happy!)

From Leon (ratings) 22.2.10............they seem pretty good but I am not sure of the best way to bet them to make a profit
(Ed: When I get a big chunk of time I have been playing (modestly successfully) by laying any UNRATED horse less than $4.50 on Betfair and backing any for a place that are well over the rated odds.
As I said, only modestly, but still quite successfully)

From Colin (ratings) 19.2.10............excellent this week with so many winners and so many at big overs.....been so good so far this week I am seriously looking at reducing my bets for the weekend. Why do I feel less confident the more I back? Got me beat. Thanks again..............
(Ed: That's actually a good question Col. I see it happen all the time. A huge run a of winners often leads to the "Doomsday theory" in that "Doomsday" must be just around the corner. I don't agree with it. It is demonstrably as false as the belief that if you've backed a lot of losers the next winner must be just around the corner.Each race is an individual event - in no way related to the one before it or the one after it. There is no reason for things to vary from the long term mean average. I'll keep betting at the same comfort level this weekend as I have been during the week as well. Has been a good week for overlays hasn't it?)

From Eric (ratings) 16.2.10...........congratulations on yesterday with your ratings pricing At The Roxy at Lismore at $4.40 and it paid over $16 here in Victoria...........unbelievable value .. well done

From Mark (ratings) 15.2.10........I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you adding prices to your ratings. I have been using your ratings for about 6 months now and have purchased a number of your systems including your self rate software. I have always been impressed with your service and professionalism...... I find your site to be absolutely wonderful. Full of great information and your personal observations I find to be very refreshing. I have been punting on and off for about 30 years (since 15), I worked in the racing industry as xxxxxxxxxxxxxx for about 7 years for racingnsw, so I have seen a number of sides of the industry. I now own a number of businesses and investments and I am so pleased to hear your views on money and how people need to view their punting activities and the caution they need to take....... Since finding your site and considering your punting philosophy I have found my own punting to be lifted to a whole new level. Certainly in profit but also in my whole approach...... The price guide you have added was for me the missing link as I am a bit obsessed about value. I am using it as a broad guide and tweak it to suit myself, depending on scratchings and my own opinion of the form of horses not in your top 4. The results of your ratings continue to be impressive and this price guide for me has been excellent in crafting a more coherent strategy linked to value, Saturday just being an outstanding day for example. I am also a believer in karma and I just wanted to let you know that your work has many positive effects out side of the passing on of punting information. Please keep up the good work, your time and effort is very much appreciated
(Ed: You will never know how much your kind thoughts are appreciated – seriously!
I sit here day after day on this computer, occasionally looking out the window to my magnificent back yard and garden which I love to death, and write this stuff which is based on my own experiences and lessons hard learned. (As a matter of fact as I write this there is a big kookaburra sitting on branch of the tree right outside the window - close enough for me to reach out and touch if the window was open - and it is just staring at me - knowingly! Very un-nerving!) Occasionally I think “I wonder if anyone is reading this stuff or am I just kidding myself that it is actually worthwhile doing?” I guess we all have self doubts – I know I do! I make a modest profit from my punting activities for which I am very grateful and enjoy. I would like to think that passing on the knowledge I have obtained from over 50 years of doing this (the first 40 were not profitable I might add - lol) does actually help others to get into the black. If it works for you I am very happy. Thanks again for the kind words.)

From Mike (ratings) 13.2.10............congrats on ratings again today - finally, you have started putting prices with them. Well done. Lots of overs today which made for a good afternoon.....regards
(Ed: Hi again Mike. Gosh, you've been with these ratings for a long time - one of the brave originals! As you know, I have dabbled with pricing these in the past but abandoned publishing them because I just wasn't happy with it at that stage and I think a lot of folks found it distracting for what they were doing with the ratings. But, yes, they are back and will stay back this time as I believe the prices are one of the main planks of success and a good guide to establishing a pattern of investment. I've set the prices mechanism at 120% so it gives you a bit more flexibility in allowing for the tote take out percentage)

From Con (systems) 13.2.10 ........... started today, 13/2/2010 on one of your free systems. Success immediately.17 Bets 14 collects.....Ta....EX LOSER.
(Ed: You're welcome....and stay committed to being an "ex loser".....if you can it really is much more fun!)

From Paul (general) 10.2.10 ................Thanks for a great site with lots of free information especially the favs report now available for download.......Keep up the good work

From Steven (Whole Box & Dice) 8.2.10 .............. wow where to start. There is just so much here to digest....... best value racing product I have ever purchased. I guess the sad thing from your perspective is that I will never have to buy anything again from wishes

From Michael (Master lays) 4.2.10 .............. purchased your Master Lays system last year ....... good success.

From Les (Ultimate), 4.2.10.........I had a brainwave today,due to work commitments,family etc time is hard to come by to do the form everyday. I am sure there are others out there with the same problem,so I thought if I could get in touch with 6 other ultimate system users we could form a "ring" and do a day each a week and email our selections to the others in the "ring".Then the next week you do the next day, so if you started on a Monday ,the next week you do Tuesday and so on as some days have more meetings than others to make it fair for all. What do you think? Other system owners could do this too. Would you mind putting this on the feedback page and if anyone is interested forwarding my email to them Keep up the good work... Les
(Ed: What a great idea.....well, the offer is there.... if people choose to reply, I shall pass on your e-mail to them ! )

From Rex, Stanthorpe, 2.2.10 (SelfRate) ................can I say how much I enjoy your products. It restores my faith in the punting industry that you take an honest no bulls*** approach to the way you do business. It is appreciated, believe me.
(Ed: Thanks Rex - I sleep well at night. Everything on this site is exactly as it has happened and. as I point out many many times, (to the point of being plain boring) there are no guarantees that what can occur in one instance can OR CANNOT be replicated again. It is why it is called gambling - and why I love it sooooo much :-) - I am sure you will enjoy the SelfRate as much as the others - I still use the basis of it very regularly and have done for years so you get no complaints from me. It is still, even in its raw form, quite reliable and throws up many many winners. If it didn't, I wouldn't still be retailing it and that is, as you say,is no bull****)

From Tim 24.1.10 (Prime Factor / Counters) ...............purchased both from you just before Christmas and have been running them in tandem .........great results ..... didn't know it was this easy......
(Ed: It's not "this easy" - pause to consider this PLEASE - you may just have started at a good place to start - don't overlook this and go crazy - but I am happy for you!).

From Andrew 3.1.10 (Wole Box & Dice)...........purchased some four weeks ago and I feel compelled to write and thank you for an excellent product that has exceeded my expectations............I have only explored your Master Lay method so far in depth but just this one system has paid for the purchase quite a few times over so thank you.....................after a while you get so used to being ripped off so this has made a very pleasant change and I compliment you on your honesty and level of service......................feel free to use this letter on your site.....................looking forward to many many more hours of exploration and evaluation..........
(Ed: Wow. Andrew, if I wasn't already There's nothing I can add to that!!! The whole idea is to enjoy and I am pleased to see that you are doing that.)

From Yvette 2.1.10 (ratings) .................are getting even more accurate as the last year has gone on................wanted to know are they the same as the SelfRate ratings because we get some slightly different selections to the daily ratings you publish when we use the SelfRate programme?
(Ed: Good question Yvette. The daily ratings started out being exactly the same as the Selfrate ratings a couple of years ago and were done for people who simply didn't have the time to do the SelfRate ratings themselves. However, as the years passed the daily ratings evolved through a combination of factors into a variation of the SelfRate originals. This is not to say that your Selfrate ratings that you generate are not valid but if I were to re-write that programme I would vary the weighted factors slightly. For one thing I now completely DISREGARD track conditions as my thinking on this has changed over the years. In most circumstances (and all you go on is "most" or you drive yourself crazy and it's not worth it) I now believe the track condition is irrelevant to the performance of most horses. The "purists" can throw their hands in the air as much as they like - that's just my view and I have been doing pretty well with this approach.
In the original software that you have, you may also like to try varying the jockey weighting. I no longer worry about the "top 8" at each track. I now have a list of the top 40 jockeys in Australia that I evaluate as a top 8 "option" that I update each 6 months or thereabouts. In fact the list I use is published elsewhere on this site - the link is on the front page.
The other variation to the the original SelfRate programme is that if a horse is resuming from a spell I put it in the "more than 28 days" category rather than a a first up from a spell option - again, this is an evolution simply through day to day observation of thousands and thousands of races. Thanks for the email and kind words. I have responded to you off site in more detail as you would be aware.

From Ross 25.12.09 (greyhound tips):.............pleased to know your six top rated winners in a row at last night's Hobart dogs not only paid for the xmas turkey and ham but also went a long way to paying for the presents as well (lol) - especially the one at 10/1.........well done, but why do you do it for free?

From Henry 24.12.09 (greyhound tips): Thanks for your free greyhound tips that you been sending--all the best on Xmas and may 2010 be a better year for all of us
(Ed:Hope you a good one too - may they all hurry HOME!
Thanks for your good wishes!)

From Peter 20.12.09 (general): I have spent a couple of days scouring your site and can’t believe the amount of useful information is on it. Thank you! I am about to purchase and try one of your Methodologies – do you have a favourite? I have punted for many years with only moderate success, but in recent years moderate has become very rarely. I can only put it down to the plethora of exotic betting that I am lured to by the promise of big dividends. Is it fair to assume, that continuous chasing of exotic betting as opposed to a staking plan on a win & place system, will never deliver the same long term results? What is your opinion?
(Ed: Thanks for the e-mail and kind words.
You are right on your observations that the lure of the big dividends can be fatal – big dividends (by their nature) magnify the risk. Interestingly, I was speaking with one of the form experts down here only a couple of weeks ago and we were talking about boxing four in every trifecta. He rightly pointed out that it guarantees you are taking 23 losing bets in every race! Pretty sobering thought – so if you only crack the trifecta once in 24 races it has to pay a dividend of $576 to even break square. Boxing three means if you crack it once in 24 races it only has to pay $144 to break square. Makes you stop and think doesn’t it? My favourite is split between the original Prime Factor method and Counters and Reflections but I don’t have as much time to punt like I used to as the site takes a lot of work and providing ratings seven days a week takes it toll as well.)

From Adam 16.12.09: I generally keep my comments to myself these days, but i just have to respond to the latest piece of feedback from that ignoramus...... the free information on ur site is worth more than any free tips will ever be.....thankyou...thankyou, and thankyou for this amazing resource...the knowledge i have gained from ur site is simply priceless......the internet would be a poorer place without a site like yours......keep up the fantastic work, and as you say...karma will be good to you..... cheers
(Ed: Interesting the people out there, isn't it? That all kinds of different people can come to the same site and get such a variety of "stuff" from it...never ceases to amaze me......I feel sorry for the guy that with an attitude to life like that it is almost impossible to end up on the right side of the ledger......negative attitudes attract other negatives.....always have, always will .........:-).....the only reason I published the email was for others to gain experience from it and to reassess their own attitudes to it all .............thanks for the kind words)

From Byron177 (unknown - hotmail address)14.12.09 : For years I have been coming to your scummy site for your free tips but now you low life b*******s have cut back on the number of free tips you put on your s*** site....... you're jus low life
(Ed: Well Byron, if that is, what can I say? Perhaps time to reflect on the words of those wiser than I, one of whom said "Give nothing away. People neither value it nor understand the spirit in which it was given". Perhaps Byron, you charming piece of work, you should spread your warmth on other sites. Why favour me with your best wishes alone? If anyone else feels the same, please let me know. I can fix it very quickly :-) - oh, and Byron old son, have a happy Christmas - undoubtedly you won't be having a prosperous new year, but hey, that's life)

From Terry (U.K.) (166 Systems CD) 01.12.09: An excellent product ...... very quick delivery.......well packaged............thanks

From Shaunn (Beaudesert) 28.11.09: Thankyou for the rroducts selfrate and crackerjack..... between both systems and 2 days I have won my total outlay plus 500 percent more. Thankyou very much, crackerjack doesn’t stop amazing me with picks like Our Movie Star that payed out 5.70 for the win.

From Chris (Adelaide) 18.11.09 (Box & Dice): Many thanks guys.
You are a cut above the rest!

From Mick, Canberra (12.11.09) Master Lays: ....bought SelfRate and MasterLays off you earlier far MasterLays looks very promising.....normally a Back punter, but betfair has opened my eyes to laying, and i have seen how MasterLays has worked.......Since getting the system off you a few hours ago, i am 6 from 6 lays on day 1 and its pretty much paid for itself....

From Mark (2.11.09) Chevron: I just bought the Chevron method, really surprised about rule 1, which discards all SA, TAS and NT races. What is the reasoning behind it?
(Ed: The problem with NT, SA and Tas racing is that they are of such poor quality that consistency goes out the window using them – even the lowest class of meetings in Victoria and NSW run to about $12000 to $15000 a race for the lowest class of racing. South Australian racing, even at Morphettville tomorrow, Melbourne Cup day, has races worth only $7750, a whopping $8250 for a 0-62 Hdcp and a class 3, and a 0-75 which is pathetic – it’s why horses that win there are often those whose last start has been a $4000 race at Victor Harbour – the NT is the same and, sadly, so Tasmania has become.
What I have found over the years is that you can’t win money backing second rate horses and these states are the places of last resort of second class horses – sad story – but true as much as love the people here in Tasmania in the racing game – any horse of any ability goes straight to Victoria or NSW provincials.
So that in a nutshell is the reason why – the pickings are so much more consistent in Qld, NSW, Vic and WA J - and I am heavily in to consistency – sadly the other States are becoming losing propositions that do very little but lengthen the “run of outs” numbers - I can't see any change in the near future until prize money levels are raised and the poor sods paying up for these horses every month get a decent chance of return.What they have a chance of getting at the moment makes me ask why do they bother? You'd have to have a horse capable of winning four races or more a year - and n ot many do that! I guess that's why there are so many trainers that also race their own horses in these States either outright or in syndicates.)

From Joe (18.10.09) Prime Factor: Prime Factor is still keeping me in a good supply of VB longnecks,and i know that is the reason you came up with this system
(Ed: speechless - just speechless :-)

From Mike (13.10.09) - General -" ....... apart from that good news, which I'm sure you find repetitious, why don't you set up a live forum on this site? I think it would be a good idea."
(Ed: Thanks Mike for the kind words - which I won't bore others with but they were appreciated :-). I have toyed with the idea of a live forum but when I see the absolute BS that ALL the others quickly deteriorate in to, I think I'll pass. Seems to me that no matter how well intentioned at the start, unless you have a strictly moderated forum (which I certainly don't have the time or energy to do!) the sniping and swearing and generally bad doses of s.o.l. quickly float to the top and I get bored with that stuff very very very quickly. I like positive people - not negative drones. Think I'll leave that to others that have far more time than me to avoid slander and libel law suits!! Life is way too short to bother with it all.)

From Pat (8.10.09) Free Tips: back from collecting on Our Questro at the club.........paid $26.00 and $4.30 here in Victoria....... can't tell you how much I needed that I was so desperate I had 50 each way deserve a medal. Thanks.
(Ed: I'm glad it saluted for you but you're the one that needs a medal! 50 each way on a horse thrown up by a system that I haven't finished testing and I don't know if it works? Good grief - what are you doing? Pat - I love you like a brother but this is the very reason why I am hesitant to put up these selections up during the testing phase. OMG!)

From Darrin (20.9.09) (Par Times): Just a short note to say once again you have excelled in service and information, you have helped me on my way to overcoming a big problem with my speed ratings.

From Alex:(17.9.09) HOMElander $ 31.60 in NSW ... I cant remember when I last backed $30 odd winner ....Thanks Alex
(Ed: You're very welcome - they bob up occasionally like that!)

From Gordon (12.9.09) General: Here is a question for you. When should I make Each Way bets for a couple of years now I have focused on Win bets taking advantage of the excellent prices (smaller takeouts) Top Fluc, Best of the three totes or Betfair. Centrebet on Saturdays even offer either Super + which is fixed price at time of placing bet or best of the three (whatever pays more) or Best Of Best which is best of the three or best fluc (whatever pays more) or of course Betfair. Whenever I have run any stats the place portion of my bets has always performed worse than my Win bets. Peter I would appreciate any advice for me based upon your years of experience because I would like to understand more for my own selection processes. Thanks for your time and your service

(Ed: Firstly let me say, yes, I have had years of experience – no, I am not an expert. I have found overwhelmingly that Betfair (for me) is the best option – the downside is that sometimes, midweek particularly, you may not be always able to get set at a better than tote price – the issue of top fluctuation is currently being discussed in some detail (Rob Waterhouse’s contribution is interesting read) at the Ausrace forum which I visit to read – rarely participate (for many reasons) – here’s the link if you want to have a read : - With regard to the place angle strike rate, - yes – I have read a very in depth mathematical reason why your place strike rate is not simply 3 times the win strike rate – it was a very convoluted (but convincing) argument – at the end of the day it appears the strike rate will only ever average 2.2 times the win strike rate at best – which is why I guess so many each way systems are 1 unit a win and 4 or 5 a place – sorry I can’t remember the details but it did make sense at the time and I don’t think I was in drink when I read it through)

From Peter (7.9.09) Ratings Service ........thanks for the terrific results over the weekend...... been a subscriber since day one but Saturday's 81% strike rate was quite unreal....... you can use this email on your feed back page if you wish............ those that are thinking about it all I say is jump on.... thanks

From Adrian (1.09.09) - (Tas Greyhound Ratings) ..............your strike rate is unbelievably excellent - guess you intend charging for these soon?
(Ed:    No )

From Joe (1.09.09) Prime Factor: I have been using prime factor over the past few weeks and am still in front even had winners over $15 plus so that is reallly a big help. , thank you it it is magic

From Alan (subscriber to RaceRate ratings) 21.8.09: Firstly, I would like to thank you for your ratings that I subscribe to. With my own staking plan, I have made a profit every month since I started my subscription backing your top 3 rated horses. The exception is I don't back horses that are odds on, ie returning less than $2.00, then I include your 4th rated horse when available.
I assume your ratings are going to be on a continual basis.
(Ed: NO WORRIES Alan – I am glad to hear it is going well for you – good when something you pay for actually works ;-))

From Paul (Frankston) 11.8.09 (General): ......Racerate would have to be the best free horseracing site in oz. Keep up the good work

From Michael 04.08.09 (General): I was googling "Sean Bartholomew" as I am desperate to find a way out of a slump where I have no confidence in my selections laying with Betfair and came across your site. After reading nearly the whole webpage I would like to thank you for giving me new ideas and bringing back the confidence I once had. (Next thing to do is reload my account and play sensibly) I am like how you were once "A good punter but a bad gambler". You have given me a new resurrection of life with punting and hope I will succeed........Good to know there's a site from a real punter with real stories.
(Ed: Thanks for the kind words - good luck with your "revival" - I know I sound like a broken record but the key word is discipline - everything else is a distant second)

From Nick (Essendon) 13.7.09 (Daily Ratings):...........great weekend all up ..... hard not to win money. You must have won a fortune betting top three lol
(Ed: Glad you had a good run Nick. A fortune? Well, not exactly - but then again I never set out to win one :-)

From Col (Esperance) 8.7.09 (Daily Ratings): ..............I've been simply waiting for a top rated horse to be more than 25 points clear of the next rated runner.........been the most suucessful I've found. Regards...........

From (anon) (Melbourne) 25.6.09 (Ratings):..........I only lay bet these days on betfair and......use your ratings to help me sort out the non winners.......yesterday you rated 15/17 winners in the top 4 which was absolutely outstanding and I notice is becoming more and more commonplace as your rating database continues to expand. Congratulations.

From Lyle (Townsville) 19.6.09 (Crackerjack): .........had my first "start" with Crackerjack that I got from you the other day and being a Queenslander stuck with Mackay races yesterday .....three winners Gremmo $6.70, Carry The Clubs $5.40 and Flying Test at $7.00. Hard to lose with prices like that eh? Thanks for an interesting system. Lyle.
(Ed: Umm - great Lyle but one small thing. Go back and check the Initial Eliminations rules - you'll note that Gremmo was not a true selection as its last start was 6 days ago - not bad the other two though :-) - guess Gremmo was your "lucky mis-selection" - don't worry - we all have them!)

From Barry (N.T.) 11.6.09 (Daily Ratings): know I follow the top 2 rated playing catch up footy......... last few days unreal...... today was the clincher when you struck 100% top two rated winners in all your selections... mate, like shooting barra in a barrel....roll on South Africa tonight

From Tony (St Kilda) 9.6.09 (Ratings) : .......just great value for money, especially the long priced ones that keep bobbing up........where do they come from?

From F Fgh (Selfrate) 4.6.09: selfrate is a unique betting tool really its the 1st time i talk like this as a gambling product.i ve never seen seen such reqular winners at good prices.i m not flattering i tell the truth thank u very much.

From George (Master Lays / Favourite Lays) 27.5.09: Very good angle for Betfair players.I have been laying using Master Lay and Stats from Fav E book both angles proving very reliable

From Bobby (Daily Ratings) 15.5.09: Having fun with your ratings so far without getting carried away on the punt. Must admit all the positive reviews
you receive are spot on and absolute value for money.
........many thanks for all your help. Keep up the excellent work

From Darrin (Bullets) 15.5.09: a while ago i purchased bullets from you ................enjoying very much

From "sparky", Rockhampton 8.5.09: ........As someone with a loose stable connection, I was stunned to see your ratings top rated Danwana in Rockhampton yesterday. I was happy with the $14+ dividend but we all can't work out why it was top rated
(Ed: Yes - there had to be local money for it - it paid much better elsewhere :-)

From Darren, (Par Times) 4.5.09: I have run a heap of data through my programs & the figures have proven to be very accurate. Much appreciated.

From Kathryn, Kilmore (Lay Safe) 28.4.09 ............started doing this full time when I got laid off.......made more in the last fortnight than in the previous 6 weeks of working
(Ed: Kathryn, Kathryn - what are you doing? This is supposed to be for recreation and fun and slow and patient accumulation. It is NOT a substitute for remunerated work and it worries the hell out of me when I read stuff like this. PLEASE - PLEASE - do not regard this as some sort of permanent income stream. Fun and recreation - that's all this is
- it can never be a substitute for real employment as only about 4% of people have the patience, mental strength and discipline to do it full time successfully. You are far better off getting another full time or part time job than relying on the continuing success of ANYTHING here. I am very concerned that you have chosen your current course of action.)

From Ted, Brighton (SelfRate) 13.4.09................been going very well this month.............thanks also for other ratings on site that you do for free.... rare commodity these days

From Peter, Woolloongabba 12.4.09 (Lay Safe) .............excellent...... in profit and loving it.......annoyed though that I hadn't "seen" it before

From Anthony, Broome (Master Lays) 1.4.09 .................started using a couple of days ago. To say I am pleased with the results would be a massive understatement. What does a losing day feel like?
(Ed: Oh dear.....don't say that Anthony or we are all doomed!!!!)

From Alwyn, A.C.T. (ratings) 21.3.09......however a good collect yesterday on Old Mystique has more than paid for the ratings for the next year....thanks

From Bryan, Armidale (Master Lays) 9.3.09: I guess as one of your first to try Master Lays I guess I should report that this is better than I ever imagined. Now would be a good time to either stop selling this or put the price up substantially as obviously the more people start using this the harder it will be to match bets - pleeee@zyzeee!

From Lee (ratings) 18.2.09: ...I would like to congratulate you . I think you have finally hit the mother lode and 78 straight winning days is phenomenal, not for the faint hearted though........
(Ed: ......yes it is not for the fainthearted but by golly it does get the adrenalin going in some fashion! After this length of time I am expecting to lose a bank shortly but I won't be giving it all back :-) and I shall then simply start again)

From Les (ratings 16.2.09) Firstly, congratulations on your ratings service. I have tried many other services, both tipping and ratings, and yours is by far the the best value for money service I have encountered. The combination of good priced winners coupled with the consistency of the ratings make it a real winner. I don`t know what your secret is but keep up the good work!
(Ed: No secret really Les - just a matter of form factor weightings that keep throwing them up! I really believe that anyone could arrive at the same position if they have the time to do it properly.)

From David (ratings) 10.02.09: .......subscribing to your ratings for a week and while I find the staking plan you are using to be not for a beginner it has had me in positive territory every day............don't understand how you end up with the longer priced winners you rate as I can only see marginal reasons why you would consider them as chances.......many thanks for an excellent service
(Ed: Now if I told you that David I'd have to shoot you.....that's a joke oh so serious anti gun lobby!!!!! ..... at the end of the day David it is purely a matter of observation and it truly is a case of the little things often being more important than the what appear to be the headline factors at first glance)

From Garry (ratings) 4.2.09: I concur with Les & Ray on a great site for the punting public. Back in December I formulated a very simple betting method from information contained on the Interesting "Stuff" page and I thought I would post the results for January. Betting level stakes over the 31 days in the 3 Eastern States resulted in 118 wins from 835 selections and a return of $1007 ( a profit of $1700 @ $10 bets ).Both metropolitan & non-metropolitan tracks proved successful. Average win dividend was $8-50 with 31 x $10+ winners. I will advise February results early next month.
Congrats on your ratings's tops.

From Les, (Victoria) 2.2.09:..........great website, great products--a breath of fresh air in what can be a pretty dodgy industry. Regards Les
(Ed: thanks Les)

From Ray (in general) 1.2.09:.....really good to see someone offer a sample of their product before grandfather was a horse trainer in the 1920's on. He was able to keep the whole street in food during the depression.......I agree with you, and it seems you have suffered similarly. It's that RASH bet to try and get out of trouble.........thank you, for your site and honesty

From Steve (RaceRate ratings) 29.1.09: The way I see it, sure there is always the chance of losing the initial bank but lets say you had 2 or more banks of $1000 each. One of those banks might be lost but you should still be left with the other $1000 bank. Perhaps the betting for each bank could be staggered slightly so that they aren't both exposed to the same liabilities at the same time. This would decrease the likelihood of them both succumbing to the same losing spell. In addition, a stop loss after 5 or 6 consecutive losses could be introduced and the loss could be recouped by dividing it into the next cycle of bets. The bank might take longer to grow but this would provide some peace of mind. The only hurdle with this method would be the extra work involved with betting 2 separate banks.
I think there are all sorts of ways you can utilise the ratings – I chose to go the way I did but it will not suit everyone as it is easy to lose – but the rewards are better if you don’t.
Agree on more than one bank – you need to get a “good start” with a new bank to make yourself less vulnerable – after nearly two months of “good start” I think I am just about in an unlosable position unless I start chasing the sub and near $3 selections which I won’t because I’ve been there before and done that!!
I have always been prepared to lose the initial $1000 bank at any time (WITHOUT REGRET) in the pursuit of this and I of course have several more $1000 banks available to me
Now I have built it up (almost enough) I will of course withdraw the initial $1000 and then just continue on – absolutely FEAR FREE and it is the “fear” that always brings you undone and gets you to start questioning the basic judgments.
At the end of the day - this is about (supposedly) having fun :-))

From David (Prime Factor) 21.1.09: BTW....Prime Factor is going "gangbusters" today. I was thinking of tweaking the system and reducing the number of bets by removing all 2nd up starters (never been too keen on them especially over 1400m)........noticed that Roy's Legacy..(in the)...Virtual Form Guide revealed he had won over 1650 and 1850 whilst today's race was 1750. If it wasn't for the fact that he was the only contender in the race, it is easy to see how you could miss a nice big priced winner ($28.20!!).

From Tony (Par Times) 20.1.09: I'd like to thank you for the par times book - its been a great help in the battle to find a winner.

From BJ, Gympie 17.1.09 (free ratings section) : ...........yesterday, took a boxed trifecta on all three races you rated.......first got up and paid nearly $700..... can't thank you enough...........been on the bones of our @@##
(Ed: Loooove good stories when things work out!)

From Cam (free greyhound system) 5.1.09: have been using your improving greyhounds method for the past 4 weeks.. and I can say that over 623 races.. I have a winning percentage of 26.95%.. With a Average Return of $3.25

I am happy to provide the data.. it has thrown up some unlikely winners including a $22 roughie @ Albion, and quite a few $10 - $13 winners..

It does skew to favourites as well.. But I have also got some stats on the dogs score (ie: 22) and its winning percentage.. I find that dogs that have scores of 36/34/26/18-8 have the highest strike rate with a score of 8 (which is only like last third only) getting up 62% of the time. I have tweaked a few of the rules after watching some races.. they are:
If the highest scoring dog is scratched, skip race.
Avoid Melbourne Metro Meetings (Sandown and The Meadows) - current SR is 7%!!
Albion and Richmond are where this works the best.. 62% SR @ Albion..

From Andy (re Oliver's comment) 31.12.08.....Oliver is on to something here. As you know I have purchased a few of your methods and it is really eerie how when one is on fire the others go to sleep but overall I have been staying well in front....... I use prime factor and counters and reversal in tandem and have had a really good go at it.....the secret seems to be to be able to have the time to follow more than one at a time.......may not work for everyone but it sure does for me .....thanks

From Warwick (Counters) 29.12.08 .........been a sensational Christmas carnival so far........keep up the good work

From Oliver (Ultimate) 22.12.08 ....... as we're approaching the end of the year thought I'd drop you an email to let you know how far I am in front using a combination of Ultimate and Prime Factor.........when one's not firing the other is so it works well in tandem.........

From innesco (Selfrate) 16.12.08 . Very fast delivery.... easy product to use.... two from two so far..........

From Steve (SelfRate) 14.12.08 ...Thanks for the fast service. I rated just 4 races at Rosehill on Saturday the 13th with success straight away.In race 3 I backed Ledger the top rated horse and it won paid $3.90 plus I got the quinella with the top 2 rated horses Ledger and Malambo which paid $2.80.
In Race 6 my top selection Zazabeau ran 2nd.
in Race 7 my top selection Circle of fame unplaced.
In race 8 my top selection Something Anything won and paid $3.60 for a win.It would have been a massive day if my second selection ran second instead of 3rd,still a profitable day . Thanks Peter.

From Nick (SelfRate) 8.12.08.......quick delivery.....good product....will buy from again

From Gazza (Ratings) 5.12.08 .... Checked your today's tips site for the first time yesterday and noted The Plate was third rated in Rockhampton race 7.....I personally know the trainer/owners so I bet $10 each way on it and paid $38-40 for a win . Thanks for the free tip
(Ed: Well done - I just love hearing these good stories instead of all the doom and gloom stuff we have thrown at us via the 6pm news every day!)

From Clem (SelfRate) 4/12/08: Manual input can be time consuming BUT it looks promising ,still testing

From Jessie (SelfRate) 27/11/08 .......very good, fast, accurate description....

From Walter (Charters Towers) 26/11/08 (Premium Runners) .. has been having an average run the last few days but good old Goldengate Bridge in Sydney at 33/1 ended that run. I see what you mean now by being patient and sticking at the one approach.........

From Gary G (25/11/08) described, fast delivery, VERY happy, will purchase again

From Graeme 22/11/08: test period of a month or two seems too short a time to know if a system is going to continue to produce results......
(Ed: When I started doing this as a hobby back in 1999 I used to do three month trials and well intentioned folk like yourself would send me an email and say “hey, that’s very good but why don’t you do six month trials?” And so I would. And then good folk would send me an email and say “hey, that’s very good but why don’t you do 12 month trials?” (Always with my money - lol)
And guess what? The results over 12 months were invariably about the same as after about one to two months (give or take a percent or two of p.o.t.)
The whole object of this exercise is to stop people being like most other people and betting willy nilly and instead seek an investment route that is consistent.
The randomness of sequenced events just about precludes any two people getting the same result from the same criteria which inevitably will be applied in a slightly different manner than the other. That is gospel - just how things are!
So I play with these methodologies for a while until I am satisfied that, given an even run of random events, the results are repeatable and then move on to the next method I am interested in. That’s just how I work.)

From "ararat" 19/11/08: .....received in quick time ..... as advertised .....

From Les 6/11/08 (general) Thank you for providing a website that provides good, sound advice to the average punter as well as interesting and fairly priced products---without the usual slick sales pitches we have to endure from many others. Keep up the good work!

From Wilko 29/10/08 (general) ...............great site....found it by accident. Thanks for all the free stuff - a very rare commodity these days.

From Tim 24/10/08 (Ultimate) ........having a quiet period at the moment but over the last six months I am way ahead and confident in the way it works to know it will come strong again as it has already. I never realised when I brought it from you how much it would change the way I look at the races and how much more selective I am instead of betting willy nilly.....
(Ed: Love that term willy nilly - isn't it great? Reminds me of my nanna)

From Bruce 18/10/08 (Prime Factor).................Prime Factor system picked the Caulfield Cup winner and it paid nearly $48 a win here in Victoria....just so excited had to drop you an email..... was very dubious when I did the form but WOW......hope you had lots on it too
(Ed: Ummm - no - :-( - but I am glad it saluted for you)

From Adam 13/10/08 (Raceraters 61 Systems book)...... Thanks for the fast transaction......what a fantastic book!!!....this will indeed provide hours of entertainment...

From Douggie 6/10/08 (Favourites report) ..........used the principles today and did very well. Thanks for your advice and rapid send.

From Peter, 1/10/08 (Adventist): ...............having a terrific run with it and funnily enough I am now getting scared it will stop? What are the chances of a long losing run?
Ed: Peter, if you look at the test period work out I sent you will notice the longest run of outs during the month is 10. That is bound to be repeated if not lengthened (!!) in the future but looking at your figures you are so far in front now that IF, repeat IF, you stayed at your current flat stake bet level it is hard to see you could face financial armageddon - depends how nice you have been to the gambling gods I guess and how patient you are. Glad you are having fun!

From Archie, 20/9/08 (Ultimate): I am well in front of the purchase price outlaid but even more importantly it has made me completely revise the way I have been looking at form for decades, losing decades I might point out (lol) so thanks a million for that

From Terry, 14/9/08 (Ultimate): First day with ultimate. Used set and forget, 31 each way bets @ $5 = $155 return $300-05. Included $19 and $39 winners. Not bad for an old bloke.
Ed: I'd say not bad for a young bloke too! Glad you're having fun!!

From [name withheld], 11/9/08 (General): you think its at all possible to make a living from this system? If so what kind of bank would one need to make around $1000 or two per week? I always think to my self it can be done but I have never worked it out! Can you give me some pointers please mate? What system would you think would suit me, a simple bloke that does not know all that much about racing.

Ed (I get many emails in a similar vein): Well, where does one start? (name), it scares me that you think you would like to make a living out of racing when in your own words you write "me, a simple bloke that does not know all that much about racing".

I know nothing about the share market and hence would never attempt to scratch out a living trading on that without first making a very very very long study out of the hows, whens and whys of that particular beast. You have to really know it to do it or you will go broke trying! Read as much as you can for as long as you can before you even attempt what you are contemplating - many have tried before and all but an infinitesimal number have succeeded - and that was mostly through luck.

I do have an acquaintance who has made an average of over $1000 a week from racing over the last 12 months BUT and here is a big BUT, he uses a permanent bank of $20000 and bets in $100 units - that is - half of one percent of his bank per bet. Now he averages, and that is a very important word, averages, about 26% winners (very high) whose prices average around $5. (4/1) He only bets level stakes - NEVER chases losses (bookies love people that chase) - so over a period of 100 bets he averages 26 winners that return him 130 units - and he does that day in and day out, 7 days a week, week in and week out, finds it boring in the extreme but in his own words "no one else will give me a job because I'm too old"

Now I don’t know your circumstances but he uses a standing bank of $20000 which is way out there for me and, importantly, is mentally prepared to lose the lot - which again is way out there for me!! He is tied to his computer for 6 to 7 hours a day, 7 days a week and hates it but doesn't know what else to do. But he has his method that he is happy with and is DISCIPLINED enough to carry it through - again - day in, day out - no switching - no being tempted to change - no madly jumping from one scheme to another, from win betting to place betting to trifecta betting. He just bets the same every bet. And remember - he anticipates losing 74 times out of every 100 bets he makes!!

Now I don’t have the mental discipline to do what he does which is why I don't do it - I find it boring in the extreme (I get distracted easily) - and what I have found is that excitement equals risk equals losing. Read that again - excitement equals risk equals losing.Be smart and start with a bank of $200 and find a methodology you are happy with and bet in $1 units - IF you can turn that $200 in to $300 up the units to $1.50 - when it gets to $400 - up the ante to $2 and so on
If this doesn't bore you to death you may just have the psychological make up to make a success of it but VERY few people have that mentally tough approach (or patience).Importantly, you HAVE to have ultimate faith in the methodology you are using and be very comfortable with it - no faith, no future!

Hope you find the method you are happy with and find this information useful

From Adam, 5/9/08, (Ultimate): Hello mate, Thanks for the fast transaction...still pinching myself over the fact that ive found someone out there willing to share information at a very reasonable rate... Thanks for the great work..karma will be good to u for sure...
Ed: Thanks for kind words Adam - karma is just great at the moment :-)

From Moffy, 22/8/08, (Favourites Report):.....emailed within 30 minutes and correctly/completely as described -cheers

FromRussell, Alexandra Headland (11/8/08) (Reflections): ......far exceeds my expectations.....well done

From Bill (8/8/08) (Adventist): First day using Adventist yesterday. Two $4+ winners and a second from five bets. It has paid for itself already.

From Alan,(7/8/08) (Reflections):............three selections yesterday .... nice $13 winner at Belmont

From John, Irvington, New Jersey (2/8/08) SelfRate: ........shows great promise with 22/61 or 35%........profit about 21%......only two or three plays a day

From Andrew, Adelaide (27/7/08) (Prime Factor): the rules yesterday morning so tried it out on the Queensland meeting ......goodness, two selections, two wins.........very impressed at the value for money..... thank you

From Greg (14/7/08) (SelfRate): Thanks, the download went well and the programme has been running fine............. I have test rated about 12 races at venues ranging from Mildura to the mainstream metro meetings last Saturday. The results have been encouraging with a good % of top selections winning at backable prices and a couple of false favourites looks a good usable tool and value for money, so thanks very much.

From Kate (4/7/08) (general) - must say I find your site very refreshing & up to date. Having looked at a few racing systems, it is a relief to find a site that doesn't use corny selling techniques or get you in with promises of financial grandeur. You just stick to the facts & your current data speaks for itself without the bull. In fact, if anything you probably down play the success.
Ed: Thanks for the kind words Kate - I hope your observation is true - if it is it is because we are not trying to make a grand living out of this site - (in fact our ratio of winnings to site earnings in the 07/08 financal year is about 13 to 1 having just done the much hated and time consuming tax return!!) - it is just stuff we are interested in

From Tony (30/6/08) (Par Times): ......thank you very much... it's a pleasure to deal with you.

From Chris (27/6/08) (Reversal): After purchasing Reversal this morning I went through and did my selections. My first pick was Pt Macquarie, Race 4, 3 Blinkin Quick and it won at $8.30. How good is that!! First pick on a longshot system and I get a huge win!!! How exciting is that! Thank you!!
(Ed: Stay sane Chris :-) - caution at all times - I know - I AM boring)

From Hennessy (26/6/08) (Back One): ......just too easy...

From Bill (26/6/08): A quick note to congratulate you on your Quick Picks for yesterday (25 June). After discarding tracks rated worse than dead, you had seven selections for five winners and a second. Well done!

From Bobby (26/6/08): I must congratulate all concerned on a great "punter friendly" website
(Ed: Thanks Bobby - you know we get lots and lots of simply "nice" letters from good people like you and we reply personally to them all but if we put all of them on this site it would take ages for your web browser to load the page! Suffice to say we do appreciate your good thoughts - it is interesting to have seen how this site started off as a reasonable idea and has grown and is still growing into a really nice thing to be associated with - something I enjoy doing that is not really a task at all - thanks to you all)

From Craig (24/6/08) (Counters): I purchased the Counters system about a month ago and it has found some good winners thus far. Keep up the good work!

From Gordon (14/6/08) (Counters): Well done Peter, Today I only used the selections from the counters system I purchased 2 days ago......Today I had 14 selections and had 4 wins the return was around $63 in dividens. Thankyou

From Karen (1/6/08) (Favourites Report): ....very good information that you obviously spent a lot of time researching...... I focussed on Dubbo this afternoon and using using our research it was very obvious why Zelta Glow was a good bet and why Kelectron was a good lay. Thank you. My betfair account thanks you!

From Alby (29/5/08) (Par Times): I purchased your par times book late last year and Ithought l would just like to let you know how helpful it is.
lt is put together very well and l find so good when l'm doing the form on races.
Keep up the great work !!

From Graham (29/5/08): Good site Peter.After 15 years I have learned something more. All the best

From Paul (20/5/08) (Prime Factor): ........what I liked about yours was rules D and E which sets yours apart from the others........ thanks for two great sites

From Armstrong (14/5/08) (Back One) .....good plan....prompt delivery

FromLawrence, Broome (9/5/08) ...........don't often write to say thanks but your efforts with the free tips section of your website are outstanding ...... many thanks

From Phaegyl (1/5/08) (Back One) ..........accurate in description - happy with purchase............(thanks)

From Dave, Kiama (3/5/08): (Prime Factor) ...........this afternoon got $22 about Helideck on Betfair in the Gold Coast race which makes the sub $20 charge for this look rather silly..........great.........thanks

From Maggie 26/4/08 (Prime Factor): ..........I said I would let you know after the first month how it was going and I am happy to say I am several hundreds of dollars in front ............. first time I have consistently won .......thanks a lot
(Ed: Maggie I am concerned you also metioned increasing your stake size. Do another two months at your current level before going there)

From Bert 25/4/08 (Free Tips): ............first time I have ever backed a 40/1 winner......can hardly wait for tomorrow
(Ed: Bert. 40/1 winners are a fluke and happen very rarely but I am glad you backed it - don't count on it happening again for a while!!!!!!)

From Lee, 6/4/08, (Hot Start) most typical mug punter I expect instant success and am not prepared to persist with any plan....... the $23 winner at Sale today.......well done
(Ed: Glad you stuck - most things work .........if you lt them)

From Ben, Parramatta (3/4/08) (Bullets) ........used Bullets today at Ascot and it was great.The only three selected got me the race 4 trifecta paid $106 and I used those three and the field in the first four paid over $750. Just a great day that I wouldn't have had otherwise...........thank you. Ben
(Ed: You're welcome)

From Darcy, Tugun (2/4/08) (Bullets): you know I purchased Bullets from you this morning.....first race I got to try it on was the 6th at Newcastle, such a standout I had a lazy 100 on it and it paid $3 here on Qld TAB. I must say it makes the $19.95 you charge look very little indeed...... fresh seafood tonight (laughing). Thanks a lot.
(Ed: Yum - save me a mud crab Darcy)

From George,USA, (26/3/08) (Eliminator): ...great job with this one peter. Ten plays last Saturday getting four winners and four placings. Betting $10 to win and $20 to place on each of the ten slections added up to a net profit of $407.00. The highest payoff was a $26.00 winner at Tampa Downs in Florida.
(Ed: great to know it works well in USA as well George!!)

From Peter (20/3/08) (Prime Factor): TO DEAN (as below)As promised, I had time to play with this old favourite of mine yesterday afternoon 19th March 2008 in response to your message of the 17th. Here are the results:
Rockhampton Race 2 - 5 - It's Our Nediym - Won 2.70
Rockhampton Race 7 - 9 - Admiral's Amante - unp
Rockhampton Race 8 - 9 - Our General - unp
Hawkesbury Race 6 - 3 Walking Or Dancing - Won 3.40
Hawkesbury Race 7 - 7 Smokin' Jewel - unp
Ballarat Race 5 - 4 Mistry - unp
Ballarat Race 6 - 2 Masterten - unp
Ballarat Race 7 - 1 - Redwood Park - 2nd
Ballarat Race 8 - 20 Honour Winna Won - $19.10

Nett for day was 9 units out, 25.6 units in with a nett return of 16.9 units or 187.77% profit on turnover at level stakes.

From Dean (17/3/08): (Prime Factor):Over about 5 days (pretty close to continuous) i would have had (and did have about half) a total of 47bets with only 3 winners..........paid $1.80, $2.90 & $2.10 all short as well.......t
he system is currently on a 38 bet losing streak.(Ed: Wow - Dean - 38 in a row - the worst I ever managed with that was 18 (twice) but I have not been tracking it lately though I notice on very quick inspection it picked the Cup winner at Armidale at $4.80 yesterday- will do a larger sample from today to check the methodology again get back to you. These things are sent to try us all sometimes)

From Phil (13/3/08): hassels and received it within 30 minutes of purchase ......

From Mick (12/3/08) : Thanks for the Par Race Times........I did (2) races on past results for Saturday 01-03-08 in caulfield- Race 2 and Race 3.... Race two-Won byCascade Now was FIRST pick (Rating of 103.87,( using Friday Courier Mail Form Guide) and paid $33.30 a win.First 4 was in first 5 horses and paid $2,893.00 in Qld.Race 3 Won by Hardwar was also FIRST pick ( Rating of 146.81 , paid about $4.60 a win.........many Thanks again for everything

From Duncan (1/3/08) (System Choice): I don't know how much feedback you get from your downloads but I'd like to say I'm impressed with what you do, appreciate it and think the vast majority of your comments are spot on. Personally, I'm a greyhound punter (very selective) but I'm interested in new ideas and information about the whole game, well done and thanks,

From Peter (28/2/08) (System Choice): .....I'd like to thank you for sending me the System Choice Newsletters for January and February, particularly for the sytems you have listed which are proving to be quite promising. I've been concentrating recently on The Provincial Plan, Power Winners and Four Score Systems, which are all providing regular winners and what looks to be a good number of placings with a higher average payout than I have been used to previously.

From Barry, Boulder City (24/2/08) (Selfrate): .......downloaded fine and was successful on the first day so I can't really ask for more............

From Marissa: (19/02/08):.....very happy with your thinking behind prime factors and self rate also hope there is more feed back with your free method.

From Chris (18/2/08) (Prime Factor): .......I ended up being extremely cautious and betting $5 a win each selection, being 0.5% of my starting bank.
I won $27.45 which is 2.7% Interest in 1 day which is
......... far superior to any bank or financial institution

From Ross (16/2/08): (Hot Start): ....started using it yesterday and started with Broken Link at Tamworth that paid over $15 ..... had $20 on it ..... well thats paid for that then ... thanks

From DEJ (16/2/08) (Par Times): .......looks good - thanks

From Lochie (14/2/08): (Aussie Greyhound Gold) Great, very easy to use. A++++ Seller

From "OldYeller" (13/2/08) (Premium Runners): Excellent product! Fast service. Outstanding seller! Highly recommended!

From Mick (11/2/08): (Magic Maidens): ..........very interesting and logical method......... already in need to stay there (grinning)

From Sheridan, NT (6/2/08) (Pure Class) : Thanks for your patience about my questions ...... it is now working fine ...... thanks again

From Alan, Vic (4/2/08): (Pure Class)....really interesting approach ...... steady profit since I bought it but no spectacular results which i am glad to see it was as yu described ...... use this email if you wish in your feed back section

From Pat (1/2/08): Terrific service, fast delivery and a pleasure to deal with, thanks so much!

From Darrin: 26/1/08): I’m still in the middle of trialing both selfrate and m260 along side my own process and it looks very promising I have done at the moment 390 races (live and on file) and have a very impressive 45% win strike from 320 selections in 1 pick !!!

From Ryan, S.A. (21/01/08): ........had the best day on idea how you pick the eliminator selections and don't care........ just winner after winner....many many dollars in front. Simply thank you.

From Peter H (Par Times) (15/01/08)Thanks very much for the above. As I thought it is sensational value. I mentioned that I was using the speed ratings from (Ed: other provider) web site for quality control purposes against my selections based on an in depth analysis of form factors, class and pace ratings............... I have subsequently been making other checks and I have to tell you that I will only rely on my own speed ratings in future based on your pars (only in sprints of course and only as a final quality control filter).

From Darrin, Vic (14/1/08) : Just spent the last few hrs looking around your site , and have to say that it is one of the best sites on racing I have seen, believe me I have been on the punt for at least 20 years (still trying to get that perfect system) have had my wins and losses like many out there and have brought my fair share of dodgy systems.
It is refreshing to see a site that’s not full of crap promising the world of fame and fortune then taking people’s money and running.
(Ed: Thanks Darrin we try)

From Bill & Meredith (14/1/08): I am using "prime factor",and happy with its performance although i have been a bit slack and not used it as often as i should.

From Jerry (12/1/08): I am interested in receiving the Method 260 to view. Found some interesting methods on your website

From mac (7/1/08): I like your web site, well done

From Rosey & Johnny (6/1/08): Thanks for the interesting read and analyses! Like most, we've tried various systems and have had some success, but for some reason, particularly over the 'silly season', it's gone out the window. I guess that certain meetings should also factor in and be a 'no bet zone'?

From Bill (5/1/08): Thanks for all the Good work you do on this Site.By the Way Race Rate which I purchased is the best buy that I have had anything to do with.
Have got my Money back with it Tenfold. Best Regards

From Paul G, Vic:(24/12/07) .....been punting many a year. Self Rate is great value for the price and content. No wonder it is working well here and overseas ...... thanks for a great site with so many free articles ....

From "Seahunts" (20/12/07): (Aussie Greyhound Gold): ...great deal....

From JMC (16/12/07) (Dog Busters): .....excellent

From Charles, (16/12/07): .... I've been using Prime Factor for 2 weeks now, and it's interesting to look at the running Win S/R........I've currently had 169 bets, and it's holding pretty steady at around 20%......find it interesting that the average win div is $4.36, similar to what you found in your Winners Price Staking Plan, $4.70 after 250 winning bets

From Kreed, Darwin (15/12.07): Thanks for the greyhound gold its going great!

From Matt, Penrith (11/12/07): copy of Par Times arrived yesterday and I must say I was very impressed with the publication.............

From Charles, (9/12/07): ...just thought I'd let you know, I put all of your highest rating Free Tips for Saturday 8th December on for a win, and the first & second highest rating tips on for quinellas. They netted me a cool $57.80 (Ascot Race 6 Pure Black & Russian Playmate). Outlay $14.00, Return $71.80 Keep up the good work!
(Ed: Please remember Charles - we are only TESTING this methodology!!)

From Alwyn, Gold Coast (8/12/07):.......two more good priced winners from 4 runners again last night at MV with your freebie tips ........when are you going to start selling this so I can get the rules
(Ed:Whoa - steady on Alwyn (lol!!!) - a long way to go in the testing yet but I agree it is showing promise - patience, my boy, patience :-)

From "hynam" (7/12/07) (prime factor) .....nice plan

From Charles (7/12/07): ......I've been running with Prime Factor for a few days now, and I'm going fine...............

From Bill (7/12/07): ......Came across RaceRate web site by fluke and you know , it has been the best fluke for me for a long's refreshing to read that not every thing spins around the almighty dollar

From Alan, Nowra (3/12/07): Hi Peter. I see it is now one year since I started using your selfRate and I am hapy to report it is going just as strongly as the first day I started using it - picked the right day to start I guess, lol. From my initial investment I can tell you my TAB account has grown to over $7000 from next to nothing and I am not a big punter. Thanks very very much. You will never know how my race day afternoons have changed for the better and how much better it is to win a bit rather than lose all the time..........
(Ed: Good on you Alan - I am pleased to hear it has been good for you. Stay cool though - no rushes of blood to the head!!!!)

From Clint (2/12/07): (SelfRate) Excellent A+++ Top product, keep this quiet, it's a winner!

From Alwyn, Gold Coast (1/12/07): Your four free tips ALL got up today ..... Famous Roman in Perth paid $23 here in Queensland ......unbelievable
(Ed: Good on you Alwyn. We had a great day too as we are currently testing the Pure Class system. Our day was $200 outlay and $1840 return but this is not a common result so be warned- Sunday will very probably NOT be the same!!! Sad but true :-( )

From Charles (30/11/07): .......had a look around on your website, & I'm impressed with what you have put together........You have obviously put a lot of time & effort into your systems, and analysing all those race results!

From "tpundercrown" (27/11/07): (Aussie Greyhound Gold)...... An excellent package. Very good delivery time also.

From Geoff, Devon U.K. (21/11/07): just got HOME from work. Followed your instructions to the T. Installed and up and working! Thanks for your help, support and advice

From Kevin, Daisy Hill : (AustralianPar Times) ....looks well worth having....

From Thom, U.S.A. (14/11/07): I want to let you know first that you have a great website . . . lots of great information..........

From Terri, Mooroolbark (13/11/07):..........bought Premium Runners just over a month ago...........only a small punter but I am already over $500 up on my starting position which is a rate of return I have never been able to consistently achieve before and am now thinking of increasing my base unit..........
(Ed: "Warning Will Robinson, warning, warning!!!" A great memory line from Lost In Space that often springs to mind, Terri - I'd stick at my current level for another month and then see how you feel about it)

From Glynn, (13/11/07): The rules for dog Buster are very simple and have been selecting some great wins and places in the few days..............

From Chas, Hobart (4/11/07): ........superfast service - thanks

FromMax, WA (29/10/07): Wow ! Beautifully laid out, attractively presented and written in clear, unambiguous, grammatically correct English. How refreshing in these days of abysmal standards of written communication. Well done ! And how refreshingly honest, too. I chuckled in several places.
(Ed: Thanks for the kind words Max)

From Josh (25/10/07): ....It is interesting reading and testing out the strategies then looking at the races to see how it goes.

From Kevin, Clontarf (24/10/07): ..............received SelfRate a few days ago and it has paid for itself already three times over............very professional service

From Todd (17/10/07): Great item, quick to send

From Paul (13/10/07): Item received fast and a good system

From Gordon, Moorabbin (11/10/07): ....thank you for all the free stuff......I must admit I have been only at this game for 18 months but am working hard and learning heaps. There are so many shonky sites and material out there. Given your excellent results I am a little suss on some of your figures because they do seem too successful. Also looking at the Self Rate screen shot I would be surprised that these factors only could produce such good results. All that said I do have a degree of trust given the intelligent content of much of the other material on the site and you being in Tasmania. Any comment to alleviate my concerns I would appreciate.....could you steer me one way or the other on Self Rate versus Prime Factor
(Ed: Thanks for the overnight e-mail – what an interesting letter – you accidentally raise a few points about all sorts of marketing issues that have interested me for some time.I have just read your e-mail to my wife who helps me in many ways with this – please don’t take this the wrong way – we both think your comment about Tasmania is very interesting. Does being in Tasmania make us more trustworthy? As I mix in a variety of circles, can I tell you that the % of shonkies and snake oil salesman is about the same here as anywhere else I have ever lived – what is the saying – only the names have been changed……..As you rightly point out there are a lot of shonky sites and material out there and I really don’t know what I could possibly write in an e-mail that would allay your concerns – after all, if I was one of the shonky sites would I not have the patter “down pat” to reply to an email such as yours in order to get your $$$ off you anyway despite your concerns? Interesting questions aren’t they?At the end of the day, the figures on the site are exactly what happened in that period of time that the test was undertaken – nothing more – nothing less. If I had started these tests one day earlier or finished ten days later, the results by their very nature MUST be different. In reality, the gambling game is like an endless conveyor belt with different people who have different temperaments getting on and off at different places and while they may be on the same conveyor belt using the same methodologies, they MUST experience different results BECAUSE of their point of embarkation and departure. No two people using anything they purchase from me can possibly have the same results.Interesting concept isn’t it?At the time of writing this, one of the many systems I am testing I have named Premium Runners – after nearly a month and 293 races operating mostly in Victoria alone (because of the EI dramas) – it is showing a strike rate of around 26% and a level stakes profit on turnover of over 38% - yes, I am making good money from this at the moment – but what if I had started it a week earlier? What if EI had never arrived in Australia and I had been able to operate in all States? Would the overall result be the same? Probably yes but I will NEVER know. (I should also point out that three other systems I am testing at the moment are wiping out the profit from the other quite nicely thanks very much, gambling Gods!!!)To your question on SelfRate VS Prime Factor …. well they are both quite different products – Prime Factor is for “give me lots of action real quick with little time investment” and SelfRate is for people who have much more time to stop and closely look at things race by race. I guess you have to decide which one sounds most like you as only you can know that. The best advice I can give anyone in relation to gambling on horse racing is this – if it stops being fun – walk away.

From Roger, Gawler (8/10/07): .......for the free tips everyday - today's were great and I only bet for a place.........please keep these premiium runners tips coming
(Ed: Thanks Roger - yes they are going quite well but the test period has some way to go)

From Michael, Townsville (4/10/07): ........(SelfRate) not the cheapest program of this type getting around and is certainly a very long way from the most expensive but by golly it is consistent. One question: why can't you do the races the night before and then save them to a file to review after scratchings?
(Ed: Thanks for the kind words Michael. We are working towards that but it's a case of just a few million lines of computer code between us and the ultimate goal (!!) We just save them to hard copy and adjust for scratchings the next morning - we realise FULLY that that is NOT the ideal way to use the programme and does not provide for the very MAXIMUM accuracy but we find that what we miss on the swings we pick up on the carousel, so to speak - it's just that time is always on the wing round this joint and we don't always have the time to spare on race mornings!!)

From Lorelle, Seymour (3/10/07): ..........(SelfRate) arrived much sooner than I expected and very well packaged......... Barry was "playing" with it today and we had a very good afternoon at the local races so thanks very much

From "Sirtimmy" (27/9/07): ......(Prime Factor) ....good system - all ok

From Leon (27/9/07): ........(Prime Factor) .... I think your sample needs to be larger say 4000 instead of 400

From Brendan, NZ (25/9/07): . (Self Rate) .....I like doing the pick 6 in New Zealand racing on a Saturday so the pprogram is a vital tool for me. I haven't managed the 6 winners yet but go close each week with 4 or 5 winners and the ones I miss normally get 2nd or 3rds so hopefully strike it soon

From Andy, Broken Hill 23/9/07: .........(Prime Factor) ...with Gabbidon at 33/1 it paid for the system about six times over. LOL. Thanks very much.
(Ed: Good news all round Andy - I don't think any of us missed it)

From David, Double View (22/9/07): .....Great day today!! How about Gabbidon? I got $36.80 on centretote.

From Paul, New Zealand (22/9/07) ....... had no troubles at all downloading it, so am all set to go. Thanks for your help.

From Wayne, Gold Coast (17/9/07): ......using Selfrate all through this year and it is going just as well now as when I first bought it so congratulations on a worthwhile product..........punting seven days a week it gives us "oldies" here in God's waiting room a bit of interest..........
Ed: Lovely to hear from you again Wayne - glad things are going well

From Leon (13/9/07): a good day today, 3 winners

From Chris (11/9/07): (Australian Par Times) ...a fantastic product for speed ratings

From Tony Gympie (11/9/07): ......bought your Prime Factor 6 days ago..... cannot believe that for all these years that I have been looking at form guides that I never saw it before or put it together....thanks

From Allison, Canterbury (6/9/07) partner and I bought your Self Rate programme a month or so back. This is a really filthy product. We have never had so many winners day after day......
Ed: Thanks - I think!!

From "gameo2" (ebay) (4/9/07): delivery, great communication, highly recommended

From Chad (31/8/07): Long time since we have spoken, I purchased the GreyHound Gold….. doing very well with it actually so thanks for the info! Just curious mate, what happened to the Tasmanian Racing Ratings that used to be offered as a free gesture on your site ?
(Ed: I just wasn't happy with the strike rate of the methodology so have dropped them - as much as I enjoyed doing them, decisions had to be made _ I didn't want to cost people money with them when they were an experimental idea)

From Cathy (27/8/07): great service, very quick with posting

From William, Dungay(14/8/07): Thank you very much for your help with the download. Here's hoping for some success (and fun).
(Ed: A timely reminder William that it IS supposed to be fun!!!!!!)

From Wayne, Sterling (10/8/07) ......haven't backed as many winners between $7 and $12 in my life..........thank you for being so matter of fact

From Robert (7/8/07) Thank you for a fast and professional transaction. 5 star service

From "Cartroman" (2/8/07) great - now I can have a strategy

From Lyn, Rockhampton (2/8/07): ........since getting it (SelfRate) I have been having a great deal of success especially at the non TAB meetings here in CQ. In fact, so much so, I have started selling my work out "tip" sheets to other locals at these non TAB meetings. My partner suggested I should check with you regarding copyright. What are your thoughts on this please?
(Ed: Lyn, I am glad you are having success with SelfRate. As far I can see and am concerned, if it is your local work at non TAB meetings that is generating the tip sheets, please feel free to use them however you wish)

From John, Horsham (20/7/07): I got unpacked perfectly without any hassles and I used it yesterday. All I can say is "wow". Thanks

From Jim, Parkinson (19/07/07): thank you for the quick service

From Andy, (17/07/07): Supa Fast delivery product as described, thanking you no hassles as al

lFrom Alyssa, Brisbane (15/7/07): ..........could not understand how Vain Ali was your top rated horse in your Tasmanian section but, as my partner often says, hey, what would I know? It paid over $18.00 on the Qld TAB. Thanks a lot.
(Ed: No worries Alyssa - yes it was a good result. Didn't quite pay that here in Tassie)

From Alan, St Kilda (10/7/07): Been meaning to tell you the Saturday before last, I boxed your Tasmanian trifecta selections all day. 4th of the day paid $2119. Thanks.
(Ed: Great when they work like that Alan - the next paid over $400 here too - but why don't they work every week - then none of us would ever have to work????)

From Brett, Mornington (8/7/07): ..........apart from all that, I must admit the Self Rate selections continue to be very sound and my strike rate continues to be very impressive

From David, W.A. (2/7/07): Had a lot of fun last night with the information from the greyhound gold. Out $43 In $104.50 including a $32.40 winner!! Thanks Peter - fantastic service!!

From Terry, W.A. (25/6/07): a very interesting program (especially on Saturday when I got an Exacta for $268.00 in Perth)

From Greg, (24/6/07): very good thanks for being efficient

From Alan, Cairns (14/6/07): .......trying out the Simple Mathematics system on your free systems page with a great deal of success ... keeping a running tally so will let you know .... why aren't you charging for this system?

From Alex, Melbourne (11/6/07): (SelfRate) is performing way better than what I imagined it would with stacks of quinellas in the last couple of weeks. I have used it in conjunction with a quinellas staking plan that I rather like and I am over $1600 up in the last month. Would you like a copy of my staking method?
(Ed: Is it an election year? Sure would Alex. If I can put it on the site for all to share, I'd be delighted to credit you with it too. Let me know.)

From Sonya, Melbourne (3/6/07): you may remember I purchased the greyhound program? The percentages are very interesting and so far I have had a good run from it and made a little money by betting the same amount on on each race, I am now going to try a staking plan that a friend of mine uses.......
(Ed: Good to hear Sonya but try the progression plan out on paper before you use real money)

From MIke, N.T. (30/5/07): I am very happy with this software but ..............I really don't understand why you are selling it at this ridiculously cheap price ..........
(Ed: You can only wear one shirt at a time Mike - glad you are getting enjoyment from it)

From Chris, S.A. (30/5/07): I've been using the program and am enjoying it.

From Roland (26/5/07): I was very impressed with the honesty shown on your web site. I am sure you are aware that there's lots of spam out there promising mighty riches for no risk or effort. What I want is something that can demonstrate a reasonable chance of succeeding and growing with some fun thrown in
(Ed: Hope you've found it Roland !! )

From Geoff, Bendigo (24/5/07):
I know - twice in three weeks but REALLY - Groundhog Day???? - Bumps In The Night again at 25/1 - unreal

From true_blitz (22/5/07): Excellent service. A smooth and problem free transaction

From Peter (19/5/07): 3 meetings - 3 wins

From Michael (8/5/07): Hi Peter, I can't get over how this program is so left wing. I had a practice run 2 weeks ago and it picked an $18.00 winner. The day was 300% POT and, disgusting, I didn’t have one bet that day. Last Saturday I backed Adelaide, Melb, Gold Coast, Sydney and had a small bet and made 56% Profit on turnover. What I find hard to believe is its throwing up longer priced winners. Normally I hate to bet anything longer than 10-1. My old betting program use to always aim towards the short priced winners, assuming 86% of horses win under the odds of ten to one. As I haven't much experience with your program, is this generally the case because I would like to know if you have followed any city meetings or only operate in the country meetings. I have a feeling I can improve my strike if I take only horses that are 15-1 or less those over should get crossed out for the next rated until there is a rated horse under 15-1. If you get a chance I would look forward to any comments otherwise it’s a great program and after time hope to prove it to be consistent with its strike rate
(Ed: I must say I never knock back a long priced winner – longer the better!! (lol)
I think because the programme takes all emotional involvement out of the equation you get longer priced winners than what you may be used to and, as you know, price is not a factor in any of the decision making process. In all honesty though when I am punting on it, if the selection is showing $30 or $40 a win, I tend towards betting a 1 / 4 split – in other words, if my betting unit at the time was $10 it would be $10 a win and $40 a place – but this is because I am very conservative to the point of tedium - I see nothing wrong with $6 a place – does me very nicely. This love of place betting on longer priced horses dates back to a horse called Pirate Bird (in the 1960’s it must have been) but that is another whole chapter!!I know that longer prices worry people sometimes – guess it’s just what you are used to – but at $8 and $10, you don’t have to back a huge % of winners to stay in front of the game – I know that flies in the face of conventional (repetitive!!) thinking but – hey – suits me fine – you never make a quid betting with the herd.City or country tracks make no difference to me . However, having said all that, it is, as always, your choice what you do with the results the programme gives you so whatever path you choose, enjoy!!! )

From John N (5/05/07): Hi, I spend lots of dollars buying systems that (do) not work and you have it here in Aussie for free . I came on by accident and love looking through the simple things you need to know about gambling. I'll be seeing you later.

From Leonardo (11/05/07): prompts transaction and delivery

From Geoff, Bendigo (2/5/07): Hi. I had to drop you an e-mail and I'm still shaking, can hardly type. Thanks for your Tasmanian ratings. WOW. 25/1 Bumps In The Night I thought it must have been a typo when I saw you had it top rated.The biggest win I've had in two years. Please keep publishing these. You are a star!!!!
(Ed: Thanks Geoff - yes, we had a few bob on it too because we couldn't believe the price either. Pity we can't do it every week - oh well.)

From Michael, (29/4/07): Hi Peter,I had a test run on Saturday and spent most of it rating 2 tracks and got incredible results........unfortunately I never backed any.... the program seems as if it will get the same strike rate I had years ago which will be great as I use to run into more grey areas when I calculated ratings manually...thanks again

From Carl, Waikato, NZ (28/4/07): I had also purchased the Self Rate Software. (I haven't used it for real yet - but I have used it on paper and for small fields and for place bets only - its been100% strike rate. I'm very pleased with the program needless to say. So thanks once again.
(Ed: Great news Carl - one guarantee I can make however - the strike rate won't last!!!!)

From Tony, Launceston (28/4/07): Just another quick question - why do you bother to test these things publicly?
(Ed: Tony - I thought it might be interesting for people to see something actually being tested and maybe follow it through to its conclusion - one way or the other - a few work - most don't!!)

From Safenet (Ebay) (28/4/07): Excellent quick service true to description and good produc

tFrom Chad(24/4/07): File downloading now, no problems there, thank you for your prompt service

From Tony, Launceston (22/4/07): Your Tasmanian performance ratings are okay - but instead of backing them outright I've been taking boxed trifectas - do you realise how many have saluted in the last few weeks? (Ed: Hi Tony - yes we have seen that but that's not what is supposed to happen - lol -it's not what we're testing for)

From Karl, Meadowbrook (19/4/07): Thanks for the Race Raters disk - it is very well researched - congratulations on putting out a good product instead of the usual rubbish

From Angus, Bunbury, (15/4/07): SelfRate is working very well for me on WA races - thanks - by the way, the freebie info on your web site is absolutely great!

From Buff, (10/4/07): Very happy with transaction, great product

From Louise (6/4/07): Hi Peter. Got the download okay yesterday. I can see why you are so thingy about the class aspect. Had a terrific afternoon today. Just thought I'd let you know.

From Rocco, (3/4/07): Perfect! Nice seller, excellent merchandise. Thanks and A++!

From Terry, Augusta, WA (26/3/07): The SelfRate Program is very interesting. Since I received the download last week - It has been very good. Received 3 Trifectas and around 5 Exactas so far.

From Grali7 (18/03/07):
Good delivery time, arrived safely, haven't tried it out yet, will do soon, thanks

From Tom, USA (6/3/07): Super fast ship from down under, thanks

From Brendan, New Zealand (2/3/07): Thanks for all the help Peter, you have been a champion

From Bill, Ebay (1/3/07): Communication excellent, product best of its type I have seen, AAA

From Evelyn (1/3/07): Great Communication, Extra Speedy Delivery, Fab packaging Highly recommend

From Mario (Highfield) 28/02/07: Congratulations on the great website. Is really progressing nicely with a lot of interesting material starting to appear.

From Melinda, Inala (16/2/07): Your web site is very informative - keep up the good work

From Derwent Jack, (12/2/07): Arrived on time and in perfect condition A+

From Branda[??] Internet (10/2/07): This is just a query from an interested party. Why would I buy anything when there's so much stuff on your web site for free? Just interested.
(Ed: Hi. We do our own independent development of systems and staking plans but have a huge catalogue of systems that we have collected and written over the years that we will never test as there are only so many hours in a day. LIke most people that visit this site, we love punting and what we do and love sharing things. We only charge people for things we believe work, after we extensively test the stuff and charge to pay for our time in doing so. Hope that explains)

From Gary, Hobart (6/2/07): Hi Peter .... great first week, already paid for the programme. Just hope it continues.

From HOMEpromote (2/2/07): Fast delivery and really good systems. Thanks.

From David, Moe (31/1/07): I don't want to buy anything at the minute but I did want to say thanks a lot for all the free systems on your site and good information.
(Ed: It's a pleasure David - I like putting up the free stuff - everything can't be take take take - if we all took all of the time there'd be nothing left to share!!)

From Ella of Kangaroo Island 28/1/07): I bought Greyhound Gold not expecting too much but am really surprised by the number of winners that keep saluting...... please put this on your feedback section - this guy is fair dinkum. Thanks.
(Ed: And thanks to you Ella for your thoughts - I have replied to you privately on the trots "matter")

From Joe of Victoria (21/1/07): I also just want to say that one of the reasons I bought "Selfrate" was that on your website it explained what it was and what is wasn't. You didn't make any outlandish statements or promised riches beyond my dreams and you backed it up by trailing the system yourself and providing the results for all to see. I have bought horse racing systems that promised you wealth beyond your dreams and to be fair to some of those systems I didn't stick to them long enough but the others I did stick to them but ending up losing countless banks. Also, I enjoy your website and all the information it contains especially "The Golden Rules For Pleasurable Punting". Once again thanks Peter and I will let you know how it comes down the track.
(Ed: Thanks for the kind words Joe - we try to make this site completely open and accountable and we make no wild claims about any of our "paid" products. Those Golden Rules Of Pleasurable Punting are the result of many years of sometimes not too pleasant experiences. One I didn't mention was "If you can get on "on the nod", don't". And thereby hangs a tale for another day. At the end of it all, we're all just trying to back a winner!)

From Darryl - Evandale (25/1/07): Great software - I've started winning for a change

From Marolyn - Cessnock (23/1/07): ........easy to understand but takes a little longer than I first thought it might to arrive at a final selection. However, it seems to be quite accurate"
(Ed: You'll find you get quicker and quicker as you use the programme Marolyn - but anything worthwhile takes time to achieve)

From Michael (18/1/07): Having quite a bit of success

From LucyMay (15/1/07): Excellent. Very good service

From Francis (15/1/07): I have purchased your greyhound gold. Great product

From "Barcoosalute" (14/1/07): Very quick delivery and was successful winning 1st attempt, well done thank you

From Bill (12/1/07): Excellent service and product highly recommended AAAAA

From Geoff (12/1/07): Item arrived completely as described-hope I can do well with it!

From Ian of Mandurah (11/1/07): This has exceeded my expectations. At last - an honest adviser.

From David (10/1/07): Extremely prompt service. highly recommended

From "amigo" (10/1/07): Item received promptly. Looks promising.

From Sandi (4/1/07): Thank you for your kind service, very happy, was a pleasure

From Rhys of Brisbane: (4/1/07) I play the boxes a bit at the dogs often, and while I tend not to use much of other people's systems in making final selections, the box numbers in Aussie Greyhound Gold have proven quite useful to me already.

From Francis (2/1/07): Great Product have tried it and it works. Thanks

From Francis (2/1/07): Better than another system and less expense Thanks

From Peter of Nowra:
(2/1/07) Great start to the year thanks to your programme. I was doubtful at first until I got my head around the class aspect - thanks for your email responses and assistance. Truly delighted.
(Ed: Glad to be of assistance Peter. Now - easy does it - don't get impulsive - good grief I am boringly conservative, aren't I?)

From Tony of Warrnambool: (30/12/06): Hi. I really appreciate the time you take to put up greyhound systems as well as the other codes as we often get forgotten about. That's all.

From Todd: (28/12/06): Awesome product, saved me a ton of legwork

From John of Marmion, W.A.: (28/12/06): Next day delivery (fastest ever)- thanks for that and good punting!

From Liz & David of Waverley: (26/12/06): Hello there. This is merely a quick note to thank you for all the free systems you have on this site. They are great and food for thought.
(Ed: Pleasure. Hope they start you at least thinking about positive ways to look at form guides and eliminate some of the losers.)

From Justin of Glenelg (23/12/06): Hi there. Just wanted to let you know he first day I operated mySelf Rate program I scored a trifecta that paid nearly $400. Wow. How long has this been going on?
(Ed: Good news Justin but don't get too carried away - remember: patience, perseverance and discipline - stay focused on that class section. One swallow does not a summer make! Caution at all times)

From Sandi of NSW (20/12/06): Hi Peter. Thank you for quick postage, I am sure my man will be very happy when he receives it

From Laurie of Rockhampton (18/12/06): Programme arrived this morning and I installed it immediately. I am moved to say that this is way more professional than anything I expected. Congratulations. I will let you know how I go. Have a good Christmas.
(Ed: You have a good Xmas too Laurie - hope Santa brings you a winner or three)

From Alan of Nowra (16/12/06): You have obviously put a lot of time and effort in to this site with some really useful stuff. Thanks

From Sonya of Hobart (16/12/06): I think you should put more systems for greyhounds on this web. Other than that, it is okay.

From Raymond: (7/12/06): Fast delivery,securely packaged,pleasure to deal with,thanks ray.

From Hermes (18/11/06): Great Transaction+Professional+Recommended AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

From Glyn (18/11/06): good product fast delivery would deal againFrom Weights (15/11/06): thank you .... awesome

From Peter (4/11/06): Won $430 1st day excellent thank uFrom Steven M (27/10/06): Fantastic!. Just what I was looking for

From Rennie (27/09/06): Goods received. Very easy to deal with. No problems at all

From Chris J (01/09/06): Quick delivery and a great produc

From Rob G (30/8/06): Great program,easy to operate.Will enjoy. Recommended